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Gidle Tour 2025: Get Ready to Rock Your World

(G)I-dle has announced their “I am FREE-TY” world tour with additional dates being added to the already scheduled tour. Fans can expect to see the K-pop girl group live on stage in various cities including London, the USA, Japan and more.

The world tour is set to take place in 2025 and will include songs like “Hwaa” and “Señorita”. (G)I-dle has gained a significant fanbase since their debut single “Latata” and has become known for their unique sound and energetic live performances.

Fans can purchase tickets from various platforms including TicketSales. com, Setlist. fm and Bandsintown. Make sure to catch (G)I-dle on their world tour and enjoy their music live in person.

Gidle Tour 2025: Get Ready to Rock Your World


Gidle World Tour

(G)I-dle has announced their “I am FREE-TY” world tour for 2025 with additional stops recently revealed. Fans can expect to hear their hit songs like Hwaa and Señorita live in concert. Get ready to experience the energetic performances of the popular K-pop girl group.

Overview of Gidle’s World Tour:
Gidle is all set to embark on their world tour named I am FREE-TY in 2025. The tour includes cities across the United States, Europe, and Japan. Additionally, two new stops have been revealed for the tour, making it all the more exciting for their fans.
Tour Schedule and Cities:
Gidle’s world tour starts in the United States from Austin, Texas and ends in Los Angeles. After their US tour, they will move on to Europe, with a show at OVO Arena in London. Lastly, the K-pop girl group will be touring in Japan as well.
Ticket Information:
Tickets for (G)I-DLE’s I am FREE-TY world tour can be booked from various websites such as Vivid Seats,, and Japan Concert Tickets, among others. Fans must keep an eye on the dates for ticket sales to ensure they don’t miss out on the opportunity to catch their favorite girl group live in concert.

Gidle’s Music And Performances

Gidle is a K-pop girl group with a unique sound and captivating performances. Let’s review some of their impressive discography. Their standout tracks include “Latata,” “Hann,” and “Senorita.” Each song features a different flavor of music and showcases the members’ vocal and dance abilities

In terms of performances, Gidle’s live shows are a must-see for K-pop fans. They put on an energetic and visually stunning performance filled with catchy choreography and powerful vocals. Their shows are always lively and engaging, leaving fans feeling satisfied and eager for more.

If you’re planning to attend their live show in 2025, you can expect to be blown away by the group’s energy, stage presence, and of course, the amazing music. From what we’ve seen in the past, Gidle knows how to put on a show that you won’t forget.

Meet Gidle

Meet Gidle during their highly anticipated world tour in 2025, as the popular K-pop group takes their electrifying performances across the globe. Don’t miss your chance to experience the energy and talent of this iconic group at various venues around the world.

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Gidle Tour 2025
Meet Gidle
Who are the Members of Gidle
Gidle is a South Korean girl group formed in 2018 by Cube Entertainment. The group consists of Soojin, Miyeon, Minnie, Yuqi, Shuhua, and Soyeon who is the leader of the group.

Gidle’s Rise to Fame
Gidle debuted with their first mini-album “I Am” which featured their hit song “Latata”. The song was a commercial success, and Gidle quickly gained a large following. Since then, Gidle has released several successful albums and singles and has received numerous awards for their music.

Behind the Scenes with Gidle
Fans of Gidle can experience an exciting world tour in 2025. The tour will include stops in various cities around the world, including the United States and Japan. Tickets are available in different outlets such as Vivid Seats, Bandsintown, and Fans can also follow the group on TikTok to stay updated on their latest performances and activities.
Gidle Tour 2025: Get Ready to Rock Your World


Fan Experience

As a fan attending a Gidle concert during their 2025 tour, you can expect an unforgettable fan experience. The concert merchandise and souvenirs are a great way to remember your experience and show off your support for the group. Additionally, meet and greet opportunities may allow you to meet and interact with your favorite members of the group. You may be able to hear fan accounts and stories during these interactions, adding even more excitement to your experience. Keep an eye out for any updates on these opportunities to make the most out of your Gidle concert experience.

