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Twice World Tour Setlist 2024

Twice World Tour Setlist 2024: Unforgettable Song Selections

The setlist for Twice World Tour 2024 includes “SET ME FREE,” “I CAN’T STOP ME,” “GO HARD,” “MORE & MORE,” “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE,” and more hits from their repertoire. Twice, the popular K-pop group, is set to embark on their highly anticipated World Tour in 2024.

Fans can expect an electric setlist that will include their biggest hits such as “SET ME FREE,” “I CAN’T STOP ME,” “GO HARD,” and “MORE & MORE. ” The tour promises to be a memorable experience, with the members showcasing their incredible stage presence and captivating performances.

From the energetic dance numbers to the heartfelt ballads, the setlist will provide a diverse range of musical offerings that will cater to the diverse tastes of Twice fans worldwide. Get ready to sing and dance along to your favorite Twice songs as they take the stage and deliver an unforgettable live show.

Twice World Tour Setlist 2024: Unforgettable Song Selections


2. Twice World Tour Setlist 2024

Twice World Tour Setlist 2024

TWICE, the K-pop superstars, have been known for their dynamic and energetic performances. As their career progresses, their setlists have evolved to showcase their growth as artists. From their early hits like “Like Ooh-Ahh” and “Cheer Up” to their more recent releases like “Fancy” and “More & More”, TWICE has consistently delivered memorable performances. Their setlists now include a mix of their greatest hits and newer tracks, ensuring a well-rounded concert experience for their fans.

Fans are always excited to speculate about what songs will be included in TWICE’s setlist for their upcoming tours. While the exact song selection is unpredictable, fans can expect to hear a mix of their favorite TWICE songs, including both old and new hits. TWICE has a wide discography to choose from, so fans can look forward to a diverse and exciting setlist for their 2024 tour.

One thing fans can anticipate for TWICE’s 2024 tour is the inclusion of some exciting new additions to their setlist. As TWICE continues to release new music and explore different genres, they will likely incorporate these fresh tracks into their live performances. This allows fans to experience TWICE’s latest musical endeavors firsthand, creating a unique and immersive concert experience.

Twice World Tour Setlist 2024: Unforgettable Song Selections


3. Analyzing Twice’s Most Memorable Songs

Experience the magic of TWICE’s most memorable songs on their 2024 world tour setlist. From fan favorites like “Feel Special” and “What is Love? ” To newer hits like “MORE & MORE” and “Eyes wide open,” this concert is bound to be a crowd pleaser.

3.1 Fan-Favorite Hits from Past Tours
Fans of TWICE have their favorite songs that they hope to hear during the World Tour Setlist 2024. These fan-favorite hits include “MORE & MORE,” “Feel Special,” “What is Love?,” “KNOCK KNOCK,” and “The Story Begins.” These songs have become iconic for TWICE and are loved by fans all around the world.

3.2 Unforgettable Performances and Special Moments
TWICE is known for their energetic and captivating performances. In past tours, the group has showcased unforgettable performances with intricate choreography and stunning visuals. Fans can expect to see special moments like solo stages, acapella performances, and emotional ballads during the World Tour Setlist 2024.

3.3 The Role of TWICE’s Discography in Setlist Curation
TWICE has a vast discography with a wide range of songs. The setlist for the World Tour 2024 will be carefully curated to showcase the diversity of TWICE’s discography. The group will include a mix of their popular title tracks, B-sides, and special unit performances to create a memorable concert experience for fans.
Twice World Tour Setlist 2024: Unforgettable Song Selections


Frequently Asked Questions On Twice World Tour Setlist 2024

Will Twice Have A World Tour In 2024?

No information is available regarding Twice’s world tour in 2024.

What Songs Are Twice Performing In 2023 Tour?

In their 2023 tour, TWICE will be performing songs such as “MORE & MORE,” “Feel Special,” “What is Love? ,” “KNOCK KNOCK,” and “The Story Begins. “

How Long Do Twice Concerts Last?

Twice concerts usually last for approximately 2 to 3 hours.

How Many Songs Twice Perform In Concert?

Twice performs a variety of songs in their concerts, including popular hits like “MORE & MORE,” “Feel Special,” “What is Love? “, “KNOCK KNOCK,” and “Fancy You. ” They also perform songs from their albums such as “The Story Begins” and “Eyes wide open.

” The number of songs may vary depending on the concert.


The TWICE World Tour Setlist for 2024 offers an incredible lineup of their hit songs, showcasing the group’s talent and captivating performances. From energetic tracks like “More & More” to beautiful ballads like “Moonlight Sunrise,” fans can expect a diverse and unforgettable concert experience.

With each song carefully chosen to entertain and engage the audience, TWICE continues to solidify their status as K-pop superstars. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness their impressive setlist and join in on the excitement of their READY TO BE WORLD TOUR.

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