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Rodeo 2024 Lineup: Exciting Performers and Surprises Await!

The Rodeo 2024 lineup includes Brooks & Dunn, Lauren Daigle, The Chainsmokers, Parker McCollum, Jon Pardi, Cody Johnson, Chris Stapleton, Luke Bryan, Maren Morris, Keith Urban, and Sam Hunt. This exciting lineup is set to perform at the Rodeo in Austin, Texas.

The annual event showcases a variety of musical acts and brings together rodeo enthusiasts from all over the country. From country music legends to contemporary pop stars, Rodeo 2024 promises to offer an unforgettable experience for attendees. Get ready to saddle up and enjoy the finest entertainment in the heart of Texas.

1. Brooks & Dunn

Brooks & Dunn, the popular country duo known for their classic hits and energetic performances, will be headlining the Rodeo 2024 lineup. With numerous chart-topping songs and a high-energy stage presence, Brooks & Dunn are sure to delight fans with their signature sound.

The duo, consisting of Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn, rose to fame in the 1990s and has since become one of the most successful acts in country music history. Their blend of traditional country sound with modern production elements has earned them a dedicated fan base and numerous awards.

From iconic hits like “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” and “Neon Moon” to newer songs such as “Red Dirt Road” and “Only in America,” Brooks & Dunn have a catalog of songs that appeal to both longtime fans and new listeners alike.

Whether you’re a country music enthusiast or simply enjoy a lively performance, Brooks & Dunn’s presence in the Rodeo 2024 lineup is guaranteed to make it an event to remember.

2. Lauren Daigle

Rodeo 2024 Lineup features a diverse range of talented artists across various music genres. One of the highly anticipated performers is Lauren Daigle, an award-winning Christian music artist known for her powerful vocals and inspirational songs.

Daigle has made a significant impact in the Christian music scene with her soulful voice and honest lyrics. Her music resonates with listeners and has earned her numerous accolades, including Grammy Awards and Billboard Music Awards.

During the Rodeo 2024, fans can expect to hear Daigle perform her chart-topping hits, such as “You Say” and “Rescue.” Her uplifting and faith-filled songs will undoubtedly create a memorable experience for concert-goers.

Whether you are a fan of Christian music or simply appreciative of talented artists, Lauren Daigle’s performance at Rodeo 2024 is not to be missed. Get ready to be captivated by her incredible talent and inspiring melodies.

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3. The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are set to headline the Rodeo 2024 lineup, along with other incredible artists such as Brooks & Dunn, Lauren Daigle, and Cody Johnson. Get ready for an unforgettable musical experience in Austin, Texas.

The Chainsmokers
Get ready to dance the night away with the chart-topping DJ duo, The Chainsmokers. Known for their high-energy electronic and pop music, The Chainsmokers have taken the music world by storm with hits like “Closer” and “Don’t Let Me Down”. With their infectious beats and memorable hooks, they are sure to put on an unforgettable show at Rodeo 2024.
Rodeo 2024 Lineup: Exciting Performers and Surprises Await!


A. Parker Mccollum

The Rodeo 2024 lineup is sure to impress country music fans with its diverse range of talented performers. One rising star to watch out for is Parker McCollum, known for his unique blend of traditional and modern sounds. With his undeniable talent and captivating performances, McCollum has quickly gained recognition in the country music industry.

B. Jon Pardi

The Rodeo 2024 lineup will feature a diverse range of artists, including traditional country singer Jon Pardi. Pardi has gained popularity with hits such as “Dirt on My Boots” and “Heartache Medication.” His music embodies the essence of traditional country, with twangy guitars and heartfelt lyrics. Pardi’s energetic performances and soulful voice have captivated audiences across the country. Fans can expect an unforgettable show filled with catchy tunes and authentic country vibes. Whether you’re a die-hard country fan or simply appreciate good music, Jon Pardi’s performance at Rodeo 2024 is not to be missed.

C. Cody Johnson

The Rodeo 2024 lineup is set to showcase a diverse range of talented artists, and one name that country music fans are particularly excited about is Cody Johnson. Hailing from Texas, Johnson has gained a reputation for his authentic lyrics and captivating performances. His powerful voice and down-to-earth personality have endeared him to audiences around the world. With hits such as “On My Way to You” and “Nothin’ on You,” Johnson has solidified his place in the country music scene. Whether he’s crooning a heartfelt ballad or getting the crowd to their feet with an energetic anthem, Johnson knows how to put on a show that leaves a lasting impression. Fans can’t wait to see him take the stage at the Rodeo 2024 and experience his electrifying performance firsthand.

