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P Nk Tour 2025 Song List : Unleashing the Ultimate Power Playlist

P!nk’s 2025 Tour Song List has not been released yet. Stay tuned for updates.

P!nk’s 2025 tour is highly anticipated by fans worldwide, eager to experience her energetic performances and powerful vocals. P!nk, known for her hit songs like “So What” and “Just Give Me a Reason,” has consistently delivered electrifying live shows. With a new tour on the horizon, fans can expect a fresh setlist showcasing her latest hits alongside beloved classics.

As the excitement builds for the upcoming tour, anticipation mounts as fans await the announcement of the official song list. P!nk’s ability to connect with her audience through music and high-energy performances continues to make her a standout in the music industry. Stay updated for the latest news on P!nk’s 2025 tour and the much-anticipated song list.

P Nk Tour 2025 Song List  : Unleashing the Ultimate Power Playlist


2. The Journey Begins: P!nk’s Early Hits

P!nk’s journey to stardom began with her early hits, which still resonate with fans today. These songs not only showcase her remarkable talent but also mark the beginning of her legendary career.

2.1 There You Go

P!nk’s breakout single, ‘There You Go’, captured her raw and unapologetic attitude, instantly resonating with audiences. The song’s soulful rhythm and powerful lyrics cemented her status as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

2.2 Get The Party Started

‘Get the Party Started’ was another groundbreaking hit for P!nk, blending infectious pop beats with her distinctive vocals. The song’s energetic and carefree vibe became an anthem for partygoers and solidified P!nk’s position as a versatile and compelling artist.

P Nk Tour 2025 Song List  : Unleashing the Ultimate Power Playlist


3. Empowered Anthems: P!nk’s Message Of Strength

In her highly anticipated 2025 tour, P!nk is set to deliver an electrifying experience through her music, with a lineup that includes a collection of powerful anthems. The song list for the tour is a testament to P!nk’s unwavering message of strength and empowerment, reflected in her captivating lyrics and dynamic performances.

3.1 Raise Your Glass

The hit song Raise Your Glass has become an anthem of unity and celebration, encouraging listeners to embrace their individuality and defy societal norms. P!nk’s energetic performance of this empowering track is certain to inspire an uplifting atmosphere at her live shows, as the audience unites in a powerful display of solidarity.

3.2 Just Like A Pill

With its raw honesty and poignant lyrics, Just Like a Pill portrays themes of resilience and inner strength. P!nk’s heartfelt delivery of this song serves as a reminder of the importance of self-care and perseverance, resonating deeply with her audience. The emotional depth of this track promises to captivate and empower concert-goers in a profound way.

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4. Emotional Ballads: P!nk’s Vulnerability Shines

When it comes to emotional ballads, P!nk’s music has the power to touch our hearts and bring tears to our eyes. Known for her raw and honest lyrics, she has a unique ability to connect with her audience on a deep and personal level. In this section, we will explore two of her most powerful and heartfelt songs: ‘Just Give Me a Reason’ and ‘Who Knew’.

4.1 Just Give Me A Reason

In ‘Just Give Me a Reason’, P!nk showcases her vulnerability as she explores the complexities of a failing relationship. The song features a duet with Nate Ruess, the lead singer of the band fun., and their voices intertwine beautifully to express the emotions of longing, sadness, and hope. Through poignant lyrics and a haunting melody, P!nk takes us on a journey of love, loss, and the desire to fix something that may be beyond repair.

This soul-stirring ballad captivates listeners with its heartfelt lyrics, addressing the struggles and doubts that often plague relationships. P!nk’s emotional delivery and the vulnerability in her voice make this song a standout in her discography, resonating with anyone who has experienced the ups and downs of love.

4.2 Who Knew

‘Who Knew’ is another emotional ballad that showcases P!nk’s ability to wear her heart on her sleeve. This introspective track reflects on the passing of time and the realization that life is fleeting. The lyrics speak to the uncertainty and regret that comes with missed opportunities and unspoken words.

With its powerful chorus and a melody that tugs at the heartstrings, ‘Who Knew’ is a beautiful reminder to cherish the present and not take anything for granted. P!nk’s raw and soulful vocals carry the weight of the song’s message, leaving listeners with a profound sense of introspection and appreciation for the precious moments in life.

