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Watch Mosconi Cup 2022 Live Stream Online

Those who love the 9-ball pool would be ecstatic to know that their long waiting Mosconi Cup is ardently all set to kick off the next December as team USA and Team Europe will be ready for their legendary face-off title. To get the answer to the question, you need to watch Mosconi Cup live stream online. The good news about the cup is that almost all prime sports channels and live streaming services will broadcast the pool’s most prestigious tournament for millions of audiences. And we will show you the best ways to watch the live streaming of the Mosconi Cup along with the latest information on the two teams. Finally, we will reveal the schedule for the trophy so you can plan early for the show.


Mosconi Cup 2022
Location: Bally’s Las Vegas, United States
Date: NOVEMBER 30-DECEMBER 3, 2022
Start Time: TBA
Live Stream: Watch Now

Mosconi Cup Live Stream


If you are finding how you can watch this year’s Mosconi Cup online then this post is for you. Here we try to cover all the best ways to stream Mosconi Cup. There are many types of broadcasting facilities available on the internet for the Mosconi Cup. In the next section, we try to cover all telecasting facility details.

Best Way to Watch Mosconi Cup Live Stream

Mosconi Cup first came into being in 1994. It was named after the legendary American 9-ball player Willie Mosconi. However, Matchroom Sport and Sky Sports initially introduced the tournament to increase its popularity and awareness among British people mainly.

Soon, it became popular and became the largest attraction and most anticipated face-off between the USA and UK teams. Since it is so popular, the live streaming demand has skyrocketed too. Following the unthinkable market, the live streaming and broadcasting service has seen vast expansion also. Nowadays, different channels and streaming platforms live telecast the show in various locations of Europe, America, and worldwide. These include:

Mosconi Cup on DAZN Channel

Watching Mosconi Cup 2022 on DAZN is one of the best choices. DAZN is a popular sport live streaming platform across Europe and in some parts of North America. You need to switch to DAZN to watch the tournament from the USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Japan, Canada, and Switzerland.
They bring both live and on-demand streaming for all types of popular sports events. So, you have the flexibility to watch the tournament from anywhere literally. You will only need to download the DAZN app and install it on your device.
Also, it is a subscription-based streaming service. So, when you create an account, you will need to pay a minimal amount, but it is affordable. DAZN supports almost all smart devices such as smartphones, set-top boxes, tablets, PCs, and above all, smart TVs.
For the first month, you get a free trial and $20 onwards for every month. However, the 1-year subscription fee is $150, which is almost 40% cheaper than the monthly pricing. So, which is your deal?

Sky Sports Live Stream

Likewise, in previous years, Sky Sports will bring live streaming and exclusive coverage of the Mosconi Cup for Britain and Ireland. Since its debut, Sky Sports has become the most dominant live streaming platform for sports events worldwide.
It is a subscription-based live streaming channel. Due to their immense popularity, Sky Sports is readily available in most IPTV broadcasting, cable TV, and satellite TV operators. You need to effectively subscribe to the streaming service through local operators and watch the Mosconi Cup. They have a varied level of subscriptions available for various devices.
You are at liberty to choose from mobile, TV, and TV & Broadband-based subscriptions and enjoy the world’s most iconic sports tournaments.

Fox Sports Australia

Australian Mosconi Cup lovers can watch this year’s Mosconi Cup Live stream from Fox Sports Australia. Similar to Sky Sports, Fox Sports is another popular and widespread sports broadcasting channel across the world. Initially, they started their service in the US and later boomed their area in different top-notch service locations.
Suppose you are in Australia during the Mosconi Cup, tune in to Fox Sports Australia, and enjoy how two teams clash in an epic face-off. You need to get either Foxtel or Kayo Sports to subscribe to the live streaming service of Fox Sports Australia for cable TVs. Foxtel will give you a 10-day free trial before a paid subscription, which is impressive.

Fox Sports Europe

Mosconi Cup is also famous in European countries if you are from Europe you can stream Mosconi Cup on Fox Sports Europe. Fox Sports Europe will live to stream the Mosconi Cup across the lands of Israel, Malta, Turkey, Cyprus, and Greece. Hulu holds the right to distribute the subscription for Fox Sports, and also, you can watch the live streaming from Fox’s own YouTube TV streaming.
The subscription fees will come in various alternatives, from general sports subscriptions to prime ones, to successfully meet your budget. The Mosconi Cup will be available live with exclusive coverage from Fox Sports Europe in the countries mentioned above.


I-cable provides both pay-TV and internet broadband streaming services in Hong Kong. You can subscribe to the I-cable live streaming service to watch the world’s most anticipated 9-ball pool tournament. You will get updated information on their streaming service and subscriptions at the I-cable portal.


Nova will bring the live telecast and on-demand streaming service of the clash between team Europe and team USA in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. It is located in Zagreb, Croatia, and is a free-to-air TV and streaming network.
Perhaps, they will bring the Mosconi live with Slovakian and Croatian commentary, which will surely be a huge plus point for Czech and Slovakian people.

