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London New Year Fireworks 2022 Live Stream Online On TV

Seconds before the dusk of a year, and the dawn of another, the city of London together with its inhabitants welcome the year with sparkling fireworks illuminating the sky of the city. Along with the fireworks are background music and amazing soundtracks. This shows the value of London as a global city. The event attracts people from other cities like Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester to the city of London.
The famous New Year’s Eve fireworks take place on the bank of the River Thames in London. Consequently, when people converge to witness the display, a new year is a few minutes away.

London New Year Fireworks

How to watch London New Year Eve Fireworks

You can watch the fireworks work along with your loved ones at your designated viewing center, once you have your tickets. The bank of River Thames hosts thousands of persons who come together annually to watch the display.
Fortunately for you, you can still watch the fireworks without gaining access to the viewing center. Alternatively, there are close venues that you can go to have a look at the display. These venues include Greenwich Park in South East London, Primrose Hill in North London, and Monument and Cannon Street in North London. In addition to this, there are venues like Hampstead Heath in North London and numerous close venues.

Even if you are not close to any of these venues, you can stream it live on TV and online platforms. Like every other year, you can watch the live coverage of the London new year eve fireworks on BBC News and BBC One. You can as well stream it on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and other streaming online sites.

About London New Year Fireworks

A new year translates to a fresh start and a new beginning. Fireworks display light up the sky for this reason.
Annually, the event starts on the last day of the year and ends minutes later. As a result of this, thousands gather in Victoria Embankment and South Bank, the areas of River Thames to witness the display.
The Mayor of London is responsible for the organization alongside other organizers, whose job is to ensure the free flow of things. Apart from the display, there is the presence of music to make things lively.

Apart from those present, millions of people watch the fireworks from close venues, as well their TVs and mobile phones. The event is one of its kind and surely one to look out for when the year is gradually coming to an end. It’s by far UK’s largest fireworks display.
From “Olympic Celebration” in 2012  to “The Power of Hope” in 2021, the theme of the fireworks display changes from year to year. The last edition paid tribute to NHS workers as well as Black Live Matters protesters. It also reflected on Britain’s hardship during the 2020 covid 19 pandemics. The fireworks ushered in a hopeful year.

London new year fireworks Covid Update

The effect of covid 19 on the world at large led to the cancellation of the event in 2020 because of the virus. The cases of Covid 19 infection were rampant in Europe, South and North America at that time. In the UK the number of confirmed cases and the death toll increased. This led to lockdown in a lot of continents and countries including England. This inevitably resulted in movement restrictions as part of the stated guidelines.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan revealed on LBC radio, that because of the congestive nature of the event, it won’t go as planned. Consequently, the event could not go on. The fact that thousands of persons attend the display made it impossible given the nature of the virus, and how it’s transmitted. Nevertheless, the fireworks were later displayed, but people were not present to witness them.

Instead, it was aired on BBC. This time, light projections found a home in the sky right over the 02 Arena. While all these were going on, the entire country was under strict Tier 4 coronavirus measures. However, this year promises to be different. Hopefully, the event is going to hold on the 31st of December with thousands of persons out there as usual.

How to buy new year London Fireworks Tickets

To enjoy the amazing sight of the fireworks, and at the same time the fresh breath that comes with a new year, you need a ticket.
To purchase your ticket, a reservation must be made to get it before the other 100,000 possible spectators that will grace the event. You have the opportunity to book a maximum of 4 tickets for just €10. Book for your family and loved ones on their official site “London NYE Fireworks”. You can sign up for ticket information and update on

How Much do the new year’s Fireworks cost London?

As one of the biggest fireworks display in Europe, the cost varies from year to year depending on the budget. For example, In 2003, £1.05m was budgeted for the event. The figures rose drastically to £1.9m in 2011. The total budget for 2017 and 2018, was estimated to be £2.3 million. This is to say it costs the government of London millions of euros to organize the fireworks. Compared to other cities, it’s a bit huge.
On the bright side, the organizers use ticket sales to raise funds. These funds go a long way in aiding the budget to suit its purpose.
This apart, the fireworks attract tourists from far and wide. This in turn helps businesses like hotels, museums, and the likes. The event costs London a lot, but what it brings to London as a city can not be overlooked.


It’s no longer a secret that London New Year’s Eve Fireworks draws people from all works of life to the bank of the River Thames. People gather there to welcome a new year with smiles on their faces amidst dazzling fireworks.
The fact that covid 19 rampaged the world last year, meant the event could not hold. Regardless, the organizers displayed the fireworks to celebrate the passing of the previous year. This shows how inspirational and important the event is. The fireworks display is surely one to look out for every year. Make sure you don’t miss the next Essence Music Festival.

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