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EDC Las Vegas Festival 2023 | Live Stream, Lineup, and Tickets

EDC Las Vegas Festival has become a much-awaited name for music lovers. Every year, millions of people attend this event. Because the event is an annual one, music fans keep track of the time each year. Because not everyone can attend the event in person, various media and social sites emerge. And where all of the biggest stars in the music industry perform. And if you want to know all of these things, stand here and don’t move. All information about the live stream, lineup, and tickets can be found here. Let’s see why you’re late.

EDC Las Vegas Festival

EDC Las Vegas Festival 2023
Location: Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Date: May 19th  -May 21st, 2023
Lineup: EDC Las Vegas Festival 2023 Lineup
Live Stream: Watch Now

History of EDC Las Vegas Music Festival

The full form of EDC is Electric Daisy Carnival. As a piece of electronic dance music, it has huge popularity. It is organized by Promoter and Distributor Insomniac.

Ever since it began, other EDC events have taken place in other states and around the world plus the UK, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Puerto Rico, and India. Nowadays it is hosted yearly in China, Orlando, and Mexico together with the main event. Current EDC events have been sponsored by Smirnoff, Corona, Tinder, and Uber.EDC was only a 2-day event in 2009 and the only difference between the two years was it could a 3day event which achieved 230,000 people. After 3 years in 2015, it did overcome its previous record from 230,000 to 400000.

In the year 2018, it attached a camping facility and extended the festival. Four Ferris wheels,18 carnival rides, and a group of over 5000 people to organize the event at the Vegas Motor Speedway. As an Electronic music festival, it won the Festival of the year. Finally, EDC launched the mobile application platform for advantage. The fest was first organic by Stephen Hauptfuhr and executed in 1991.

About EDC Las Vegas Festival Venue and Date

As it has multiple locations around the world in various countries it has also a main location which is located in Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV and its confirm date of 2023 is May 19 -May 21(A three-day event).

How to buy EDC Las Vegas Festiva Tickets

There are three variations of the ticket GA, GA+ and VIP.GA ticket pass can give you 9 epic fields. For avoiding scams, you need to pick up your ticket from Front Gate. Insomniac collects $1 from every ticket to donate to local nonprofit organizations.

In addition to everything else, a GA+ pass can raise your watch experience and premium air-conditioned place also.
But to get attention in VIP areas, you must have to be 21+ a present a valid photo ID or a US driving license or passport(US/foreign).

How to Watch EDC Las Vegas Festival Online

Various types of streaming services are available for you only. If you do not want to or not get a ticket or any problem then the next and only source is an online platform. Such as:

Watch on TV

Television is the first medium to enjoy any program at the lowest cost and comfortably.

  • YouTube TV

Now that all televisions have YouTube, you can access YouTube directly. Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is their official Youtube channel. And there you will enjoy Live.

  • Sling TV

Sling TV has extreme-level streaming services including reports, games, and hit TV shows with reasonable plans. So why are you late?

  • FuboTV

Fubo TV provides more expensive live streaming services. If you are outside of the US then you have to connect the US server with a premium VPN.

  • DirecTV Now

DVR choices, sports networks, and a premium subscription live streaming all were already in DirecTV Now. It is expensive also.

Watch on Social Media

When no streaming TV service is not available for your site then social media will be the only way to see the show. You can choose any social media site from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

  • Facebook

By following the EDC Festival official page “Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC)” on Facebook, you may stay up to date about events and be notified when a live program started.

  • Twitter

The live functionality on Twitter is in addition to tweets. Find a suitable location to enjoy your preferred music and dance by contributing to Periods or by exploring the Explore section. After that, you can watch the program in real-time.

  • Instagram

Instagram can be followed in addition to Facebook and Twitter. For uploading live videos of events, this works better. Then you may come here to see what’s occurring in real-time. Their official Instagram username is “edc_lasvegas”.

EDC Las Vegas Festival Lineup

ABOVE & BEYO, Aerial Grey, Alan Walker, ALESSO, Ann Clue, Armin van BASSRUSH POOL PARTYBuuren, ARTBAT, ATLiens, Bad Beat, Bart Skils, BASSOON POOL PARTY, Bastian Bux, Ben Finx, Blunts & Blondes, Boris Brejcha, Brett Cheyenne Giles, Ubin, Cash Cash, THE Christopher JamesCHAINSMOKERSCharly Jordan, Chris Lake, Claptone, Cloonee, Code Black, Crespo, Deadmau5, Delta Heavy, Deorro, Deux Twins, DIPLO, Partiboi69
DJ Pauly D, Honeyluv, Joshwa, Lucky Lou, Moritz Hofbauer (Live), Scotty Boy, Tris Tiffany, and YELLOW CLAW all are lineups of the previous year. The lineup will release when it comes to closing.