Sky Sports New Zealand

Sky Sports holds the right to live stream online the Mosconi Cup exclusively in New Zealand. Hence, New Zealanders will feel the intensity of the party pool tournament from the varied streaming channels of Sky Sports.
The detailed streaming guideline will come public once the tournament heads closer.


Are you from Netherland and want to watch Mosconi Cup live stream online? Well, you can opt for the largest TV network in Netherland to watch the thrill of the pool shots. Yes, your favorite Ziggo will bring the live telecast of the Mosconi Cup.
They provide both cable TV and internet-based subscription for you.


Viasat Communications will facilitate online streaming services in Bulgaria, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway across all Scandinavian locations. So, prepare your winter clothes, heat the furnace, and get ready to watch Mosconi Cup this December.

How to Buy Mosconi Cup Tickets

Do you want to enjoy the magic of the world’s best pool players directly from the venue and get premium satisfaction? We would then suggest you buy the Mosconi Cup tickets and enjoy the show live.

The tickets have been selling on Mosconi Cup’s official website, and only a handful of tickets are still available for purchasing. So, don’t act sluggishly. You can either buy daily-day tickets or season tickets for the four days together.
Each pass has four different kinds of ticketing facilities available. These are:

  • Platinum VIP
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

The Platinum VIP seats are closest to the pool table that gives you the most accurate view of your favorite player and how the tournament is going on. On the contrary, bronze tickets are in the farthest places from the table. Season tickets will vary between $90-$600 while the daily tickets are available between $25-$170. You can purchase the tickets from here.


As all pool lovers know, the Mosconi Cup is played between two continents, namely Team Europe and Team USA. We will describe the detail of the two teams in the following two sections.

Team Europe

Alex Lely will lead the Team Europe for the event to bring back the Mosconi Cup in Europe after two years. He is the winner of the 1999 World Pool Masters and is also the European Championship winner. Alex Lely is from the Netherlands.
He will be leading the stardust team comprising of the following players:

  • Karl Boyes: Karl Boyes is from England, and this will be his 4th appearance for the European team. Fans have high hopes for him since the European squad has defeated the USA team in his previous four appearances. He was the winner of the World 8-ball Pool Championship in 2010.
  • Fedor Gorst: Fedor Gorst will be making his debut as a European team player, and he comes from Russia. He is considered ardently one of the most promising young talents in the pool ball game. He won the 2019 9-ball championship of WPA and the Junior 9-ball championship of WPA, too, in 2017.
  • Jayson Shaw: The Scottish player will appear for his 4th time as the European team player and has won two titles.
  • Joshua Filler: Previously, Joshua Filler appeared two times as a European team player and has bagged one Mosconi Cup.
  • Albin Ouschan: This will be the 3rd appearance of the Austrian in the Mosconi Cup. He was part of two winning teams.
  • Eklent Kaci: The Albanian is yet to win any Masconi tournament with his two appearances.

Team the USA

Jeremy Jones will lead the promising USA team. He will be responsible for winning the Mosconi Cup for a consecutive 3rd time for the US and making his 8th appearance in the trophy. His major wins include US Open nine-ball and one-ball championships.
The other team members are:

  • Joey Grey: Joey Grey comes from Oklahoma and will be the vice-captain of the USA team. He is famous for playing with his Diveney Custom Cue and is a physical trainer too. He is ecstatic and joyful to be a part of this Mosconi Cup.
  • Justin Bergman: he comes from Illinois, and it will be his 4th appearance in the prestigious tournament. He has previously won Mosconi Cup for once.
  • Skyler Woodward: With five appearances already in the Mosconi Cup, Skyler’s experience will help the team. He has also ardently won the cup two times now.
  • Shane Van Boening: Shane holds the record of appearing in thirteen Mosconi Cups for the USA teams. The team is hopeful of using his experience and calmness during the four days battle in London. He has played 81 games in the cup, with 36 matches won.
  • Billy Thorpe: Billy has appeared for the tournament three times already and had an impressive two cups in his bag. He also has won 7 matches.
  • Chris Robinson: Chris comes from Ohio and will make his debut for the USA team


Mosconi Cup will kick off at 8 PM ET time each day. During the first three days, there will be five rounds of pool play. However, on the 4th day, the tournament will continue until a team reaches the magic figure of ’11 points’ to secure the win of the Mosconi Cup. So, stay glued to your live streaming to witness the constant roller-coaster ups and downs during the series.

NOV 30, 2022 17:00 18:00 22:30
1st DEC, 2022 17:00 18:00 22:30
2nd DEC, 2022 17:00 18:00 22:30
3rd DEC, 2022 17:00 18:00 22:30

FAQ About Mosconi Cup

  • what channel is the Mosconi cup on

DAZN is a Broadcasting channel for this year’s Mosconi Cup.

  • Where is the 2022 Mosconi Cup?

For this year Mosconi Cup is happing in Alexandra Palace, London, United Kingdom.

Final Words

In this post, we try to give pool lovers a full guide on how they can watch Mosconi Cup Live Stream Online. Like every year fans are so excited to watch Mosconi Cup online from home. We also give the full information on how they can buy this year’s Mosconi Cup tickets.  After all these details if you need more information then you can contact us on our officiant Events Liker Facebook Page.

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