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D. Chris Stapleton

The Rodeo 2024 lineup is set to showcase some of the biggest names in country music. One of the highlights of the event will be Chris Stapleton, a Grammy-winning country artist known for his soulful vocals and heartfelt songwriting. Stapleton has captivated audiences with his powerful performances and honest lyrics, making him a favorite among country music fans. With hits like “Tennessee Whiskey” and “Broken Halos,” Stapleton has solidified his place in the industry and continues to impress with his talent. Fans can expect an unforgettable experience as Stapleton takes the stage at Rodeo 2024.

E. Luke Bryan

Rodeo 2024 Lineup is set to take the stage, and one of the headliners is Luke Bryan. Known for his energetic live shows and catchy hits, Luke Bryan is a country superstar and a crowd favorite. With his unique blend of country and pop influences, Bryan has achieved massive success in the music industry. Fans can expect an unforgettable experience as Bryan delivers his chart-topping songs, including favorites like “Country Girl (Shake It for Me)” and “Play It Again”. His dynamic stage presence and ability to engage the audience make every Luke Bryan concert a must-see event. Get ready to sing along and dance the night away at Rodeo 2024 with Luke Bryan.

F. Maren Morris

“F. Maren Morris” is one of the talented artists included in the lineup for the Rodeo 2024. Get ready to experience her captivating performance in Austin, Texas, alongside other incredible musicians like Brooks & Dunn, Lauren Daigle, and Luke Bryan.

Maren Morris

Chart-topping country and pop crossover artist, Maren Morris, is known for her empowering lyrics and unique sound.

G. Keith Urban

Rodeo 2024 Lineup is set to feature an incredible lineup of artists, including the talented Australian country singer-songwriter, Keith Urban. Known for his electric guitar skills and dynamic stage presence, Urban is sure to bring an unforgettable performance to the rodeo.

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H. Sam Hunt

H. Sam Hunt is among the exciting lineup of artists performing at the Rodeo 2024. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience his incredible live performance in Austin, Texas.

Sam Hunt is a country-pop sensation known for his hits like “Body Like a Back Road” and “Take Your Time.” His unique blend of country and pop has gained him a massive following and made him a highly sought-after artist. Fans can expect an electrifying performance from Sam Hunt at the Rodeo 2024 lineup. His infectious energy and captivating stage presence are sure to make for an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just discovering his music, Sam Hunt’s performance at the Rodeo 2024 is not to be missed. Get ready to sing along to all your favorite songs and witness the talent of this incredible artist.

Frequently Asked Questions For Rodeo 2024 Lineup

What Are The Dates For Rodeohouston 2024?

The dates for RodeoHouston 2024 are yet to be announced. Please stay tuned for updates on the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo website.

Who Is The Entertainment For The Houston Rodeo 2023?

The entertainment for the Houston Rodeo 2023 includes Brooks & Dunn, Lauren Daigle, The Chainsmokers, Parker McCollum, Jon Pardi, Cody Johnson, Chris Stapleton, Luke Bryan, Maren Morris, Keith Urban, and Sam Hunt.

Where Is The Houston Rodeo 2024?

The Houston Rodeo 2024 will be held in Austin, Texas, United States at the NRG Park.

What Is The Schedule For The Houston Rodeo?

The Houston Rodeo schedule includes performances by artists like Brooks & Dunn, Lauren Daigle, The Chainsmokers, and more. Check the official website for specific dates and times. Rodeohouston. com has all the details.


The Rodeo 2024 lineup is set to be an unforgettable experience for music and rodeo enthusiasts alike. With a star-studded roster including Brooks & Dunn, Lauren Daigle, The Chainsmokers, Parker McCollum, Jon Pardi, and Cody Johnson, among others, attendees can expect nothing short of exceptional performances.

Whether you’re a fan of country, rock, or pop, this lineup offers something for everyone. So mark your calendars and get ready to saddle up for an incredible time at the Rodeo 2024.

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