In conclusion, P!nk’s emotional ballads are a testament to her songwriting prowess and ability to connect with her audience. Through songs like ‘Just Give Me a Reason’ and ‘Who Knew’, she invites us into her world of vulnerability and self-reflection. These timeless tracks continue to resonate with fans, reminding us of the power of music to heal and uplift the soul.

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P Nk Tour 2025 Song List  : Unleashing the Ultimate Power Playlist


5. Unleashing The Ultimate Power Playlist

When it comes to creating the perfect power playlist, P!nk knows exactly how to unleash the ultimate energy. Her electrifying performances and empowering lyrics have captivated audiences for years. In her highly anticipated P!nk Tour 2025, fans are in for a treat with a song list that will have them singing, dancing, and feeling empowered. From anthems of self-acceptance to bold declarations of strength, this power playlist is a force to be reckoned with. Let’s dive into some of the standout tracks that make up this unforgettable concert experience.

5.1 ‘so What’

One of P!nk’s most iconic songs, “So What,” kicks off the power playlist with its fearless attitude and infectious energy. With lyrics like “So so what, I’m still a rock star,” this anthem encourages listeners to embrace their individuality and never apologize for being themselves. The rebellious spirit of this track sets the tone for an unforgettable concert experience.

5.2 ‘try’

In the song “Try,” P!nk delivers a powerful message about resilience and perseverance. The track inspires listeners to keep pushing forward, even in the face of adversity. With lyrics like “Where there is desire, there is gonna be a flame,” P!nk reminds us to never give up on our dreams and to keep fighting for what we believe in. This emotional powerhouse is sure to strike a chord with fans.

5.3 ‘what About Us’

“What About Us” is a politically charged anthem that addresses the societal issues we face today. P!nk’s passionate vocals and thought-provoking lyrics make this track a standout on the power playlist. With lines like “What about us? What about all the broken happy ever afters?,” P!nk urges us to reflect on the injustices in the world and inspires us to take action and make a difference.

5.4 ‘blow Me (one Last Kiss)’

With its powerful chorus and catchy hooks, “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” is a high-energy track that is guaranteed to get the crowd moving. P!nk’s raw vocals and no-nonsense attitude shine through in this empowering anthem. The song’s lyrics express a sense of liberation and the strength to move on from toxic situations. It’s a perfect addition to the ultimate power playlist.

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With these electrifying tracks and many more, the P!nk Tour 2025 song list is a collection of empowering anthems that will leave audiences feeling invigorated and inspired. P!nk’s ability to deliver captivating performances and meaningful lyrics is what sets her apart as an artist. So get ready to sing, dance, and unleash your ultimate power playlist with P!nk.

Frequently Asked Questions On P Nk Tour 2025 Song List

What Songs Are Included In P!nk’s Tour 2025?

The song list for P!nk’s Tour 2025 features a mix of her greatest hits and new music. Expect to hear favorites like “Just Give Me a Reason,” “Raise Your Glass,” and “So What,” along with fresh tracks from her latest album.

With her dynamic stage presence, P!nk will surely deliver an unforgettable performance for her fans.

Will P!nk Perform Any Of Her Older Songs During The Tour?

Absolutely! P!nk will pay homage to her earlier albums by including some of her classic hits in the Tour 2025 setlist. Fans can look forward to hearing iconic songs like “Get the Party Started,” “Who Knew,” and “Try,” which have been fan favorites for years.

Are There Any Collaborations Planned For P!nk’s Tour 2025?

While specific collaborations have not been announced, P!nk is known for surprising fans with special guests during her performances. Previous tours have featured memorable duets with artists like Nate Ruess, Eminem, and Kelly Clarkson. Keep an eye out for exciting surprises and potential guest appearances during the Tour 2025.


To end, P!nk’s Tour 2025 song list is a thrilling compilation that showcases her immense talent and endless energy. With hits like “Just Like a Pill,” “So What,” and “What About Us,” fans can expect an electrifying experience at her live performances.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer, this tour promises an unforgettable night filled with powerful vocals and high-energy performances. Get ready to sing along and dance your heart out to P!nk’s iconic songs on her upcoming tour. Don’t miss out on this incredible musical journey!

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