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Watch US Open Tennis Live stream Online TV

The US Open Tennis is the best sporting event in the world Tennis. Thankfully, every broadcaster that will relay this event ensures that they are at the top of their game. They will give you a real-time event and provide some of the best online live streaming platforms. But How to watch the US Open Tennis Live stream can be a challenge. Don’t worry. We are prepared to take you all the way through each and every top-rated watching platform that you can think of. With the watching tips that we will give you, you will be able to use the live streaming sources to catch the best of the US Open Tennis online and enjoy this top-rated sport from Germany, the USA, Australia, the UK, France, and Canada among other places.

US Open Tennis Live stream


For over the years, the US Open for tennis players has been held annually. The event attracts some of the elite groups of the best tennis players from all over the world. In this year the players will challenge for the ultimate prize. The event will go down as one of the best since every year there is always an improvement that will come in.

Way to Watch US Open Tennis Live stream

The best way to watch US Open tennis is the main question of every tennis fan. In online you will find a lot of ways to watch US Open tennis. We will describe with you only the best way to stream in on your device. For the US open, anyone who intends to catch a live stream of the event should focus on the following platforms.

ESPN Sports for the USA

ESPN Sports Channel if you are living in the US. This is the official broadcaster of the event. ESPN Sports has the exclusive rights to broadcast the event this year and after. So for the viewers that love the chance to catch every moment of the US Open, you are sure to do so for the next years on ESPN Sports. ESPN Sports is restricted to the USA alone. These are the viewers that live in the United States of America. So if you can access ESPN Sports then you are good to go. You will enjoy the best moments of the tournament including the highlights of the competition, flash news, and the player profiles too.

In addition to that, you can also catch top live streaming experience for the next US Open tournament through the ESPN Sports GO app. This app is best supported by IOS and Android smartphones. It will easily allow you to have the best access for every tournament that goes down at the US Open for Tennis players. This app is highly reliable and will work many other sporting tournaments such as NFL, NBA, and US Open Golf. You cannot, however, use the app if you are living outside the USA borders. This is because they will require your USA details when you register including phone numbers, addresses, and official names.

NOTE: Nonetheless, if you don’t have this cable TV then you will use many other options that we will give you to watch the US Open for Tennis.

Sky Sports for the UK

For the people who live in the UK, Sky Sports is the best option for you. In the UK this is the sporting firm that has the absolute right to take and broadcast every game of the US Open Tennis. It will give you complete coverage and you won’t have to miss out on the highlights too if you don’t have to.
Even so, you can also use the Sky Go app if you are outside the house. However, you are required to subscribe. The best thing about sky sports is that you can add other sporting channels to your existing package. However, you will have to part with £20 a month for every channel that you add.

TSN for Canada

Canadian viewers are also covered. They can catch the US Open tournament with their favorite golfers through the TSN Sporting channel. The TV coverage by TSN channels will include the featured groups and players. It will also have previous highlights that you can enjoy as much as you want.
If you cannot do the cabled TV, you can use the TSN GO app which you can download on your mobile phone and use from any location within Canada.

FOX for Australia

For the Australian viewers, FOX Sports is also available here and you can tune into FOX Sports to catch the live broadcast of the US Open tournament.
Other Best Streaming Services While you can catch the US Open Tennis Tournament on cable TV, there are many other best options for the guys who don’t have cabled TV. They can use online TV platforms and enjoy the best moments from their stars.
Among these channels that you can use to catch the best moments of the US Open Tennis tournament are the following options:

  • Sling TV:

With sling TV there is Fox Sports which you can tune into and enjoy all the best moments from the US Open.

  • DirecTV Now:

This is another online TV with a variety of sporting channels that relay the best sporting moments at an affordable price.

  • YouTube TV:

This is common and people without cable TV love it. It is affordable and comes with various packages to choose from.

  • Hulu TV:

Hulu is also another common platform for USA subscribers. It is affordable and will give you the best sporting channels too.

  • PlayStation Vue:

This one has four packages that you can subscribe to and all of them will give you the chance to catch the US Open tennis.

US Open Tennis on Social Media

Social media is buzzing with lots of activities today. It is the one-stop point for all the information that you may need. Social media platforms that you can use to catch the best moments of the US Open Tennis Tournament include:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Yahoo Sports

To use social media, you will have to sign up and get a social media account. It is this account that you will use to follow up on the tournament’s page. Once you like the page and choose to follow it, you will get the following:

  • US Open Highlights
  • Player Profiles
  • Live streaming for best viewership
  • People’s reactions and comments
  • Notifications
  • Best moments

NOTE: Working with a social media platform is one of the best options that you can go for. Social media is almost free and will cost the least amount of money compared to all these other platforms. Social media is also easy to keep track of since you will get the best notifications.

How to Watch US Open From Anywhere

If you intend to watch the US Open Tennis Tournament from anywhere, you can also do that. By the use of Virtual Private Networks – VPN, you won’t break a sweat trying to watch the US Open even if you were in an area where viewership is restricted. The use of VPNs has become rampant and makes your work easy irrespective of whichever part of the world you are in.

What VPNs do is simple. They will assign you an American IP address when you are viewing. The IP address from their servers will show that you are watching from the USA. That way, you can then remain in the game. VPNs are also easy to use. All you need to do is to sign up and log into a VPN website then pay some little fee before you can get to the stream.

To get a better experience with VPNs just ensure that:

  • The VPN works
  • You have a strong network provider
  • Sign up for a VPN account
  • Choose VPNs premium tools
  • Pick US-based servers
  • Use a personal account


The US Open Tennis tournament is one of the most sought-after tournaments of this fall. It will feature the best of the best tennis players and the top 10 seeded players will definitely grace the occasions. That’s why you need to be prepared for the thrill before you get to it. Identify the best platform to catch the event so that you can have the best experience. You can choose from any of the platforms that we have given you here today.
In case you choose a VPN, when looking for How to watch US Open Tennis Live stream, find out if the VPN provider has the best reviews and possibly a high number of followers.

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