What to Bring to This Festival

  • Mobile phones,
  • External batteries and, portable chargers,
  • Cigarettes and lighters,
  • Deodorant,
  • Vapes and, Earplugs,
  • Fanny packs,
  • Decorative pool noodles or festival totems,
  • Banners, flags, or a hand-made sign,
  • Glowsticks and lit or glowing apparel or accessories,
  • Gum,
  • Hand sanitizer,
  • Hula hoops,
  • Hydration packs,
  • Inflatables,
  • Juuls,
  • orbitals & pois,
  • LED whips,
  • Lip balm, lip gloss, and lipstick,
  • Portable video devices under 6″ and amateur flash/still cameras,
  • A small personal misting fan with a 1.5-liter bottle,
  • Prescription drugs issued by doctors,
  • Powder makeup,
  • Umbrellas and raincoats,
  • Sealed Hand Sanitizer up to 3 FL Oz,
  • Selfie sticks,
  • Mini bags,
  • Compartmental bags,
  • Floppy bags,
  • Wallets,
  • Caps and sunglasses,
  • Sunscreen lotion,
  • Pads and tampons,
  • Wet wipes.

What Not to Bring to This Festival

  • Aerosolized goods,
  • Frisbees or Balls,
  • Bota bags,
  • Costumes,
  • Drones,
  • Remote-controlled aircraft,
  • Drug paraphernalia,
  • Eye drops,
  • Gas masks, cans, Glass, cups or coolers,
  • Helium balloons,
  • Illegal substances,
  • Large chains or spiked jewelry,
  • Backpacks or bags,
  • Large purses,
  • Laser pointers, air horns,
  • LED gloves or LED,
  • Liquid makeup,
  • Pens, markers or spray painting,
  • Massagers,
  • Cigarettes packs,
  • Food or drinks from outside,
  • Pacifiers,
  • Pets,
  • Professional photography, recording, or audio equipment,
  • Stickers,
  • Flyers,
  • Toys or stuffed animals,
  • Tents,
  • Large umbrellas,
  • Chairs or blankets,
  • Water guns,
  • Toy guns,
  • Slingshots,
  • Unsealed pads or tampons,
  • Any type of weapon or accessory( whether actual or imagined),
  • Wind chairs/sofas.


The public will be informed of particular times when the festival gets closer. The majority of it has been completed throughout the summer. It follows the same schedule as other things.


Why worry about misplacing your ID, dancing while wearing a heavy backpack, or lugging new merchandise? Rent a locker to keep your belongings safe and secure throughout the weekend—and to keep your phone fully charged. Lockers come with a built-in universal charging cable, hence even if you have an iPhone or an Android, you can safely charge up and retrieve your belongings without missing a beat. Each locker has enough room for bags or backpacks with the approximate dimensions of 8′′ high, 12′′ wide, and 18′′ deep. And here’s a pro tip: lockers are wonderful places for you and your crew to congregate.


Food and beverage stands are located throughout the event. Fresh juice and Coffee, Dedicated gourmet food trucks with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.For breakfast: fruit salad, orange juice, bagels, bananas, pastries, and more. If you want to get alcohol then you have to be 21+. As a water refill station is available, you must fill your Insomniac water bottle for hydration. You can get in the merch booth.


You must have to be 21+ and provide a valid license(US driving license or passport).

FAQ About EDC Las Vegas Festival

Where can I buy tickets?

Purchasing tickets online is now very simple. When the ticket is ready for sale, the information will be posted first on the official website. If you still want to shop on another platform, you can go to the world’s largest ticket marketplace:


How can I watch the live stream?

Who does not want to attend an event directly but it is not always possible. Anyway, you can enjoy it online as well and take it as an alternative. But follow from the official page be it on social media. You can also list popular televisions like Sling TV, Direct TV, and Fubo Tv.

Final Words

It is the most popular music festival, and its popularity is growing by the day. Not only a specific country, but every countryman, enjoys music. As a result, there is a high demand for music concerts from everyone. That is why it is such a demanding function. If you have benefited from reading this article then please stay connected with us and we hope to give you more informational posts.

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