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Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival 2023 | Live Stream, Lineup, and Tickets Info

A combination of Art, Music, and culture can be found at the Lightning In a Bottle Music Festival.
Not only the music performance but also it has the features of visual, interactive art installation, guest speakers, group meditation, yoga classes, and many other attractions. Many participants are on site of the camp. Like this, there are many facilities available only for you. If you are a music lover then no movement is needed, only reading. Here you can know everything like artist Lineup, Live streaming services, timing, and most searched Ticket info. So let’s fasten our seat belts and jump to read the article.

Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival

Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival 2023
Location: Buena Vista, California
Date: May 24 to May 29, 2023
Lineup: Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival 2023 Lineup
Live Stream: Watch Now

History of Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival

The fest collected its name in 2000 from a birthday party. As a private event, the event was repeated every July(2000- 2003). Finally, the name of the fest arrived in 2004.

In the same year, the Do LaB(events producers and co-founders) introduced Lightning in a Bottle in the Angels National Forest at Gold Creek Ranch. The following year’s break, the festival was resumed at Live Oak Camp near Santa Barbara, California, in July 2006 and it was held there every May after that until 2008. However, the Do LaB determined to relocate the fest to compromise the increasing audience. But another year was held they move the event to Oak Canyon Ranch( Silverado, California). After one year, it was relocated to another place named Lake Skinner(Winchester). It was the outside area of California for the first time.

Following the 2014 event, which was held at San Antonio Recreational Area(Bradley), California, years after that, in 2015 and 2016, the participants went back there. The festival was overwhelmingly approved by Kern County Board-Supervisors in 2019. Lightning in a Bottle visited Buena Vista Lake, California, again in 2022.

In 2011 and 2014, Lightning in a Bottle received the “Outstanding Award” at the A Greener Festival.
At the Electronic Music Awards in 2017, Lightning in a Bottle received a nomination for Festival of the Year.

About Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival Venue and Date

In the Central Valley region of California, Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) is an annual live event that was first staged in 2006. The Do LaB, which seeks to enhance maintainability, social unity, and creative expression, introduces it. It will start from noon on May 24 through 12:00 on May 29, 2023, in BUENA VISTA, CA. Southern California (2000-2013), Central Coast of California (2014–2018), and Central Valley of California (2019–2022).

How to buy Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival Tickets

Here two festival passes are included GA and VIP passes. They are starting at $425 plus fees for a GA Festival Pass.5 days of concerts, exhibitions, workshops, camping, and more! Experience this exceptional lakeside experience by dancing and connecting. Tent camping is included in all tickets. And starting at $775 plus fees, a VIP festival pass. At LIB, VIP is a brand-new experience. Enjoy the brand-new backstage VIP lounges at the Lightning, Thunder, and Woogie stages, complete with bars, relaxing spaces, and first-class facilities. And a ton of other facilities to make your time in a LIB as enjoyable as possible.

Tickets for LIB won’t be offered again until the General On sale in early November 2022. A vehicle pass is not included in GA or VIP festival passes. A separate purchase is required for vehicle passes.

How to Watch Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival Online

There are numerous streaming services available to you. The only choice if you can’t or don’t want to get a ticket is to use an internet platform. Examples comprise:

Watch on TV

Television is the most affordable and convenient way of watching any show.

  • YouTube TV

You can now instantly visit YouTube because it is available on all televisions. The name of their official YouTube channel is “Do LaB”. You may watch live entertainment there.

  • Sling TV

Elevated streaming services, such as news, gaming, and well-known TV shows, are available with Sling TV at reasonable rates. So why are you late?

  • FuboTV

Fubo TV provides more expensive live streaming options. To access the US server if you are outside us, you must utilize a premium VPN.

  • DirecTV Now

DVR capabilities, cable channels, and a VIP live streaming service were previously included with DirecTV Now. The cost is likewise high.

Watch on Social Media

If your streaming site doesn’t offer any streaming TV alternatives, the only way to view the show will be through social media. You have the choice of using any social networking site, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

  • Facebook

By liking the “Lightning in a Bottle
official” Facebook page, you may stay updated on events and get alerts when a live program has started.

  • Twitter

There are more live content options than Twitter tweets. You can locate a suitable location to take in your favorite music and dance by taking part in Periods or reading the Explore section. Then, the show is accessible for immediate watching.

