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Essence Music Festival 2022 Live Stream, Lineup and Tickets

Essence Music Festival 2022 Are you in need of a Music Festival to rock through your weekend? Essence Music Festival is here just for you! Just like every other music festival, Essence Musical festival has been known to be a party with a purpose. In other words, this is that type of music festival that gives you more than musical enjoyment and satisfaction. Essence Musical festival started in 1995 to celebrate The Essence Magazine. The Essence magazine was founded for the growth of African-American women. To this effect, Essence musical festival always comes with lots of activities, seminars, meeting with iconic people and celebrities, and lots of musical performances from the best popular artists.

Essence Festival 2022
Location: Orleans, Louisiana
Date: THURSDAY, JUNE 30 – SUNDAY, JULY 3, 2022
Start Time: 3:00 PM ET
Live Stream: Watch Now

Essence Music Festival Live Stream

Essence Festival TShirt

But this year’s essence music festival has been declared to be streamed online for all our essence music festival fans. We would prefer that all our fans stay in the comfort of their homes this year and enjoy the online watch experience of this year’s essence music festival. With this notice, we are adequately planning for the 2022 physical gathering for all our dear essence music fans. Read below to get further details about the 2022 Essence musical fest.

Essence Festival 2022 Start Date

For the Essence festival in 2022, it would be on for 5 days long. This is not new, as it has always been like that in previous years. The Essence Music Festival 2022 Will start from July 1 to July 5. Like every year 2022 Essence Music Festival will be happening the same month.

The 2021 event had featured a variety of virtual entertainment for guests and attendees. This included both daytime and nighttime events that were entertaining, engaging, and educating. We expect to witness a bigger event with more goodies in store for 2022.

How to Watch Essence Music Fest 2022

Though we have concluded that the 2021 essence festival will be an online watch for all our fans, we are planning to have our physical hang out once again next year in New Orleans. Aside from this, we would stream the 2022 Essence Musical Fest online too, for our dear fans who would prefer to have an online watch.

Connect to us via any of your social media platforms or download the app from our website to have a pleasurable online watch experience without extra charges. But don’t forget to start booking your reservations for 2022 right away as tickets will be on sale any moment from now.

Essence Musical Fest 2022 Ticket

Yes! You can purchase tickets because we finally get the chance to have a virtual and physical experience! So, if you think you’re up for a 2022 Fourth of July weekend in New Orleans, then you’re good to go.

You can easily get your ticket for the upcoming Essence Musical Fest via Essence’s website. You could get an average price of $247.00, and even at a low price of $120.00. For the 2022 Essence Music Festival, fans can join with their favorite performers.

You can also get cheap tickets on and Vivid Seats. The goal is for you to witness the whole glamour in person. Also, do not forget to book a ticket for a friend or family that you’ll love to savor the moment with. Not to worry, most attendees of the festival are not from New Orleans. So, if you’re traveling down from your city, it’s even cooler that way.

Essence Musical Fest 2022 Lineup

2022 Essence Musical Fest to be announced. Some of the previous lineups we have had are Missy Elliott, Big Freedia, Queen Naija, Ricky& Mike, Mary J. Blige, City Girls, Davido, and the likes of popular artists. Did you catch the superb performances of these artists earlier in June 2021? Then you don’t want to miss out on more exciting moments with the 2022 lineup.
You can see your best artist performing at this upcoming Essence festival. Here is the Essence Music Festival 2022 full lineup list.

Essence Musical Fest 2022 Lineup


  1. Janet Jackson
  2. Nicki Minaj
  3. Kevin Hart
  4. Jazmine Sullivan
  5. New Edition
  6. Summer Walker
  7. The Roots & Friends
  8. Isley Brothers
  9. D-Nice & Friends

And many more will be performing on the stage.

Get prepared for the jolly experience. This is because the 2022 Essence Festival is coming in with a bang! With this kind of lineup, you definitely know what to expect at the Fest. Enjoy the luxury of watching them perform live.

Black Girls’ Ride

Hey! If you’re a lady who loves to ride and you have not been to the festival before, this is your perfect chance. The Black Girls Ride to Essence Fest would hold its 4th annual anniversary in 2022. The group will host rider events and pick ladies along the way as they ride through cities. Therefore, you can join in for a sweet sisterhood experience with the ladies. If you’re reading this as a man, don’t forget to pass this opportunity to the rider women in your life.

FAQ About Essence Music Festival

  • will there be essence festival 2022

Yes in 2022 there will be an Essence Festival happening with a full crowd.

  • what date is essence festival 2022

July 1 to July 5, 2022.

Final Words

At Essence Music festival, you have lots of fun with other fans to release you from the week’s stress. Essence Music Festival always comes with lots of activities such as concerts, seminars, and popular celebrities to grace the festival. And aside from the general online watch made for all our fans this year, the 2022 Essence festival will come with both online streaming and physical performance. You surely don’t want to miss out on this fully loaded New Orleans party! Come one, come all. It’s not too early to start your preparations in readiness for the 2022 Essence Festival. It’s less than a year to go!

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