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Godsmack 2024 Tour

Godsmack 2024 Tour: Rocktober Giveaway!

Godsmack will embark on their highly anticipated 2024 Tour, featuring both acoustic and electric performances, as well as the sharing of untold stories. The band’s newest record, “Lighting Up The Sky,” serves as a finale to their discography, prompting them to focus solely on touring going forward.

Though not breaking up, Godsmack believes this is the opportune time to stop releasing albums and instead concentrate on live shows. Fans can expect an intimate and memorable experience, as the band showcases their talent and engages with their audience.

Don’t miss the chance to witness Godsmack’s powerful performances and hear the stories behind their iconic songs.

Godsmack 2024 Tour: Rocktober Giveaway!


Godsmack 2024 Tour

Godsmack, the legendary hard rock band, is embarking on their 2024 Tour. However, instead of their trademark hard rock performances, the band has decided to offer a unique experience to their fans. They will be delivering intimate evenings of acoustic/electric performances and sharing untold stories, as revealed on their Instagram. This departure from their usual style is a reflection of their desire to explore different ways of connecting with their audience.

One may wonder why Godsmack has chosen to retire from releasing albums. Frontman Sully Erna stated that their latest record, Lighting Up The Sky, would be their last. However, this does not mean that the band is disbanding. They felt that Lighting Up The Sky was a fitting conclusion to their album releases and have decided to focus solely on touring from now on.

As for the details of their upcoming tour, the dates and venues have been announced. Fans can catch Godsmack at The Joint, Hard Rock & Casino Tulsa in Catoosa, followed by a performance at WinStar World Casino & Resort in Thackerville. Additional tour dates may be added, so fans should keep an eye out for updates.

Date Venue
The Joint, Hard Rock & Casino Tulsa Catoosa
WinStar World Casino & Resort Thackerville

Godsmack’s decision to retire from album releases and embark on a unique tour showcases their evolution as artists and their commitment to delivering memorable performances to their fans. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience!

Godsmack 2024 Tour: Rocktober Giveaway!


Rocktober Giveaway

The Rocktober Giveaway is an exciting opportunity for fans of the band Godsmack. In this giveaway, fans have the chance to win exclusive prizes related to the band’s upcoming 2024 tour. The prizes could include meet and greet passes, VIP concert tickets, signed merchandise, and more.

To enter the Rocktober Giveaway, fans must follow the specified rules. These rules may include actions such as following the band on social media, sharing a specific post, or signing up for a newsletter. The exact details of the giveaway and how to enter will be announced on the band’s official website and social media channels.

Participating in the Rocktober Giveaway not only gives fans a chance to win incredible prizes, but it also allows them to connect with the band and show their support. It’s an exciting opportunity for fans to engage with Godsmack and potentially receive exclusive experiences and memorabilia.

Godsmack 2024 Tour: Rocktober Giveaway!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Godsmack 2024 Tour

Who Is Godsmack Touring With 2024?

In 2024, Godsmack is touring with special guest Bastian da Cruz on their ‘Vibez Tour’ for intimate acoustic/electric performances and untold stories.

Why Is Godsmack Retiring?

Godsmack is not retiring but instead focusing on touring and delivering acoustic/electric performances. Their latest record, “Lighting Up The Sky,” will be their last album release. They plan to continue touring without releasing new music.

Is Shinedown Touring In 2024?

No, there is no information available about Shinedown touring in 2024.

Will Korn Tour 2024?

There is no information available at this time regarding a Korn tour in 2024.


As Godsmack prepares to embark on their highly anticipated 2024 Tour, fans can expect a unique and intimate experience unlike any other. With a blend of acoustic and electric performances, the band promises to captivate audiences with their untold stories and signature hard rock sound.

While this may mark their last album release, Godsmack remains dedicated to delivering unforgettable live performances for their loyal fan base. Don’t miss your chance to witness the magic of Godsmack live on stage in 2024. Get your tickets now and be a part of this extraordinary musical journey.

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