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Aera Conference 2024: Ignite Your Future Success

The AERA Conference 2024 is an important event for educational research professionals to gather and share insights. With a wide range of topics addressed, attendees can expect valuable discussions and networking opportunities.

This conference provides a platform for researchers to present their findings and contribute to the advancements in education. Additionally, participants can gain access to the latest research and trends in the field. The AERA Conference 2024 is a must-attend event for anyone passionate about educational research and its impact on society.

Why Attend Aera Conference 2024?

AERA Conference 2024 provides a unique platform for networking with leading researchers and educators in the field. It offers an opportunity to connect with professionals who are driving innovation and making significant contributions to the education research community.

By attending the conference, you can stay updated with the latest advancements and trends in education research. The event brings together experts from various disciplines to share their knowledge and insights. From keynote speakers to panel discussions, you will gain valuable insights and knowledge on a wide range of topics.

Conference Highlights

The Aera Conference 2024 will be an event that promises to be incredibly engaging and informative for all attendees. The conference highlights will include a range of exciting workshops on research methodology and data analysis, providing valuable insights for researchers at all stages of their careers. These workshops will be led by experts in the field, ensuring that attendees receive the latest and most relevant information in these areas.

In addition to the workshops, the conference will also feature a diverse selection of research paper presentations from scholars across the globe. This will be an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn about cutting-edge research and gain inspiration from the work of others in their field.

Furthermore, interactive poster sessions will be a key component of the conference, showcasing innovative educational research projects. This will allow attendees to engage directly with presenters and learn about new and exciting developments in the field.

The Aera Conference 2024 is not to be missed by anyone interested in educational research. It will provide a unique platform for learning, networking, and collaboration, ensuring that attendees leave with valuable new insights and connections.

Aera Conference 2024 Schedule

Experience the Aera Conference 2024, where groundbreaking research and innovative ideas merge to shape the future of education. This year’s conference promises a diverse range of sessions, covering various subfields of educational research.

Keynote sessions addressing key challenges and opportunities in education research:

  • Renowned experts will delve into pressing issues, offering insights and solutions.
  • Discover cutting-edge methodologies and approaches that elevate educational research.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the latest trends that impact the field.

Panel discussions on emerging topics and future directions in the field:

  • Engage in dynamic discussions with leading thinkers and practitioners.
  • Explore new avenues for research and discover potential collaborative opportunities.
  • Uncover innovative strategies to address challenges and drive positive change in education.
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Concurrent sessions covering various subfields of educational research:

  • Immerse yourself in sessions dedicated to specific areas of educational research.
  • Gain practical insights and actionable recommendations from experts in your field.
  • Network with peers and exchange ideas to enhance your research endeavors.

Aera Divisions: Exploring Research Areas

Division A of AERA focuses on research related to the administration, organization, and leadership in education. Scholars within this division explore various aspects such as educational policy, school leadership, organizational change, and educational governance. They aim to understand the impact of leadership on educational outcomes and provide insights into effective administrative practices. The division offers a platform for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to share their findings and engage in meaningful discussions.

Curriculum Studies is another significant research area within AERA. This division examines various aspects related to the development, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum and instructional practices. Scholars within this division investigate topics such as curriculum design, assessment strategies, instructional materials, and the impact of curriculum on student learning. By exploring these areas, they aim to improve curriculum development and bring about positive changes in teaching and learning processes.

Division C focuses on research related to learning and instruction. Scholars within this division investigate various factors that influence student learning, such as cognitive processes, motivation, instructional strategies, and classroom environments. They examine different instructional approaches, technology integration, and effective teaching practices to enhance student engagement and achievement. This research contributes to the understanding of how students learn and provides insights into effective instructional methods.

Measurement and Research Methodology is an important division within AERA that focuses on advancing the field of educational measurement and research methods. Scholars within this division develop and refine measurement tools, explore statistical techniques, and examine research designs. They aim to improve assessment practices, ensure the validity and reliability of educational measurements, and enhance the overall quality of educational research. By promoting advancements in measurement and research methodology, this division contributes to the robustness of educational research findings and practices.

Aera Sigs: Collaborative Research Networks

Aera Conference 2024 is an upcoming event organized by the American Educational Research Association (AERA). One of the key elements of the conference is the Collaborative Research Networks, represented by different Special Interest Groups (SIGs). These SIGs provide a platform for researchers, educators, and professionals to collaborate and share their expertise on various topics.SIG 1: Arts and Learning focuses on the intersection of arts and education, exploring how arts integration can enhance student learning and creativity. It brings together educators, artists, and researchers to discuss innovative approaches and practices.SIG 2: Bilingual Education Research focuses on promoting research and scholarship related to bilingual education. It addresses challenges and opportunities in bilingual instruction, language acquisition, and cultural diversity in educational settings.

