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Nct Dream Tour Setlist 2024

NCT Dream Tour Setlist 2024: Dive Into You and More!

The NCT Dream Tour Setlist for 2024 includes songs such as “Bye My First…”, “Trigger the Fever”, “Quiet Down”, “Better Than Gold”, “Saturday Drip”, and “Dive Into You”. This setlist showcases a mix of energetic and mellow tracks for an engaging concert experience.

NCT Dream, one of the popular sub-units of the South Korean boy band NCT, is known for their catchy and youthful music. As they embark on their tour in 2024, fans can expect an exciting lineup of their hit songs.

From the high-energy vibes of “Trigger the Fever” to the heartfelt ballad, “Bye My First…”, NCT Dream will captivate their audience with their versatile talent. This diverse setlist is designed to cater to different tastes, ensuring an unforgettable experience for fans attending their concerts. Get ready to sing and dance along to the electrifying performances of NCT Dream in 2024!

NCT Dream Tour Setlist 2024: Dive Into You and More!


Nct Dream Tour Setlist 2024

The NCT Dream Tour Setlist for 2024 includes popular songs like “Bye My First…”, “Trigger the Fever”, “Quiet Down”, “Better Than Gold”, “Saturday Drip”, and “Dive Into You”. Fans can look forward to an exciting and diverse lineup for this year’s concert.

NCT Dream Tour Setlist 2024
Overview of the Tour Excitement filled the air as NCT Dream took the stage for their highly anticipated 2024 tour. Their energetic performances and captivating visuals left fans in awe. The tour showcased a diverse range of songs from their discography, including fan favorites and new releases.
Notable Songs in the Setlist The setlist was packed with hit after hit, including crowd-pleasers like “Bye My First,” “Trigger the Fever,” “Quiet Down,” “Better Than Gold,” “Saturday Drip,” and “Dive Into You.” Each song showcased the group’s impressive vocals and dynamic choreography, leaving fans wanting more.
Fan Reactions and Highlights The concert was a memorable experience for fans, who took to social media to share their excitement and highlights. The electrifying atmosphere, powerful stage presence, and interaction with fans created an unforgettable night. NCT Dream proved once again why they are one of the most beloved K-pop groups.
NCT Dream Tour Setlist 2024: Dive Into You and More!


Dive Into You And More

The song Dive Into You is a captivating track that showcases the unique charm of NCT Dream. With its catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics, it explores the theme of self-discovery and encourages listeners to embrace their true selves. The energetic performance and dynamic choreography make it a fan favorite during the tour.

In addition to Dive Into You, the concert setlist includes popular hits such as Bye My First, Trigger the Fever, Quiet Down, Better Than Gold, and Saturday Drip. Each song brings a different flavor to the performance, showcasing the versatility of NCT Dream’s music.

Dive Into You has received immense love and appreciation from fans and critics alike. Its relatable lyrics and powerful vocals have resonated with listeners, propelling it to the top of music charts. The song’s positive message and energetic performance during the tour have left a lasting impact on concert-goers.

NCT Dream Tour Setlist 2024: Dive Into You and More!


Frequently Asked Questions For Nct Dream Tour Setlist 2024

What Songs Did Dream Sing At His Concert?

Dream sang the following songs at his concert: “I Am Woman,” “This Is Me,” “In My Dreams,” “When I Get There,” “Krazy,” “I Believe,” and “He Loves U Not. “

Q: What Songs Did Nct Dream Perform At Their 2024 Tour?

A: The setlist for NCT Dream’s 2024 tour included songs like “Bye My First…”, “Trigger the Fever”, “Quiet Down”, “Better Than Gold”, “Saturday Drip”, and “Dive Into You”.

Q: Where Can I Find Nct Dream Concert Setlists?

A: You can find NCT Dream concert setlists on websites like Setlist. fm. They have a dedicated page for NCT Dream where you can browse through their past performances and check out the setlists.

Q: What Are Some Popular Songs In Nct Dream’s Setlist?

A: Some popular songs in NCT Dream’s setlist include “I Am Woman”, “This Is Me”, “In My Dreams”, “When I Get There”, “Krazy”, and “I Believe”. They also perform their hit song “He Loves U Not”.


NCT Dream’s 2024 tour setlist was filled with an electrifying mix of popular hits and fan-favorite songs. From “Bye My First” to “Dive Into You,” the concert was a mesmerizing experience for fans. With energizing performances and unforgettable moments, NCT Dream delivered a show that left the audience wanting more.

Relive the magic of the tour with their incredible setlist that showcased their talent and charm.

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