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Run the Jewels Tour 2024: Unleash the Power

Run the Jewels Tour 2024 has not been announced yet, but they have been known to tour frequently and perform both solo shows and alongside other big artists like Rage Against the Machine. Keep an eye out for updates on their upcoming tour dates.

Run the Jewels Tour 2024: Unleash the Power


The History Of Run The Jewels

Run the Jewels is an American hip hop duo formed by rapper and producer El-P and rapper Killer Mike. The duo, also known as RTJ, has gained significant success and critical acclaim since its formation. They met when Killer Mike was featured on El-P’s 2012 album “Cancer 4 Cure.” This collaboration led to the formation of Run the Jewels, and they released their self-titled debut album in 2013.

From the beginning, Run the Jewels received positive reviews for their unique sound and powerful lyrics. Their second album, “Run the Jewels 2,” was released in 2014 and solidified their status as one of the most exciting acts in hip hop. The duo continued to release acclaimed albums, with “Run the Jewels 3” in 2016 and “Run the Jewels 4” in 2020.

Over the years, Run the Jewels has toured extensively, thrilling audiences with their energetic live performances. They have been recognized for their captivating stage presence and the tight bond between El-P and Killer Mike. Their tours have included solo shows as well as collaborations with other renowned artists, such as Rage Against the Machine. Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, fans eagerly await the next Run the Jewels tour in 2024 to experience their electrifying live shows once again.

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Run the Jewels Tour 2024: Unleash the Power


Run The Jewels’ Discography

Run the Jewels Tour 2024

Run the Jewels, also known as RTJ, is an American hip hop duo formed by rapper and producer El-P from Brooklyn, and rapper Killer Mike from Atlanta. They have released several albums and EPs throughout their career. Notable albums include “Run the Jewels”, “Run the Jewels 2”, “Run the Jewels 3”, and their most recent album “RTJ4”. They have also collaborated with various artists, including Zack de la Rocha, DJ Premier, and Boots.

  • “Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck)” featuring Zack de la Rocha
  • “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry”
  • “Legend Has It”
  • “Walking in the Snow”
  • “JU$T” featuring Pharrell Williams and Zack de la Rocha

Previous Tours And Performances

Highlights of Past Tours:

  • Run the Jewels has been known for their energetic and electrifying performances.
  • They have toured extensively across the United States, Europe, and other parts of the world.
  • Their shows are characterized by high-octane performances, intense crowd engagement, and powerful stage presence.
  • The duo has performed at major music festivals such as Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza, cementing their status as one of the most sought-after live acts in the hip hop industry.

Collaborations with Other Artists:

  • Throughout their career, Run the Jewels has collaborated with a diverse range of artists, including Pharrell Williams, Travis Barker, and Zack de la Rocha.
  • These collaborations have resulted in critically acclaimed and commercially successful tracks that have further solidified their reputation as trailblazers in the music industry.
  • Their ability to seamlessly blend their unique styles with other artists’ contributions has made their collaborations stand out and resonate with a wide audience.
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Run the Jewels’ previous tours and performances have consistently showcased their explosive energy and captivating stage presence. With a history of headlining major festivals and collaborating with renowned artists, their live shows are not to be missed.

Run the Jewels Tour 2024: Unleash the Power


The 2024 Tour: Unleashing The Power

Experience the electrifying power of Run the Jewels on The 2024 Tour. Don’t miss out on the chance to witness this hip-hop duo’s explosive live performances. Secure your tickets now and get ready to be blown away.

Run the Jewels Tour 2024

Announcement And Expectations

Are you ready for the most explosive hip hop tour of 2024? Run the Jewels is back and ready to take the stage by storm. After a brief hiatus, the dynamic duo of El-P and Killer Mike are set to embark on a worldwide tour, delivering their signature blend of hard-hitting beats and thought-provoking lyrics.

The tour dates and locations have finally been announced, and fans all over the world can rejoice. From Austin, Texas, to Europe, Run the Jewels is bringing their high-energy performances to cities near you. Get ready to experience the power of their live shows as they perform hits from their latest album, RTJ4, as well as classics from their previous releases.

Unfortunately, due to a previous injury, the Rage Against the Machine/Run the Jewels tour was cancelled. But fear not, because Run the Jewels is now ready to make up for lost time and give their fans the show they’ve been waiting for. Secure your tickets now and get ready to witness the explosive energy and raw talent of Run the Jewels live in concert.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Run The Jewels Tour 2024

Is Run The Jewels Still Touring?

No, Run the Jewels is currently not touring.

Why Was Run The Jewels Tour Cancelled?

The Run the Jewels tour was cancelled due to an injury to Zack de la Rocha, a member of Rage Against the Machine.

Who Is The Lead Singer Of Run The Jewels?

The lead singer of Run the Jewels is Killer Mike, an Atlanta-based rapper.

How Did Run The Jewels Meet?

Run the Jewels met in 2011 in a studio in Brooklyn, New York.


As Run the Jewels continues to captivate audiences with their electrifying performances, it’s no surprise that fans eagerly await their tour in 2024. With a dedicated fan base and their unique blend of rap and hip hop, Run the Jewels is set to deliver unforgettable live shows.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness their explosive energy on stage as they bring their music to life. Stay tuned for tour dates and be ready to secure your tickets to experience the magic of Run the Jewels in person.

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