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Participation Lineup for 2024 Bonnaroo: Unforgettable Artists Await!

The participation lineup for the 2024 Bonnaroo music festival includes Kendrick Lamar, Foo Fighters, ODESZA, My Morning Jacket, Liquid Stranger, Zeds Dead, Tame Impala, Vampire Weekend, Lizzo, Lana Del Rey, Flume, and Leon Bridges. Don’t miss out on this incredible lineup of artists performing in Manchester, Tennessee in June.

Participation Lineup for 2024 Bonnaroo: Unforgettable Artists Await!


1. Kendrick Lamar: A Soulful And Powerful Performance

The participation lineup for the 2024 Bonnaroo music festival is highly anticipated by music enthusiasts around the world. One of the most exciting performers scheduled for the event is Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick Lamar’s rise to fame and his impact on the music industry cannot be overstated. Known for his soulful and powerful performances, Lamar has delivered memorable hits and collaborations throughout his career. Fans can expect an incredible performance from him at Bonnaroo 2024, where he will showcase his exceptional talent and stage presence. Kendrick Lamar’s inclusion in the lineup promises a captivating and unforgettable experience for all attendees.

2. Foo Fighters: Rocking The Stage With Legendary Energy

The Foo Fighters are renowned for their iconic status and their significant impact on rock music. Their energetic live performances and crowd interactions make them a must-see act. With a string of best live performances under their belt, including memorable shows at Wembley Stadium and Glastonbury, there is no doubt that their electrifying show at Bonnaroo 2024 will be no exception. Fans can expect a high-energy performance filled with their greatest hits, intense guitar solos, and Dave Grohl’s powerful vocals. The Foo Fighters’ ability to connect with the crowd and create an electric atmosphere is what sets them apart from other rock bands. They have mastered the art of captivating audiences with their passion and enthusiasm. Bonnaroo attendees are in for an unforgettable experience when the Foo Fighters take the stage.

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3. Odesza: A Transcendent Electronic Experience

The participation lineup for the 2024 Bonnaroo music festival is highly anticipated, and one of the acts that attendees should be excited about is ODESZA. Known for their transcendent electronic music, ODESZA delivers a unique blend of live instrumentation and electronic beats that create an immersive experience for their audience. Their performances are innovative and visually spectacular, captivating the crowd with their mesmerizing stage setup and stunning lighting effects. At Bonnaroo 2024, ODESZA is set to take the stage and provide an unforgettable experience for festival-goers, transporting them to a different realm with their immersive soundscapes. Be prepared to be amazed by the transcendental journey that ODESZA will bring to Bonnaroo.

Frequently Asked Questions On Participation Lineup For 2024 Bonnaroo

Will There Be A Bonnaroo 2024?

Yes, there will be a Bonnaroo 2024. Keep an eye out for the lineup and ticket information. Don’t miss your chance to attend this famous music festival in Manchester, Tennessee.

What Are The Dates For Bonnaroo 2024?

The dates for Bonnaroo 2024 have not been announced yet. Please stay tuned for updates.

How Many People At Bonnaroo 2023?

The exact number of people expected at Bonnaroo 2023 is not currently available.

Where Will Electric Forest Be In 2024?

Electric Forest will be held at the legendary Sherwood Forest on the Double JJ Ranch in Michigan.


With an incredible lineup featuring a diverse range of artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Foo Fighters, Lana Del Rey, and many more, the 2024 Bonnaroo Music Festival promises to be a must-attend event for music lovers. Set in the picturesque Manchester, Tennessee, this festival offers an unforgettable experience filled with great music, vibrant energy, and a sense of community.

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary celebration of music and arts. Get your tickets now and prepare for an unforgettable weekend at Bonnaroo 2024.

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