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Intents Music Festival 2023 | Live Stream, Lineup, and Tickets Info

Music festivals are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Also, every person’s needs are as diverse as those of people who attend the event. One of the world’s largest music festivals, and one of the most popular, conduct either electronic dance music or folk music. Thus, each individual has their following. However, events are usually held during the summer. Intents Music Festival is one of them.

Intents Music Festival

Intents Music Festival 2023
Location: Sportlaan, JK Oisterwijk, Netherlands
Date: 2nd June – 4th June 2023
Lineup: Intents Music Festival 2023 Lineup
Live Stream: Watch Now

History of Intents Music Festival

Intents Festival is a dance festival that is a three-day event. It is held in Oisterwijk near Sportpark d’n Donk.It generally starts on the last weekend of May or the first weekend of June. The majority of the festival’s bar staff are volunteers, and the event is run by Intents Events BV. The festival has three main music styles Hardstyle, freestyle, and hardcore. Festivalchart listed Intents as the best dance festival of 2015,2017 and 2018.

Since 2014, the fest has welcomed guests to spend the night at a nearby festival campsite, which includes a Friday night pre-party. Similar to the event, Intentscity, the campground, has its concept and architectural design. During the 2015 festival, it had to be trouble in inclement weather about 3000 visitors to a sports hall.

Every Intents Fest conception was executed in 2016 as a distinct event in the Leerfabriek KVL in Oisterwijk. Karnaval Festival, which has been held in Moergestel since 2017, is an event that features hardstyle and carnival music. The fest of 2020 had gone to 2022 due to a coronavirus outbreak. It was also streamed on the same date. Due to the coronavirus effect, it was a feeling like an online festival.

About Intents Music Festival Venue and Date

It is a three days event and it has a camping facility also. The Intents were camping open on 2 June 2023 at 09:ooh. The entrances closed on the first day at 23:00h and the next two days closed on 20:30h. The actual location of the fest is Sportlaan, JK Oisterwijk, Netherlands.

How to Buy Intents Music Festival Tickets

Besides ordering direct tickets, you can also pre-order. If the ticket is canceled it is resold and you will receive an email to re-order these tickets. Tickets are protected for 5 days after receiving the email sent from PayLogic which you must keep an eye on your mailbox for.

As a VIP, you will have access to the Intents Festival. There’s an incredible VIP entry point with a textile strap and a glass of champagne. On the main stage, you can access two fantastic luxury VIP decks with comfortable furniture, refreshments, fruit, opulent restrooms, water faucets, and other fun extras.

The stage can be seen in its most gorgeous location. The variations of tickets are Day tickets, Weekend+Camping, Weekend, VIP tickets, Coins & Parking.

How to Watch Intents Music Festival Online

You have access to a variety of streaming services. If you do not want to or cannot obtain a ticket, your only option is to use an online platform. Examples include:

Watch on TV

The cheapest and most comfortable way to watch any program is on television.

  • YouTube TV

Now that all televisions have YouTube, you can access YouTube directly. “Intents Festival” is their official Youtube channel. And there you will enjoy Live.

  • Sling TV

Sling TV offers top-tier streaming services with affordable rates, including news, gaming, and popular TV shows. Why are you late then?

  • FuboTV

More pricey live streaming services are available from Fubo TV. If you are located outside of the US, you must use a high-end VPN to connect to the US server.

  • DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now already included DVR options, sports networks, and deluxe live streaming service. It is also pricey.

Watch on Social Media

Social media will be the only method to watch the show if your site doesn’t offer any streaming TV options. Any social networking platform, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are your options.

  • Facebook

You can keep up with activities and receive notifications when a live program has begun by like the “Intents Festival” official Facebook page.

  • Twitter

Tweets on Twitter are not the only thing available live. By participating in Periods or browsing the Explore section, you can find an appropriate place to enjoy your favorite music and dance. The program is then available for real-time viewing after that.

  • Instagram

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram can be followed. This is more effective for broadcasting live videos of events. You might then come here to check what’s happening right now. “Intentsfestival” is their designated Instagram handle.

Intents Music Festival Lineup

You will find your favorite artist at the events and many others also will impress you with their performances. You can check the official websites to know the 2020 lineup and 2022 also due to the coronavirus Epidemic. However, the lineup for 2023 has yet to be announced.

What to Bring to This Festival

Although you are allowed to bring your food and water on arrival, you can bring a maximum of six bottles of beer or a 2-liter bottle of wine. However, you can only bring it in plastic bottles or cans, glass is prohibited. You may use the following: – Hay fever tablets as long as they are contained in their original, tightly-sealed packaging; – Nasal spray (just with a doctor’s note). – Roll-on deodorant – Sunscreen in some kind of jar or tubes no larger than 100ml. Sprays are prohibited. – Razors – One tiny party tent with a maximum size of 3 meters by 3 meters per group – A portable speaker.

What Not to Bring to This Festival

  • Skateboards,
  • Guns,
  • Cigarettes,
  • Strong narcotics, and spray paint
  • Not allowed to bring in coolers,
  • Chairs,
  • Umbrellas,
  • Water balloons.
  • Avoid bringing flags,
  • Professional radios,
  • Audio equipment,
  • Pets.

Try to pay attention to these recommendations because doing so will enable you to easily enjoy your time outdoors. Please refer to the heading above for a list of the items you may bring.


It has a beginning and an end, just like any other event. The majority of it is finished throughout the summer. As the festival draws near, specific start and end times will be announced. So be tuned with us.


Always remember that you are your first security. So always be aware of all your products. Lock up your valuables in the locker. All discovered items are brought to the municipal council of Oisterwijk; for more information, please contact the municipality of Oisterwijk. The municipality records and then destroys lost passports and ID cards. Since 2016, it’s been legally required to damage a lost identification card for security and risk reasons. You can get a new ID and/or passport from your local government.


As the above, we know that you can bring food and drinks of your own but limited. You can enjoy cocktails, beer, special beer, or nice soft drinks. You will find dozens of stands of bars and drinking bars. You can enjoy Chips, Pointed buns, Citizens, Burgundian croquette, Hot Sandwiches, Croissant, Fruit, Pizza, Spring roll, Unox sandwich, sandwiches, and Fruit cups.


For the camping ground, Saturday and Sunday, the minimum age is 18 years old. There’s also a minimum age of 17 on Fridays. There are no exceptions to the minimum age requirement on the day of the festival.

FAQ About Intents Music Festival

Every man has a different taste in various questions. From there, two important questions are:

Where can I buy tickets?

Now that tickets are online it doesn’t matter. But one thing to always remember is to always check the official website first. If you’d still want to use a different platform, you can go to:


How can I watch the live stream?

There isn’t anyone who doesn’t want to show up in person, but it isn’t always possible. However, you can take it as a substitute and enjoy it online as well. But if you’re on social media, make sure to follow from the official page. Additionally, you can include well-known televisions like Sling TV, Direct TV, and Fubo TV.

Final Words

So, are you ready to attend the Intents Music Festival? There is plenty of time for all of that, though. After reading the aforementioned post, you ought to have gained a lot of knowledge. If you enjoyed reading it and felt you benefited in any way, keep checking back for more. This source will surely teach you interesting information about your favorite locations.

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