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Harlem Festival 2023 | Summer of Soul Lineup, Live Stream and Tickets

In the archive of festivals from time immemorial, the Harlem Festival is one of the long-forgotten traditional festivals that rocked the 1960s and 70s and gave the participants of the festival reasons to smile. Given that, moments after the 2023 edition of the event was confirmed, memories flowed down the memory lane.

Harlem Festival 2023 Summer of Soul

Consequently, decades after the last Harlem Festival took the world by storm, the next one is set to take place in the summer of 2023. All thanks to Questlove’s Grammy and Oscar-winning documentary, Summer of Soul.

Harlem Festival 2023 Summer of Soul
Location: Marcus Garvey Park, New York City
Date: In early 2023
Lineup: Harlem Festival 2023 Lineup
Live Stream: Watch Now

About Harlem Festival 2023 Summer of Soul

Months after winning the highly rated Grammy for best music film, and an Oscar for best documentary feature, the award-winning documentary of Questlove reignited the feeling of old and paved the way for the revival of the festival in 2023.
According to Billboard, the editor-in-chief of Ambassador Digital Magazine, Musa Johnson who attended the festival as a child and was part of Summer of Soul, coupled with Nikoa Evans and Yvonne McNair are the co-founders of the new festival.

In his words, Musa Jackson said “Being rooted, watered, and grown in this village of Harlem, I believe HFC is our moment to show the world the vibrancy of today’s Harlem — the music, the food, the look, all of it!
This time, the reimagined festival will take place in Marcus Garvey Park, previously known as Mount Morris Park. The original festival took place there. Although they’ve not revealed the exact dates, it promises to be a fun-filled and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The History About Summer of Soul Harlem Festival

Long before Questlove’s award-winning documentary came into existence, the Harlem Festival was an annual event that was founded by Tony Lawrence and took place in Harlem, Manhattan, New York City between 1967 and 1974.
Given that, thousands of people gathered in Harlem to celebrate African American music, fashion, culture, and history whenever the festival came calling. In other words, the festival played host to a series of events which mostly included music concerts and the promotion of the continued politics of Black pride. That was how fascinating it was.

As successful as the series were, the most successful series of concerts took place in 1969. Flowing from that, the series was informally known as Black Woodstock. For this and other reasons, the 1969 edition cemented the way for the 2021 documentary film Summer of Soul. From 1969 to 1974, the festival featured legendary artists like Mahalia Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and a host of others. Make sure you do not miss the next one.

Harlem Festival 2023 Location, Date, and Start Time

After the revived and inaugural Harlem Festival of Culture was confirmed and announced, it is set to take place in 2023.
Just like the golden old days, the Marcus Garvey Park, previously known as Mount Morris Park is going to host the festival. It promises to be exciting. Without a doubt, it is a festival to look out for when they reveal the exact dates and start times.
However, as amazing as that sounds, what makes it more amazing is the presence of different genres of music and concerts. From Rock music to Jazz, there is a whole lot of excitement waiting for you.

How to Watch Harlem Festival Live Stream Online

Are you wondering where and how to stream Harlem Festival 2023 live? Stop wondering, you are in the right place. That is to say, when the festival starts in 2023, there are numerous online streaming sites for you to stream this amazing festival. From Hulu to Roku, there is a long list of streaming sites for you to stream it when it finally starts. Stay tuned!
Apart from that, you can also watch the Harlem Festival 2023 via social media streaming sites.

Watch the Festival Social Media Streaming Service

You can follow all the action of the Harlem Festival 2023 live by streaming it on Social Media. Given that, you can use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to connect to the artists, music, culture, history, festival, and the thousands of people who would grace the event.

About Harlem Festival 2023 Lineup Names

Harlem Festival 2023 is widely anticipated. That is a fact, and there is no doubt about that. For now, no one knows the commencement date. Coupled with that, they have not announced the Harlem 2023 lineup names.

However, legendary artists like Barbara Bland-Acosta, Darryl Lewis, Stevie Wonder, Ethel Beatty, coupled with Al Sharpton, and Allen Zerkin, lighted the festival in time past. That means top stars are going to be in the 2023 lineup. Kindly anticipate the announcement.

How to Get the Harlem Festival Tickets

To book a place and save yourself a seat at the Harlem Festival 2023, you need a ticket. The good news is you do not need to stress yourself to get one. That means you can be among the first to get yours as soon as the tickets are available. You can get yours on Ticketsmarter, Ticketmaster, Ticketcity, and a host of others.

FAQ About Harlem Festival 2023

When and where will the Harlem Festival take place?

After the confirmation and announcement of the Harlem Festivals, the event will take place in the summer of 2023. When the organizers make the announcement, all way leads to Marcus Garvey Park, in New York City. It’s going to be exciting.

How long will the Harlem Festival last?

Though the Harlem Festival 2023 will last for a short time, the memories will last for a lifetime. Given that, the organizers will soon announce the dates and duration. Nevertheless, it is going to last for days.

How can I purchase the Tickets and How Do I Get There?

Once the tickets are available, you can get yours on the official website of Ticketcity, Ticketmaster, and a host of others. Given that, once you book a place at the Harlem Festival 2023, you are good to go.

What are the Harlem Festivals Accommodation Places?

Getting accommodation to the house you and your loved ones when the festival starts is easier than expected. That means there are a lot of affordable places for you to stay when the time comes. Don’t miss out!

When will tickets go on sale for the Harlem Festival?

The tickets for the Harlem Festival 2023 will go on sale after the organizers announce the dates for the fest. Once the tickets are available, do well to get yours.


Years after the famous and successful Harlem Fest of 1969, a new inaugural event is about to take the center stage in the summer of 2023. Given that, the festival is set to attract thousands of people to celebrate music, fashion, culture as well as history. Make sure you are part of the next one.

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