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Savannah Tour of Homes And Gardens 2024: Explore Savannah’s Finest

The Savannah Tour of Homes and Gardens 2024 offers a unique opportunity to explore some of the finest historic homes and gardens in Savannah.

Savannah Tour of Homes And Gardens 2024: Explore Savannah's Finest


Savannah Tour of Homes And Gardens 2024: Explore Savannah's Finest


Frequently Asked Questions On Savannah Tour Of Homes And Gardens 2024

How Long Is The Hop On Hop Off Tour Of Savannah?

The Hop on Hop off tour of Savannah typically lasts for 3 hours.

How To Tour The Savannah Historic District?

Explore the Savannah Historic District with these guided tours: Savannah History and Haunts Candlelit Ghost Walking Tour, Savannah Hop-On Hop-Off Trolley Tour, Historic Savannah Guided Walking Tour, Sixth Sense Savannah Ghost Tour, and Narrated Historic Savannah Sightseeing Trolley Tour.

How Long Is The Savannah Walking Tour?

The Savannah walking tour is 3 hours long. Explore the historic district, learn about Savannah’s architecture and gardens, and visit some of the city’s finest homes.

What Is The Oldest Mansion In Savannah Ga?

The oldest mansion in Savannah, GA is the Herb House. It is a historic mansion and is known for its beautiful gardens.


Get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty and history of Savannah with the Tour of Homes and Gardens in 2024. This remarkable event allows you to explore some of Savannah’s most stunning homes and meticulously curated gardens. As you wander through the cobbled streets and past historic buildings, you’ll be transported back in time.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the charm and elegance of Savannah’s architecture and garden culture. Join us for an unforgettable journey through the city’s hidden gems.

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