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How to Watch The US Open Golf Live Stream Online TV

The US Open (Golf) is among golf’s most high-prolific events. As a result, it will broadcast on several major networks across the world and more specifically around Europe. Thankfully, most broadcasters have online live streaming platforms that you can easily tune in to and make use of when you want to watch the US Open live broadcast. It is these sources that we are going to give anyone who is looking for How to watch The US Open Golf live stream. With these sources, you can easily watch the best US Open online thrill right from the heart of the USA, Australia, the UK, Germany, France, Canada, to any location around the world.
However, before we get into that, we will give you some of the best tips on the US Open Golf that you need to have in mind.



The event is held annually and attracts some of the most elite groups of golfers from around the world. The event draws a set of elite players that battle it out for the top prize. This year the set of players will challenge for the ultimate US Open golf title in this year. It is sophisticated, it is epic, and it is memorable. That’s what the US Open is for anyone who has traveled down that road before.

Way to Watch The US Open Golf Live Stream

There are many ways to watch US Open Golf online. Here in this post, we will describe with you the best of the best way to watch US Open Golf. Now, to watch the US Open Golfing Tournament of this year, you have to use the following live broadcasting channels depending on where you are.

FOX for the USA

In the USA or for viewers that are living in the United States of America, FOX Sports has the exclusive rights to broadcast the US Open. The rights will run until 2026 and therefore the USA viewers still have so much to come from Fox Sports for the US Open Golf Tournament. It follows therefore that if you want to catch live streams at the best moments of the US Open at no extra cost then you have to go with FOX Sports for your cable TV.

However, if you don’t have cable TV then you can also go with live streaming subscriptions such as (fuboTV, PlayStation Vue, Hulu, DirecTV, Sling TV, or YouTube TV) that we will highlight more about in a while. You can also catch the best live streaming experience for the US Open Golf tournament through your FOX Sports GO app. This app is supported by smartphones and will easily provide you with the best access to all the live and on-demand sporting coverage.

The app works for most sporting tournaments including the NFL, NBA, and even the Kentucky Derby. There are other wide selections of sporting activities that the FOX Sports GO app will allow you to choose from.
NOTE: Anyone can sign up to use the app even those who are outside the USA. However, you will be required to enter your US TV provider details to have a live go at this sporting channel’s content.

Sky Sports for the UK

For UK-based viewers, Sky Sports has the absolute right to broadcast the entire tournament within the UK. They’ll air the complete coverage of the US Open golfing tournament on the Sky Sports Golf channel. Even so, you can also view the same on the main Sky Sports website or via the Sky Go app. However, you will have to subscribe.

Anyone who has subscribed and wants to add other sports channels to their existing Sky TV subscription can do so for about £20 a month. But there are other subscriptions that go for less, which will also allow you to watch the main US Open event.

FOX for Australia

The Australian viewers can also tune in to FOX to watch the live broadcast of the tournament. In addition to that, the Australian Foxtel subscribers are privileged. They can watch the coverage via their Foxtel mobile app.

TSN for Canada

Canadian viewers are also not left behind. They can easily watch the US Open live through their TSN channel. The TV coverage on TSN channels will be easy to catch. However, certain events, including the featured groups, will only be exclusive to the TSN mobile app.
This app (TSN GO app) can be easily downloaded for use on your mobile phone from any location. However, any non-Canadian user cannot sign in any access to the contents of the US Open tournament.

In addition to that, you can also sign into the downloaded TSN mobile app using your Canadian cable TV provider details.

SuperSport for Sub-Saharan Africa

In 2019 SuperSport broadcasted the US Open golf tournament to the s Sub-Saharan African countries including:

    • Algeria
    • Kenya
    • Nigeria
    • South Africa

However, the event is never broadcasted live. Instead, the sporting channel shows the tournament after a few hours once it begins airing the other countries in Europe.