Impact Of Gidle

(G)I-dle is set to embark on their “I am FREE-TY” world tour in 2025 with additional stops being added. Fans are eagerly anticipating the tour which includes popular hits such as “Hwaa” and “Señorita”.

Topic Information
Gidle’s first song Latata
Where did Gidle perform? Various cities across the world during their I Am Free-ty world tour
Has Mamamoo done a world tour? Yes, their world tour called “MY CON” included various cities in the United States
Where is Gidle performing in London? OVO Arena Wembley
Upcoming Gidle tour dates Gidle will embark on their “I am FREE-TY” world tour which includes various dates in 2025 and two additional stops have been announced
Where to buy Gidle concert tickets? Various ticket-selling platforms such as Vivid Seats,, and Japan Concert Tickets
Gidle on TikTok Follow them on TikTok
Gidle has had a sizable impact on the music industry, particularly in terms of the globalization of K-Pop. As one of the rising stars in the industry, Gidle has played a significant role in shaping the landscape of K-Pop. Their cultural significance cannot be understated, as their music and performances have captured the hearts of many fans worldwide. The band’s upcoming “I am FREE-TY” world tour in 2025 is highly anticipated, with multiple dates scheduled across the world. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering their music, Gidle is definitely a group to keep an eye on.
Gidle Tour 2025: Get Ready to Rock Your World


The Future Of Gidle

GIDLE, a popular K-Pop girl group, is one of the rising stars in the K-Pop industry. With their debut track “LATATA,” the group gained immense popularity worldwide. The group recently announced their “I am FREE-TY” world tour, which includes two additional stops. They’ll be performing in various cities in the United States, including New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, as well as in London. With a growing fanbase, GIDLE is expected to continue achieving success in the future.

Furthermore, GIDLE’s position in the K-Pop industry is impressive. They’re known for their unique sound and fresh approach to music. With each new song and project, the group continues to surprise fans with their creativity and talent. Their future looks bright as they continue to gain more recognition from fans and critics alike. It’s exciting to see what they have in store.

In terms of their upcoming music and projects, GIDLE has yet to announce any specific details. However, fans are eagerly anticipating their next release and are sure to support the group in any future endeavors. GIDLE’s future looks promising, and fans can’t wait to see what the group has in store.

Questions Answers
What was GIDLE’s first song? GIDLE’s debut song was “LATATA.”
Where did GIDLE perform? GIDLE has performed in various cities around the world, including on their “I am FREE-TY” world tour, which includes stops in the United States and London.
Has MAMAMOO done a world tour? Yes, MAMAMOO has done a world tour, which includes various cities in the United States.
Where are GIDLE performing in London? GIDLE is set to perform at the OVO Arena in Wembley.
When is GIDLE’s tour in 2025? There are no specific details about GIDLE’s tour in 2025 currently available.

In conclusion, GIDLE is a rising star in the K-Pop industry, with a growing fanbase and impressive position. Fans are excited for their upcoming music and projects, and their future looks bright.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Gidle Tour 2025

What Was Gidle’s First Song?

(G)I-dle’s first song is “LATATA”.

Where Did Gidle Perform?

(G)I-dle has performed on their “I Am Free-ty” world tour which includes various cities in the United States such as Austin and New York, as well as in Japan. They have also performed at the OVO Arena Wembley in London.

Has Mamamoo Done A World Tour?

Yes, Mamamoo has done a world tour. The MAMAMOO WORLD TOUR “MY CON” included a section in the United States, with concerts held in cities such as New York, Baltimore, and Los Angeles. The tour was in support of their album “Reality in Black.

Where Are Gidle Performing In London?

(G)I-dle is performing at OVO Arena Wembley in London.


As fans eagerly anticipate the (G)I-DLE 2025 world tour, excitement continues to build with the recent announcement of two additional tour stops. Fans worldwide have been eagerly waiting for the opportunity to see the South Korean girl group perform their hit tracks like “HWAA” and “Senorita” live on stage.

(G)I-DLE’s upcoming tour promises to be a spectacular event, and ticket sales are sure to soar. Get ready to experience the electrifying energy of (G)I-DLE as they take the stage during their much-anticipated world tour. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience!

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