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Taylor Swift Concert Dates 2024: Get Your Tickets Now!

Taylor Swift has announced additional concert dates for her 2024 “The Eras Tour.” The new U.S. Tour stops include New Orleans, Miami, Indianapolis, and Toronto.

Fans can buy tickets and secure their bookings instantly for these shows. The tour promises an exciting setlist featuring some of Taylor Swift’s biggest hits, including “Cruel Summer,” “Love Story,” and “You Belong with Me. ” Gracie Abrams will also join Swift as a special guest on the tour.

This is not the end of an era for Taylor Swift, as she continues to captivate audiences with her remarkable performances. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to experience the magic of Taylor Swift live in concert.

Taylor Swift Announces Additional Tour Dates

Don’t miss your chance to see Taylor Swift live in concert! Taylor Swift has recently announced additional tour dates for 2024. She has added new stops in the United States, including cities like New Orleans, Miami, Indianapolis, and Toronto. You can find the full list of tour dates and venues on her official website. Tickets for Taylor Swift’s concerts are available for purchase online through various platforms like StubHub and Ticketmaster. Make sure to book your tickets early to secure your spot at the concert. Taylor Swift’s tour is expected to feature a variety of songs from her different eras, including hits like “Cruel Summer,” “Style,” and “Love Story.” Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to experience Taylor Swift’s incredible live performances.

Taylor Swift Concert Dates 2024: Get Your Tickets Now!


The Eras Tour Setlist

The Eras Tour Setlist
Get ready to sing along to Taylor Swift’s biggest hits
  • Cruel Summer
  • Lavender Haze
  • Style
  • Love Story
  • You Belong with Me
  • Mastermind

Discover the songs you can expect to hear on The Eras Tour. Relive the magic of fan-favorites and new releases with Taylor Swift’s mesmerizing setlist. The concert experience will be filled with energetic performances and emotional ballads that have captivated audiences worldwide. From the catchy tunes of “Cruel Summer” and “Lavender Haze” to the timeless classics of “Style” and “Love Story,” Taylor Swift will have you singing along to every word. The setlist also includes the beloved hits “You Belong with Me” and “Mastermind,” showcasing Taylor Swift’s growth as an artist throughout her career.

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Taylor Swift Tour Dates 2024

Plan your trip to see Taylor Swift in a city near you:

Don’t miss your chance to see Taylor Swift live in concert! Check out the full list of new concert dates and locations for her 2024 tour. From Austin, Texas, to New Orleans and Toronto, Taylor Swift will be performing in various cities across the United States. Secure your tickets now for an unforgettable experience. Tickets are available for purchase on StubHub, Vivid Seats, and Ticketmaster. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just want to enjoy a night of great music, make sure to book your tickets today!

Taylor Swift’s Special Guest

Get excited for a unique and memorable opening act as Taylor Swift welcomes a special guest on tour in 2024. The anticipation is high as fans eagerly await the announcement of who will be joining Taylor Swift on stage. This special guest is sure to add an extra layer of excitement to an already incredible concert experience.

With Taylor Swift’s knack for selecting talented and diverse artists to join her on tour, there’s no doubt that this special guest will bring their own unique sound and style to the stage. From surprise duets to unforgettable collaborations, these opening acts have become an integral part of the Taylor Swift concert experience.

Stay tuned for the big announcement and mark your calendars for Taylor Swift’s concert dates in 2024. It’s going to be a show you won’t want to miss!

How To Buy Tickets

When it comes to buying tickets for Taylor Swift’s concerts in 2024, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, it’s always best to purchase tickets from a reputable source to ensure a smooth and secure transaction. One great option is StubHub, where you can find tickets for Taylor Swift concerts in various cities, including New Orleans, Miami, Indianapolis, and Toronto. With StubHub, you can have peace of mind knowing that your tickets will be delivered on time and your booking will be instantly confirmed.

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To make the ticket-buying process even more convenient, you can also check out Vivid Seats, which offers a loyalty rewards program, amazing customer service, and a redesigned app for easy ticket purchasing. Vivid Seats allows you to view Taylor Swift’s schedule and order tickets online with email delivery.

Overall, whether you choose StubHub or Vivid Seats, you can rest assured that buying tickets for Taylor Swift’s concerts in 2024 will be a simple and secure process.

Stay Updated With Taylor Swift

Stay updated with Taylor Swift by signing up for her newsletter. By subscribing, you will receive the latest news and updates about her concert dates in 2024. Don’t miss out on any important information about her upcoming tour.

In addition to the newsletter, you can also follow Taylor Swift on social media to get behind-the-scenes content and exclusive announcements. Her social media channels are a great way to stay connected and engaged with her fans.

Make sure to mark your calendars and stay informed about Taylor Swift’s concert dates in 2024. It’s going to be an unforgettable experience!

Frequently Asked Questions For Taylor Swift Concert Dates 2024

Is Taylor Swift Going On Tour In 2024?

No, there is no confirmed information about Taylor Swift going on tour in 2024.

Where Is Taylor Swift Playing At In 2024?

Taylor Swift will be performing on her Eras Tour in various locations in 2024. Specific dates and venues have not been announced yet. Stay tuned for updates on Taylor Swift’s website and ticketing platforms like Ticketmaster for more information.

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How To Get Taylor Swift 2024 Tickets?

To get Taylor Swift 2024 tickets, visit reliable ticket-selling websites like StubHub or Ticketmaster. Search for Taylor Swift’s tour dates and select the city and date you want to attend. Follow the easy and secure booking process to confirm your booking and receive your tickets.

What Are The Dates Of The Eras Tour 2024?

The dates for the ERAS Tour 2024 have not been announced yet. Please stay tuned for updates.


Don’t miss out on the incredible Taylor Swift Concert Dates for 2024! Experience the magic as Taylor takes the stage and performs her hit songs from different eras. With additional tour stops added, you have even more opportunities to witness her captivating performances live.

Get your tickets now and secure your spot for a night you won’t forget. Visit the official Taylor Swift website for more information and to book your tickets today.

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