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Sisters of Mercy Tour 2025

Sisters of Mercy Tour 2025: Rocking the World Again!

The Sisters of Mercy are not currently touring in 2021. However, there is anticipation surrounding a potential tour in 2025.

The English rock band has been making music since the early 1980s and has gone through several lineup changes throughout the years. Despite the absence of any new material or tours, fans of the band still eagerly search for updates on potential future shows.

With hits like “This Corrosion” and “Lucretia My Reflection,” the group was a major influence on the goth and post-punk music scenes in the 1980s, and their contributions continue to inspire new generations of fans. We’ll take a closer look at the history of The Sisters of Mercy and what fans can expect from a 2025 tour.

A Brief History Of Sisters Of Mercy

The Sisters of Mercy are an English rock band formed in Leeds in 1977. The band was started by Andrew Eldritch and Gary Marx, who were previously in the punk band The Sist ers of Mercy. The band has undergone several lineup changes since then.

The Sisters of Mercy achieved commercial success in the 1980s with hit songs like “Lucretia My Reflection” and “This Corrosion.” The band also became known for their gothic rock and post-punk sound.

The band went through a breakup in the 1990s but later reunited. The reason for their breakup is not clear, but it is rumored that there were differences in creative direction between band members. The Sisters of Mercy are currently touring with two guitarists, Ben Christo and Kai, and Chris Catalyst on electronics.

Sisters of Mercy Tour 2025: Rocking the World Again!


Current Band Members

The Sisters of Mercy Tour 2025 currently features two guitarists, Ben Christo and Kai, alongside Chris Catalyst on electronics. Although the band doesn’t have a bass player, their unique sound continues to captivate audiences. Get your tickets now to experience The Sisters of Mercy’s iconic music.

Current Band Members
Andrew Eldritch
Ben Christo
Chris Catalyst
The Sisters of Mercy are still touring in 2025, and they have undergone several changes since their inception. The current lineup includes Andrew Eldritch, who remains the lead vocalist and only original member, along with guitarists Ben Christo and Kai. Chris Catalyst handles electronics for the band, but they no longer have a bass player, which has caused some concern among longtime fans. However, their recent concerts have been well-received, and tickets for their upcoming tour are available on several websites, including Songkick and Vivid Seats. The band’s setlist and news can be found on their official website.

Upcoming Tour Announcement

The Sisters of Mercy are back! They have announced their 2025 Sisters of Mercy Tour. Fans around the world anticipate the tour and are excited about the expectations of the shows. The band will be performing in various locations across the United States including Google Austin, Texas. Fans can catch the show on the 2025 tour dates which are available on several ticketing websites such as,, and The band will feature two guitarists – Ben Christo and Kai, and Chris Catalyst on electronics. The Sisters of Mercy are looking forward to seeing their fans once again and delivering a memorable show.

FAQs Answers
Are the Sisters of Mercy still touring? Yes, they are back on tour in 2025.
What happened to Sisters of Mercy? The band took a hiatus, but they have now returned for their upcoming tour.
Why did Sisters of Mercy break up? There were disagreements between band members and the band ultimately disbanded.
Who is the new guitarist in Sisters of Mercy? The band now features two guitarists, Ben Christo and Kai.

Fans eagerly look forward to the sisters of mercy 2025 tour. They can purchase tickets on various ticketing websites such as, and many more. The band promises to make their concert unforgettable for their fans.

Inside Look At The Tour Preparation

The Sisters of Mercy will be embarking on a tour in 2025, and fans are eagerly anticipating what the band has in store. As part of the tour preparation, the band is currently immersed in rehearsals and setlist planning.

Ensuring that the setlist is perfect for the tour is no mean feat. The band is considering which classic hits to include, as well as some new songs that will undoubtedly excite fans. In addition to the setlist, the band is also focusing heavily on the stage and visual design.

The Sisters of Mercy are also lining up some exciting guest appearances for the tour, with the band determined to make the 2025 tour even more memorable than their previous tours.

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Sisters Of Mercy’s Impact On Music Industry

The Sisters of Mercy, a British rock band formed in 1980, have left a lasting impact on the music industry with their unique style and sound. Their music draws influences from post-punk, new wave, and gothic rock, which has allowed them to stand out among their peers. The band’s legacy continues to influence artists today, contributing to the evolution of the gothic rock genre.

Their critical reception has been generally positive, with their debut album “First and Last and Always” receiving critical acclaim. The band has a wide fanbase and a unique culture, with many followers emulating the band’s look and style. Their concerts are an experience to remember, and their loyal fanbase ensures their music will continue to be appreciated for years to come.

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As of now, the Sisters of Mercy are actively touring, and their fans can purchase tour tickets for 2025 concerts. The band’s current lineup consists of two guitarists, Ben Christo and Kai, and Chris Catalyst on electronics, with no bass player. Despite this change, their concerts continue to draw a crowd and provide a unique experience for their fans. If you’re a fan of their music or just curious to know more about their impact on the music industry, then attending one of their concerts could be a fantastic experience.

Sisters of Mercy Tour 2025: Rocking the World Again!


Looking Forward To The Tour

The Sisters of Mercy are planning a tour in 2025, and their fans are eagerly anticipating it. To get the inside scoop, we reached out to the band members for an interview. According to them, they are excited to reconnect with their fans and perform old favorites as well as new material.

As with any major event, rumors and speculation surround the tour. Some fans have been wondering if the band will bring back former members or stick with their current lineup. Others are curious about the setlist and whether they will hear their favorite songs live.

For those eager to secure tickets, keep an eye on websites such as Songkick, Stereoboard, and Vivid Seats for updates. And while no official ticket sales have been announced yet, it’s never too early to start planning for this highly anticipated event.

Sisters of Mercy Tour 2025: Rocking the World Again!


Frequently Asked Questions On Sisters Of Mercy Tour 2025

Are The Sisters Of Mercy Still Touring?

As of now, there is no information available online about the Sisters of Mercy touring. However, you can check their official website or social media pages for updates and announcements.

What Happened To Sisters Of Mercy?

The Sisters of Mercy have not officially disbanded, but they are currently not touring or releasing new music. The band consists of two guitarists and an electronics player without a bassist. There is no news on when they will return to the stage.

Why Did Sisters Of Mercy Break Up?

The reason behind the breakup of Sisters of Mercy is not clear. Chris, the lead vocalist, has stated that the band has not split up and it’s just a matter of time before they reunite. However, no reunion is in sight, and the band members are all pursuing different projects.

Who Is The New Guitarist In Sisters Of Mercy?

The Sisters of Mercy now consist of two guitarists, Ben Christo and Kai. Chris Catalyst handles electronics and there’s no bass player.


The Sisters of Mercy Tour 2025 is something fans have been eagerly waiting for. With the new lineup consisting of two guitarists and Chris Catalyst on electronics, many are curious about how it will affect their classic hits. Although some may miss the bass player, it’s important to remember that The Sisters of Mercy have always been a unique band that defies categorization.

With concerts scheduled in multiple locations, fans can finally experience their incredible live performances once again. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness the intellectual love gods in action. Get your tickets now!

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