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Scituate Fair 2024: Experience the Ultimate Art Festival

The Scituate Fair in 2024 is set to be an exciting event featuring live music, entertainment, artisan crafts, kid’s activities, and historical site visits. With a wide range of attractions and activities, it promises to be one of the biggest events on the South Shore.

Attendees can expect a vibrant atmosphere filled with talented entrepreneurs and a showcase of unique crafts. The event will provide an opportunity for visitors to explore the local culture and heritage of Scituate, Massachusetts. Whether you’re looking to enjoy live performances, shop for handmade crafts, or engage in family-friendly activities, the Scituate Fair in 2024 is an event not to be missed.

Stay tuned for further details and mark your calendars for this exciting festival.

Scituate Fair 2024: Experience the Ultimate Art Festival


Introduction To Scituate Fair 2024

Scituate Fair 2024

The Scituate Fair is an annual event that showcases the best of Scituate, Massachusetts. It brings together local businesses, artisans, and community members for a day of fun and entertainment. From live music performances to artisan crafts and historical site visits, there is something for everyone at the fair.

The Scituate Fair will take place on [insert date here] at [insert location here]. This central location is easily accessible and provides ample parking for attendees.

Some of the highlights and attractions at the Scituate Fair include:

  • Live music and entertainment
  • Artisan crafts
  • Kid’s activities
  • Historical site visits
  • Local businesses

These attractions make the Scituate Fair one of the South Shore’s biggest and most anticipated events of the year.

Scituate Fair 2024: Experience the Ultimate Art Festival


Planning Your Visit

Tickets and admission information: The Scituate Fair 2024 is a highly anticipated event that offers something for everyone. Whether you are interested in arts and crafts, live music, or delicious food, this fair has it all. Tickets can be purchased online or at the entrance. General admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children under 12. Seniors and military personnel receive a discount of $2.

Art & craft exhibitor instructions: If you are an artist or a craftsperson who wants to showcase your work at the fair, there are some important instructions to follow. Booth spaces are available for a fee of $100. Exhibitors should set up their booths by 9 am on the day of the fair and be prepared to stay until 5 pm. All exhibitors are responsible for their own display materials and must adhere to all safety regulations.

Pet policy: We understand that pets are a part of the family, but unfortunately, they are not allowed at the Scituate Fair 2024. This policy is in place to ensure the safety and comfort of all attendees. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Directions and parking: The fair will be held at [Location]. Parking is available on-site for a fee of $5 per vehicle. There will also be designated handicap parking spaces available. We recommend using GPS or a map for directions to the fairgrounds.

Events And Activities

The Scituate Fair 2024 is an exciting event that offers a wide range of activities and events for visitors of all ages. From artistic performances and workshops to a craft fair and vendors, there is something for everyone to enjoy. With live music and entertainment on offer, attendees can groove to the rhythm and enjoy the lively atmosphere. Kid’s activities and family-friendly attractions will keep the little ones entertained, while historical site visits will provide an educational and enriching experience. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a craft lover, or simply looking for a day of fun and entertainment, the Scituate Fair 2024 is the place to be!

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Scituate Fair 2024: Experience the Ultimate Art Festival


Frequently Asked Questions On Scituate Fair 2024

What Is The Date Of The Scituate Art Festival?

The date of the Scituate Art Festival is not provided in the given information.

How Much Is A Booth At The Scituate Art Festival?

Booth prices at the Scituate Art Festival vary. Please visit the Art & Craft Exhibitor Instructions on the festival website for more information.

Are Dogs Allowed At Scituate Art Festival?

Dogs are allowed at Scituate Art Festival.

Where To Park At Scituate Art Festival?

You can park at the Scituate Art Festival by following the directions provided on the festival’s website.


Get ready for an unforgettable experience at the Scituate Fair 2024! With a wide range of activities for all ages, including live music, artisan crafts, and historical site visits, this annual event is one of the South Shore’s biggest and most anticipated.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to support young entrepreneurs at the Business Fair marketplace. Mark your calendars and get ready to have a blast at the Scituate Fair 2024!

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