  • Instagram

There are more live content options than Twitter tweets. You can locate a suitable location to take in your favorite music and dance by taking part in Periods or reading the Explore section. Then, the show is accessible for immediate watching. You can find them by searching the keyboard “live festival”.

Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival Lineup

Flume, Disclosure, Big Gigantic, Gramatik, Monolink, Flying Lotus, Khruangbin, Elohim, Jan Blomqvist, MASEGO, LANE 8, Luttrell, Santigold, Shiba San, Clozee, Channel Tres, Frameworks, ìfé, Rising Appalachia, Cautious Clay, Mobley, Slenderbodies, Damian Lazarus, Doc Martin, lum, DJ Koze, Omnom, Recondite Nico Stojan, Osunlade, 1788-l, Vanessa, Duchess, Opiuo, G Jones, Desert Dwellers, Spectrasoul, Dorfex Bos, The Polish Ambassador, Axel Thesleff, Pigeon Hole, Manatee Commune, Soohan, Mat the Alien, Soulection ft Joe Kay, Kill Smith, Sasha Marie & Andres, Megan Hamilton, Red Giant, Ill-ēsha, Anna Morgan, Dimond Saints, Bedouin, Shades, Zach Walker, Aabo, Rampue, Anton Tumas, Charlesthefirst. The lineups are all from the previous season. When it’s time to close, the lineup will be released.

What to Bring to This Festival

  • Sunscreen,
  • Sunglasses,
  • Hats,
  • Small bags,
  • Earplugs and non-professional cameras,
  • Both film and digital,
  • Valid license,
  • Refilled bottle,
  • Sealed water bottles,
  • Power bank,
  • Adorable costume,
  • Suitable footwear,
  • Bedspread,
  • Beach towel.
  • In the event of rain, we advise Rubber ducks,
  • Water boots,
  • Water coats, and umbrellas.

What Not to Bring to This Festival

The following are not allowed on the inside of the Event site, facility, or premises:

  • Dogs and cats or animals of whatever kind, apart from authorized service animals approved by Do LaB’s ADA system,
  • drones or UAVs of any size,
  • weapons, or guns, explosives or fireworks,
  • handheld laser pointers,
  • any substances that the local government has designated unlawful,
  • heavy use of alcohol and noise levels.


As the festival gets closer, exact times will be made known to the public. The majority of it was done throughout the summer. The same timetable as other items applies to it.


All of your assets should be protected at all times, not just during major events. However, you can always visit the security or care staff in charge of the lost and found things if your phone or anything else you need is lost. To find your item, you can also send an email to [email protected].


The stage, the music tent, the merchants, and the bar are all situated in the “main area.” There were numerous locations with lots of food vendors. There will be lots of organic, vegetarian, and nutritious choices, including smoothies, juices, and other nourishing foods.

Sushi burritos, breakfast burritos from Thai restaurants, vegan burritos, green smoothies, and vegan coconut ice cream are all available here. There will be many choices. They did a terrific job of selecting a variety of healthy eateries. For all types of diets, including gluten-free, vegan, and plant-based, vegetarian there will be a wide variety of delectable food and beverage options. At key stages, bars are accessible.

Numerous bars could be found throughout the main venue, always within five minutes of each stage. There will also be delectable beer, wine, and cocktails. A sour ale with the name “Lightning in a Bottle” was created especially for the occasion.


For people of all ages, this session is free. Children as young as 5 years old can also participate. Joining is free for those who are younger than 18. Also permitted are strollers. Baby newborns are not welcome. The fact that practically everyone will be able to attend the event is one thing that is obvious in this context. Therefore, age is not a cause for concern.

FAQ About Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival

Where can I buy tickets?

It is irrelevant now that tickets are available online. However, one thing to constantly keep in mind is to first visit the official website. You can head if you’d still want to use a different platform.


How can I watch the live stream?

No one is opposed to physically attending, but it isn’t always feasible. However, you may change it for something else and still enjoy it online. But be sure to follow from the official page if you’re on social media. Famous televisions like Sling TV, Direct TV, and Fuvo TV are further options.

Final Words

Are you prepared to go to the lighting music festival? But there is enough time for all of that. After reading the aforementioned article, you should have learned a lot. Keep coming back for more if you genuinely enjoyed reading it and feel you gained anything from it. You will learn a lot of useful stuff from this site about your favorite places.

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