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Rbd Tour 2025 Dates And Locations

RBD Tour 2025: Discover Dates and Locations Now!

The RBD tour 2025 dates and locations have been announced and will kick off at the Sun Bowl Stadium in El Paso, Texas on March 12th, 2025. The tour will then continue to cities such as Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Los Angeles, and Miami, among others.

RBD is a popular Latin pop group that formed in 2004 and consisted of members Anahí, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Alfonso Herrera, Christian Chávez, and Christopher von Uckermann. The group gained worldwide success with their album “Rebelde” and their self-titled TV series.

The announcement of the tour has generated excitement among fans who have been eagerly waiting for a reunion. Tickets for the tour will be available for purchase on various platforms.

RBD Tour 2025: Discover Dates and Locations Now!


Rbd Tour Dates And Locations

RBD has announced their ‘Soy Rebelde’ world tour dates and locations for 2025. The tour will begin in El Paso, Texas and continue to stadiums in Dallas and Austin among other cities. Don’t miss the chance to see this legendary group live!

Date Location
TBD Austin, Texas, United States
TBD Dallas, Texas, United States
TBD Other Major US Cities
TBD Worldwide
RBD is set to kick off their tour at the Sun Bowl Stadium in El Paso, Texas, and will continue to stadiums in Dallas and Austin. The tour will include major US cities and worldwide locations. It remains to be seen if Alfonso Herrera will join the reunion tour, as he has remained focused on his acting career. Ticket prices for the tour have not been announced yet.
RBD Tour 2025: Discover Dates and Locations Now!


Original Group Members And Guests

The iconic RBD band is set to embark on their ‘Soy Rebelde’ World Tour in 2025, with dates already announced for locations such as El Paso, Texas, Dallas, and Austin. Fans of the original group members and guests can expect to enjoy a night filled with nostalgia and classic RBD hits.

Location Date Price
Austin, Texas June 5, 2025 $75-$250
Dallas, Texas June 8, 2025 $70-$200
El Paso, Texas June 11, 2025 $60-$180
Los Angeles, California June 15, 2025 $80-$300
Five of the original group members of RBD will be performing on the upcoming ‘Soy Rebelde’ tour in 2025. However, Alfonso Herrera won’t be joining the band due to his acting career. Fans can still expect possible guest appearances during the tour. The tour will begin on June 5, 2025, in Austin, Texas, and will continue to Dallas, El Paso, and Los Angeles. Ticket prices for the tour will range from $60-$300, depending on the location. Don’t miss out on the chance to relive your childhood and teenage years filled with Rebelde’s music. Get your tickets now!

Ticket Information

The Rbd Tour 2025 Dates and Locations have been revealed with a Soy Rebelde World Tour. Starting at Sun Bowl stadium in El Paso, Texas, the tour will continue to stadiums in Dallas. Get your tickets from Bandsintown and Vivid Seats.

Ticket Information
Ticket Prices and Availability
Rebelde fans, get ready for the exciting RBD Tour 2025! Ticket sales have started and tickets are selling fast. For your convenience, here is the ticket information for this upcoming tour. The prices and availability of the tickets may vary according to the show location. Some VIP packages and meet-and-greet opportunities might also be available for purchase, providing fans a unique experience. It is advised to check the ticket availability as soon as possible, as the tickets for this highly anticipated tour are expected to sell out fast. So hurry up, grab your tickets and get ready to have a blast!

What To Expect At The Concert

Catch RBD on their highly anticipated ‘Soy Rebelde’ world tour in 2025, hitting major stadiums in Dallas, El Paso, and Austin. Expect an unforgettable night filled with all the classic hits that made them one of the most successful Latin pop groups of all time.

Length of the Concert An RBD concert is usually more than two hours long and filled with non-stop entertainment, including some of their biggest hits from the past. Fans can expect to dance, sing, and reminisce on their childhood and teenage years throughout the show.
Songs on the Setlist RBD’s setlist will most likely include their popular tracks like “Rebelde”, “Solo Quédate en Silencio” and “Sálvame”. However, the group may surprise their fans with some new songs as well.
Special Effects and Production RBD always puts on an amazing show with stunning visual effects, impressive stage production, and top-notch audio quality. The group always finds a way to make their concerts unforgettable and this tour is no exception.
Fan Reactions and Memories The energy at an RBD concert is off the charts, and fans will be singing and dancing throughout the entire show. For many fans, this will be a chance to relive some of their favorite memories from their youth, making the concert even more special.
Get ready for an unforgettable experience at the RBD Tour in 2025. From the length of the concert to the special effects and production and fan reactions and memories, the tour promises to be a hit with RBD fans. While we can’t be certain which songs will be on the setlist, we know that it will be filled with some of their biggest hits. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to see RBD live in concert!

The Impact Of Rbd

RBD, a Mexican pop group formed in 2004, has become a global sensation with a loyal fanbase that spans many countries and continents. The group’s music and television series, Rebelde, have had a significant impact on the world of Latin pop culture.

The Global Popularity Of Rbd

RBD’s popularity has taken them on tours around the world, including North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Their music has been described as a blend of pop, rock, and Latin influences, resonating with fans from various backgrounds. Their impact is also reflected in their album sales, streaming figures and social media following.

The Influence On Latin Pop Music

RBD has undoubtedly influenced the world of Latin pop music by being one of the most successful and popular Latin pop groups of all time. Their signature sound and passionate lyrics have inspired many artists, and they paved the way for other groups to follow in their footsteps. Their impact on the genre is still felt today, as their music is still enjoyed by many fans across the globe.

The Legacy Of Rebelde The Tv Show

Rebelde, a popular Mexican telenovela, shared the same name as RBD’s first album and introduced many fans to RBD’s music. The show became a sensation among young audiences, and its success contributed to the band’s global popularity. Even today, the show continues to be adored by its fans.

The Ongoing Support And Loyalty Of Fans

RBD’s dedicated fans have been instrumental in their ongoing success. They have shown their love and admiration for the group by attending concerts, buying albums, and interacting with them on social media. RBD’s fan community is still active and continues to support the band even after all these years.

RBD Tour 2025: Discover Dates and Locations Now!


Frequently Asked Questions On Rbd Tour 2025 Dates And Locations

Is This Rebeldes Last Tour?

No information was found to confirm if this is the last tour for Rebeldes. However, their current tour, Soy Rebelde Tour, will continue on until all scheduled dates have been completed.

How Long Does An Rbd Concert Last?

An RBD concert usually lasts for over two hours. During the concert, original six group members Anahí, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Christian Chávez, and Christopher von Uckermann perform their major hits. The length of the concert may vary slightly depending on the location and event.

Is Alfonso Herrera Going To Be In The Rbd Tour?

No, Alfonso Herrera will not be in the RBD tour. He previously stated that he is focused on his acting career.

How Much Would Rbd Tickets Be?

The price of RBD tickets varies depending on the tour dates and venues. You can check for the latest RBD tour dates and ticket prices on websites such as Songkick, Vivid Seats, and Bandsintown.


The much-awaited RBD tour is finally happening after so many years! Fans can now mark their calendars as the tour is set to kick off in El Paso, Texas and will continue to other cities in the United States. It’s a great opportunity to see the iconic group perform their major hits once again.

Make sure to book your tickets early and get ready to reminisce on your Rebelde-filled childhood and teenage years!

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