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SIG 3: Classroom Assessment aims to advance the understanding and practices of classroom assessment. It focuses on assessment design, implementation, and evaluation, ensuring fair and effective assessments that inform instruction and student learning.SIG 4: Early Education and Child Development explores research and practices related to early childhood education and child development. It covers topics such as early literacy, early intervention, and social-emotional development.These SIGs offer a valuable platform for researchers and practitioners to exchange knowledge and ideas, contributing to the improvement of education and educational research. Participating in the Aera Conference 2024 can provide unique networking opportunities and access to cutting-edge research in these specialized areas.

Aera Conference 2024 Submission Guidelines

Important dates and deadlines for paper and poster submissions:

Submission TypeDeadline
Full PapersOctober 15, 2023
Poster PresentationsDecember 1, 2023
  • All submissions must be in PDF format.
  • Use 12-point font size and standard margins.
  • Include a title, abstract, introduction, methodology, results, and conclusion.
  • Cite references using APA style.
  • Posters should be no larger than 36″ x 48″.
  • All submissions will undergo a blind review process.
  • Criteria for acceptance include relevance to the conference theme, significance to the field, clarity, and originality.
  • Notifications of acceptance will be sent by February 15, 2024.

Aera Conference 2024 Registration

Registration for the Aera Conference 2024 is now open! This is your opportunity to join one of the largest educational research conferences in the world. The conference will be held from [date] at [location].

Registration Fees and Options for Different Attendee Categories:

Attendee CategoryRegistration Fee
Regular Attendee$X
Virtual Attendee$X

As a conference participant, it is important to make your accommodation and travel arrangements in advance. There are various hotels nearby that offer special discounted rates for conference attendees. Additionally, you may want to explore travel options such as flights, train services, or car rentals to ensure a smooth journey to the conference venue.

Information on Discounts, Grants, and Scholarships for Eligible Individuals:

We understand that attending a conference can be costly. Therefore, we offer a range of discounts, grants, and scholarships to eligible individuals. These opportunities aim to make the conference accessible to a diverse group of participants. To learn more about the eligibility criteria and application process, please visit the conference website.

Aera Conference 2024: Ignite Your Future Success


Future Annual Meetings

Plan ahead for future networking and learning opportunities by exploring upcoming AERA conference locations and dates. The American Educational Research Association (AERA) holds an annual conference that brings together researchers, scholars, and practitioners in the field of education. Attending the AERA conference allows you to stay updated on the latest research, engage in discussions, and build connections with professionals in the educational community.

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To find out the dates and locations of future AERA conferences, you can visit the AERA website’s Events & Meetings section. This section provides information on upcoming conferences, including the conference theme, important dates, and how to submit proposals for presentations. By staying informed about future AERA conferences, you can plan your attendance and make the most of this valuable opportunity to expand your knowledge and network with like-minded individuals.


What is the acceptance rate for the AERA conference?

The acceptance rate for the AERA conference varies from year to year and depends on several factors. The conference receives a large number of submissions, and the acceptance rate is competitive. It is recommended to submit high-quality research papers to increase the chances of acceptance.

Are there any accommodations available for participants with disabilities?

Yes, the AERA conference provides accommodations for participants with disabilities. The conference venue is equipped with accessible facilities, and special arrangements can be made upon request. Participants with disabilities are encouraged to contact the conference organizers in advance to discuss their specific needs.

Can I present my research in multiple sessions at the conference?

Presenting research in multiple sessions at the AERA conference is generally not allowed. Each presenter is allocated a specific time slot and session for their presentation. However, it is possible to present different research papers in different sessions if they have been accepted separately. Duplicate presentations of the same research are typically not permitted.

Frequently Asked Questions For Aera Conference 2024

Where Will Aera Be In 2024?

The location of AERA in 2024 has not been disclosed yet. Keep checking AERA’s official website for updates on future annual meetings.

What Is The Theme Of The Aera 2024 Meeting?

The theme of the AERA 2024 meeting is currently not specified. Please refer to the official website for updates.

Where Is The 2023 Aera Annual Meeting?

The 2023 AERA annual meeting location has not been announced yet. Please visit the American Educational Research Association website for future updates on the event.

What Is The Acceptance Rate For The Aera Conference?

The AERA conference does not disclose its acceptance rate.


Overall, attending the AERA Conference 2024 promises to be an enriching experience for educators, researchers, and practitioners in the field of education. With its diverse range of sessions, impactful discussions, and opportunity for networking, this conference provides a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

By participating in this event, you can stay abreast of the latest research, gain valuable insights, and contribute to the advancement of education. Make sure to mark your calendars for the AERA Conference 2024 and be a part of this dynamic and inspiring gathering.

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