Other Best US Open Golf Streaming Services

While the cable providers are good enough to go, there are other options that you can still exploit within the USA if you don’t have a cable TV to go with. They include the following options that we will show you.

  • DirecTV Now: For the guys who want a range of sporting channels at the most affordable prices. A single subscription opens up a world of many possibilities.
  • Sling TV: With sling TV you will tune in to the right channel to get Fox Sports and enjoy the best moments of the US Open including the live stream.
  • YouTube TV: This is one of the most common options today for people without cable TV. It is reliable and has some of the best subscription channels for sports lovers around the world.
  • Hulu TV: Hulu is common to the USA subscribers and is one of the most affordable channels. It is reliable and will give you the top-rated channels that you can have for any sporting event.
  • PlayStation Vue: With its three main channels Vue is an upgrade that provides the best moments for sports lovers. It is easy to use and will work with Windows and IOS too.

US Open Golf Tournament on Social Media

For the social media users who are looking for the best way on How to watch The US Open Golf live stream, you shouldn’t have a hassle really. You can always tune into the various social media platforms that we have and enjoy the best of the US Open.

To enjoy the best US Open experience over your social media, you should focus on finding the social media pages for the event. It is these pages that you can choose to follow by liking the pages and getting the best out of them.
Social media pages are good for real-time updates and also for live streaming as the event goes down. Here are some of the best social media platforms that you can use to follow the US Open Golf Tournament.

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Yahoo Sports

How to Watch US Open From Anywhere

What happens if you are within an area where viewership is restricted? Well, you are still covered. If you have the best Virtual Private Network –VPN, you will be good to go. Virtual Private Networks are best suited for the guys who are in such locations where they have no right to view the US Open Golf Tournament.

How Do VPNs Work?

Virtual Private Networks will simply cushion your current location. They will then make it appear as if you stay within the US and that you are watching the US Open Golf Tournament from the US. For instance, you may be living abroad or outside these permitted locations but the VPN technology will employ an encryption code, which hides your true IP address reroute your real-time live stream sessions to their spoofed servers, which are within the USA.
Typically, a new IP address that matches that of a licensed location will be assigned to you so you can have hassle-free live streaming.

Signing Up for Virtual Private Network Streaming

To sign up for a virtual private network subscription, you need to ensure that you first get the best Virtual Private Network website to work with. You can then sign up using your personal details. Once you have done this, it will be easy to simply start the live streaming experience once the job is done.

What you must ensure that you have includes the following:

    • Ensure the VPN works
    • Have a strong network provider
    • Sign up for a VPN account
    • Choose the VPNs premium tools
    • Pick US-based servers
    • Use a personal account that you can control
    • Log in first to watch the US Open Golf Tournament

Examples of Good VPNs

In case you have to go with the VPN option, here are some of the best VPNs that you can choose for your US Open Golf Tournament. They have some of the best reviews and have the highest number of followers. Their interfaces are also easy to use and will give you the best viewership.

    • ExpressVPN
    • IPVanish
    • NordVPN

How does the US Open work?

The US Open follows the standard golfing rule book for most parts of the entire tournament. The only difference that the US Open has is in how the tie-breakers work. Until sometimes, in case of a tie, once the golfers have played 18 holes, the stroke counts are considered and the player with the lowest count wins. However, this has changed slightly in an attempt to maintain the fire burning.

The change happened sometime back. Now, the tied players will be required to compete across two holes. Once the two holes are done, the person with the lowest score overall wins the tournament. However, if two or more players still manage to tie after the two holes, then the tied players will go for the sudden death, which means that they’ll keep on playing one additional hole every time until one fails and a single victor emerges.


If you are looking at the best way on how to watch The US Open Golf live stream, you have your options now. These are the best tips to look at. The time to prepare for the ultimate thrill is now. For the guys on VPNs, it is important that you start scouting for the best VPNs right now. This means that you will get an easy time when you finally get down to the US Open Golf tournament.


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