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Hozier Tour 2025 Song List : Unveiling the Ultimate Setlist!

Hozier’s 2025 tour song list includes a mix of his classic hits and new material. Fans can expect to hear favorites such as “Take Me to Church,” “Someone New,” and “Nina Cried Power,” as well as tracks from his latest album.

The setlist promises a dynamic and unforgettable experience for concert-goers. Hozier’s upcoming 2025 tour is highly anticipated by fans around the world. With his soulful and captivating voice, combined with poignant songwriting, Hozier continues to be a favorite in the music industry.

The tour promises to showcase a blend of powerful and emotive performances, with a perfect mix of his iconic hits and fresh tracks from his latest releases. Get ready to be taken on a musical journey that will leave a lasting impression, as Hozier delivers an unforgettable live experience for his dedicated fans.

Hozier Tour 2025 Song List  : Unveiling the Ultimate Setlist!



Hozier Tour 2025 Song List: Are you ready to experience the magic of Hozier live in concert? Hozier, the talented singer-songwriter, is hitting the road once again to serenade audiences with his soul-stirring music. As fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming tour, rumors about the potential song list for the 2025 tour are already buzzing. Let’s take a sneak peek at what could be in store for Hozier’s lucky concert-goers.

Unveiling New Hits

With Hozier constantly evolving as an artist, the 2025 tour promises to showcase a blend of familiar favorites alongside his latest creations. Fans can expect to be treated to an array of new, unreleased tracks that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

Iconic Classics

Hozier’s repertoire boasts an impressive array of timeless classics that have cemented themselves as fan favorites. From “Take Me to Church” to “Someone New,” attendees can rest assured that these iconic classics will make a captivating appearance on the tour.

Collaborative Surprises

In addition to his solo hits, Hozier has collaborated with other celebrated artists in the music industry. The 2025 tour may bring exciting surprises in the form of special guest appearances or duets, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the concert experience.

Musical Diversity

Hozier’s musical versatility knows no bounds, and concert-goers can anticipate a diverse range of musical styles throughout the tour. From haunting ballads to soulful melodies, the 2025 tour promises to be a musical journey filled with unforgettable moments.

Enigmatic Encores

As the curtain closes on each extraordinary performance, fans can hold out hope for enigmatic encores that leave a lasting impression. With Hozier’s penchant for delivering captivating live experiences, these encore performances are sure to be nothing short of spectacular.

Hozier Tour 2025 Song List  : Unveiling the Ultimate Setlist!


Hozier Tour 2025 Song List  : Unveiling the Ultimate Setlist!


Frequently Asked Questions On Hozier Tour 2025 Song List

What Songs Are Included In Hozier’s 2025 Tour?

Hozier’s 2025 tour song list features a mix of his popular hits like “Take Me to Church” and “Someone New,” along with new tracks from his latest album. Fans can also expect to hear soulful ballads and powerful anthems that showcase his unique style and powerful vocals.

Can We Expect Any Surprises In Hozier’s 2025 Tour Song List?

Yes, Hozier loves to surprise his fans during his concerts. While the exact details are kept under wraps, be prepared for special collaborations, unexpected cover songs, and maybe even some unique arrangements of his well-known hits. Hozier never fails to deliver an unforgettable experience for his audience.

Will Hozier Perform Any Unreleased Songs During The 2025 Tour?

There’s always a possibility that Hozier might introduce some unreleased songs during his tour. Fans can look forward to the excitement of hearing fresh material and being among the first to experience his newest creations. Attending a Hozier concert in 2025 promises to offer both familiar favorites and exciting surprises.


As we conclude our exploration of Hozier’s anticipated 2025 tour song list, it becomes evident that fans are in for a treat. With a combination of his chart-topping hits and new releases, Hozier ensures a mesmerizing and unforgettable live experience.

From the soulful “Take Me to Church” to the haunting melodies of “Movement,” this tour promises to captivate audiences worldwide. Get ready to be swept away by Hozier’s soul-stirring music on his 2025 tour. Hop on this musical journey and let your senses soak in the magic of Hozier’s melodies.

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