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Snowboxx Festival 2024

Snowboxx Festival 2024: The Ultimate Winter Wonderland Experience

Snowboxx Festival 2024 is a sell-out springtime music festival held in Avoriaz, France, featuring top names from the dance and urban music scenes. Taking place at the world’s largest ski area, Snowboxx offers excellent snow conditions and legendary après-ski at La Folie Douce.

With a ski trip, music festival, and holiday combined, it’s an unforgettable experience all in one. Geneva airport is the closest airport to Snowboxx, requiring a transfer to Avoriaz. Don’t miss out on this incredible festival location and secure your tickets early.

Snowboxx Festival 2024: The Ultimate Winter Wonderland Experience


Dates And Location

Snowboxx Festival 2024 will take place in Avoriaz, France. The festival dates have not been announced yet, but it is expected to be held in springtime like previous years. Avoriaz is a popular location for the festival due to its stunning mountainous surroundings and excellent snow conditions.

Access to Avoriaz is convenient, with the closest airport being Geneva. From there, a transfer is needed to take you to Avoriaz. The festival attracts music and skiing enthusiasts from around the world, combining the best of both worlds with thrilling ski activities during the day and exciting music performances at night.

Attending Snowboxx Festival in Avoriaz guarantees an incredible experience, with a vibrant atmosphere, top-notch music acts, and breathtaking mountain views. Don’t miss out on this unique combination of a ski trip and music festival, all in one affordable package. Get ready for an unforgettable time at Snowboxx Festival 2024!

Snowboxx Festival 2024: The Ultimate Winter Wonderland Experience


Experiences And Activities

Experience the ultimate winter getaway at Snowboxx Festival 2024 in Avoriaz. Enjoy world-class skiing, epic music performances, and unforgettable après-ski parties. Don’t miss out on this sell-out event that combines the best of both a ski trip and a music festival.

Experiences and Activities
Skiing and Snowboarding
Experience the thrill of skiing and snowboarding at Snowboxx Festival 2024. The festival takes place in Avoriaz, one of the world’s largest ski areas, offering excellent snow conditions for both beginners and experienced athletes. Whether you are a first-time skier or a seasoned pro, Avoriaz has slopes suitable for all levels. Strap on your skis or snowboard and glide down the stunning mountains, surrounded by breathtaking views.
Live Music and Performances
In addition to skiing and snowboarding, Snowboxx Festival offers a lineup of incredible live music and performances. Dance to the beats of renowned DJs and enjoy energetic sets from top artists. The festival brings together some of the biggest names and brands from the dance and urban music scene, ensuring a memorable experience for music lovers.
Après-Ski and Nightlife
After a day on the slopes, the fun continues with après-ski and nightlife at Snowboxx Festival. Head to La Folie Douce, a legendary après-ski venue, and enjoy lively music, delicious drinks, and a vibrant atmosphere. The festival offers hilarious bottomless entertainment, ensuring endless fun throughout the night. Dance, socialize, and create unforgettable memories at Snowboxx Festival’s après-ski and nightlife events.
Snowboxx Festival 2024: The Ultimate Winter Wonderland Experience


Frequently Asked Questions Of Snowboxx Festival 2024

What Dates Are Snowboxx?

Snowboxx festival dates vary each year. Please check the official website for the specific dates of the upcoming festival.

Where Is Snowboxx Ski Festival?

Snowboxx ski festival is located in Avoriaz, France, at the world’s largest ski area.

Does Snowbox Sell Out?

Yes, Snowboxx festival in Avoriaz is a sell out springtime festival that features big names and brands from the dance and urban music scene.

Where Do You Fly To For Snowboxx?

The closest airport to Snowboxx is Geneva airport. From there, you will need to take a transfer to Avoriaz.


Snowboxx Festival 2024 is truly an experience like no other. With its perfect combination of skiing, music, and holiday vibes, it offers an unforgettable time for all attendees. Taking place in the breathtaking Avoriaz, the festival provides an incredible backdrop of snow-covered mountains.

From excellent snow conditions to legendary après at La Folie Douce, Snowboxx has it all. Don’t miss out on this sell-out springtime festival that brings together top names and brands from the dance and urban music scene. Join us for an amazing journey and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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