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SO WHAT! Music Festival 2023 | Live Stream, Lineup, and Tickets Info

SO WHAT! Fascinating Music Festival is several unions for people of all ages in one venue. This festival donates, for three-day wonderful moments and was first launched in 2008. 2023 Music SO WHAT will happen at Choctaw Stadium (once Globe Life Park) Texas. That center is immensely named for its amusement location. The events are inclusive of many categories or styles of Music Pop, Indie Rock, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Metal, and more.

Otherwise, music lovers will know the enchanting history of the festival here. And also, can find details of watching sources, to get ticket info and news! You know attractive Lineup info, about SO WHAT Music 2023. Scroll down to identify much.

SO WHAT! Music Festival Live Stream

SO WHAT! Music Festival 2023
Location: Choctaw Stadium, Arlington, Texas.
Date: May 27th -May 29th, 2023
Lineup: SO WHAT! Music Festival 2023 Lineup
Live Stream: Watch Now

History of SO WHAT! Music Festival

This is an astonishing matter that, the history of SO WHAT Music events is so remarkable since 2008. And also, was named or called SOUTH BY SO WHAT. In the first instance, founded or launched in 2008. Its Music Festival was set up as an advantage for Dallas citizens for capturing 50 over of the band’s guidance to SXSW for one less or little value of tickets.

This event is well known, as a test-creator festival especially to inaugurate a celebration world to artists like G-Eazy, A Day to Remember, and Bring Me the Horizon, Each day. The festival focuses attention on three main stages with 150 artists and there have with three excessive stages of varied genres. The 2023 SO WHAT! In the festival’s history, the 15th edition will be an immense event.

About SO WHAT! Music Festival Venue and Date

Incoming 2023 SO WHAT Music Festival is situated at Choctaw Stadium (once Globe Life Park) in Arlington, Texas. This wonderful event happens generally on Reminding Day from May 27 -May 29. After 5 years 2017, this event has been held for the last year.

As always, its schedule is for 3 days. That helps to be stress-free. So, it is enough time to be prepared. A gorgeous moment is working between us to get the next 2023 event.

How to buy SO WHAT! Music Festival Tickets

Please note that tickets for the So What Festival have not yet been sold out. There will be enough time to buy tickets before the festival starts. We will always supply the urgent information to buy tickets when will be the exact time for buying. To buy a ticket is the demand of around $150-250 per body for 3-day festivals. But it relates to a lot on when and how you buy the ticket.

The best way to buy tickets is through official website management. If you visit, you will get the demanded information about the ticket. However, several other companies offer tickets to festivals. Inclusive are VividSeats, Stubhub, Ticketmaster, and more.

How to Watch SO WHAT! Music Festival Online

Watch on TV 

We all know this. Watching on TV is a good policy or platform to enjoy any event sitting at home. You can use this option.

  • YouTube TV 

    This is a television network. YouTube TV is inclusive with three huge networks CW, FOX, and PBS. This network donates you the best service to watch SO WHAT events. There is an excellent facility for live TV service, and video.

  • Sling TV 

This is also known television network. Sling TV is the first service app-depending. This Sling TV is looking forward to offering you Soling TV from anywhere. Without a credit card, this is on command and free live service.

  • Fubo TV

Fubo tv is so well received TV streaming service. This is an American television service. That service dedicates facilities to different type’s shows, news, music events, movies, and more.

  • DirecTV Now

    Direct TV is another multichannel television service source. That allows or contributes to on-need streaming and live TV service.

Watch on Social Media

Nowadays, countless social media offer live shows for free. Such as –Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are so famous. Just like, these popular social media runs the world and dedicates proficiency to excessive live features. And it is free

  • Facebook

Facebook is best legendary for providing demanded video facilities. There have excellent advantages to watching any event. Through Options by video-sharing and comment options, this service is spreading all over the globe. Just need an account.

  • Twitter

    Twitter is another well-known social network establishment. There have also advantages of live features, videos, text, and links. Using the app or website and with a net connection, it is probable to find this service.

  • Instagram

Instagram is a further celebrated source of live video watching. There are video-sharing facilities and a giant opportunity to watch live videos. You can follow Instagram.

SO WHAT! Music Festival Lineup

Some noteworthy artists are linked with the lineup of SO WHAT events. Inclusive artists are Tyga, Rebecca, Modsun, Blackbear, Maggie Lindemann, and 2Chaiz. Music lovers are so optimistic and anxious about 2023 SO WHAT Music events. During that 3-day festival, there will be only music flowing around. So an amazing lineup!

What to Bring to This Festival

If you are very worried about what can be brought to the festival, then this article is for you. According to the So What Music Festival website, the guidance on what to bring to this festival marks here. These like things are:

Medicine, water containers, a baby stroller, liquid sunscreen, bug spray, backpacks, blankets, and sunglasses. And also, if you want, can bring Sleeping Mat, Hat, Rucksack, and Weather adjust Cloth. The most valuable things that obviously should bring are a Water bottle, Festival ticket, and ID. Moreover, is Cash (the line for Cash machines can be wasted for hours).

What Not to Bring to This Festival

Carrying things will not hamper your enjoyment of the watch. Also, you will be able to watch it attentively and joyfully. Cigarettes spray paint, skateboards, your Pet, and Glass Containers. It is clear-cut instruction on what not to bring to Music festival chairs, Cooler water balloons, water guns, and tents. Otherwise, don’t bring these with you full Suitcases, flags, pro radios, audio materials,


If the time of the next 2023 event is published, you will be informed immediately. Stay tuned


It is very simple talking ”Lost and Found” in any giant Music festival. It is wise to be careful here. You should care for expensive things especially phones & your wallets. Contact a security guard very quickly if you lose anything important.


Don’t worry about food & drinks. There are available or getable expensive and delicious eating options at the festival at Choctaw Stadium. But it would be wise to take enough money to buy them. Because, if eat properly, you will be able to enjoy the event excitingly.


Hurrah! There is no age barrier or age policy. People of all ages are granted at the So What Festival. However, children 12 years and under will be allowed free with the payer. This music event will not shut to enjoy for 2023 three-days of all kinds followers or humankind.

FAQ about SO WHAT! Music Festival

Critical question’s answer-

  • Where can I buy tickets?

If you need a ticket, enter the official website. It is easy and safe. I wish you can collect tickets from some other agency. These are Similar to VividSeats, Stubhub, Ticketmaster, and more.

  • How can I watch the live stream? 

To watch the live stream, you can find many resources. The official website SO WHAT is the best undoubtedly. And further different types of online TV platforms and social media, there have excellent or a lot of potential.

Final Words

If you are a giant music lover then hopefully this article is enough for you. Also, this content or motive will help in all aspects to prepare for the SO WHAT 2023 event. Stay tuned to get all kinds of updated news. Thanks for reading!

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