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Amanda Marshall Tour Set List 2025

Amanda Marshall Tour Set List 2025 : Unforgettable Jams

The Amanda Marshall 2025 tour setlist will be revealed closer to the tour date. Fans can expect a dynamic mix of her classic hits and new tracks from her latest album.

Amanda Marshall, known for her powerful vocals and emotional performances, always delivers a memorable concert experience. The tour is anticipated to feature a combination of energetic anthems and soulful ballads, showcasing Marshall’s diverse musical talent. As fans eagerly await the announcement of the setlist, anticipation is high for what promises to be an unforgettable musical journey with Amanda Marshall in 2025.

Keep an eye out for the official release of the tour setlist to plan your concert experience and secure tickets to witness this iconic artist’s live performance.

Amanda Marshall Tour Set List 2025  : Unforgettable Jams


Amanda Marshall’s Epic Return

Amanda Marshall’s Epic Return

Amanda Marshall, the renowned Canadian singer-songwriter, is set to make an epic return to the music scene with the release of her highly-anticipated new album in 2025. Fans have been eagerly awaiting her comeback, and the excitement is palpable as she gears up to unveil her latest musical masterpiece.

Following the release of her new album, Amanda Marshall will embark on a highly-anticipated tour that promises to captivate audiences with her soulful voice and electrifying stage presence. The tour set list for 2025 is already generating buzz, leaving fans on the edge of their seats in anticipation of a series of unforgettable performances.

Amanda Marshall Tour Set List 2025  : Unforgettable Jams


The Unforgettable Jams

Get ready to be blown away by the unforgettable jams in Amanda Marshall’s 2025 tour set list! From classic hits to fan favorites and surprise collaborations, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Let’s dive into the heart-pounding lineup for this must-see concert experience.

Classic Hits

Amanda Marshall’s timeless classics are set to take center stage, igniting the crowd with beloved melodies that have stood the test of time. From chart-topping singles to soul-stirring ballads, fans can expect to be serenaded with all-time favorites such as “Fall From Grace” and “Birmingham.” The energy will be electric as these iconic tunes fill the air, transporting concert-goers back to cherished moments anchored in Marshall’s music.

Fan Favorites

  • “Dark Horse”
  • “Beautiful Goodbye”
  • “Sunday Morning After”

Embracing the pulse of her fans’ adoration, Amanda Marshall is set to perform a selection of crowd-pleasing fan favorites that have resonated with her devoted audience throughout the years. From exhilarating up-tempo anthems to soulful, introspective tracks, the set list promises an unforgettable musical journey that promises to touch the hearts of all in attendance.

Surprise Collaborations

  1. Special guests: Sam Smith
  2. Collaboration with Lenny Kravitz
  3. Impromptu duet with Adele

The excitement reaches unparalleled heights with surprise collaborations that will elevate the concert to unprecedented levels of euphoria. With iconic artists joining Amanda Marshall on stage, fans will witness unforgettable moments and experience the magic of unique musical partnerships that transcend expectations.

Thrilling Live Performances

When it comes to live performances, Amanda Marshall truly knows how to captivate her audience. Her concerts are an experience like no other, filled with thrilling moments that leave fans wanting more. With her energetic stage presence, powerful vocals, and mesmerizing musical interludes, Amanda Marshall’s tour setlist in 2025 promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Energetic Stage Presence

Amanda Marshall is known for her dynamic and electric stage presence. From the moment she steps on stage, her energy is contagious, instantly captivating the audience. With every movement, she exudes passion and enthusiasm, creating a vibrant atmosphere that resonates with her fans.

Powerful Vocals

Amanda Marshall possesses a voice that can move mountains. Her powerful vocals have the ability to stir emotions and leave listeners in awe. Whether belting out a soulful ballad or hitting high notes with precision, her vocal range and control are impeccable. The raw emotion she puts into each song adds a level of depth that is simply mesmerizing.

Musical Interludes

Interspersed throughout her setlist, Amanda Marshall incorporates musical interludes that showcase her talent as a musician. Whether it’s a breathtaking piano solo or a riveting guitar performance, these moments allow her to connect with the audience on a different level. These interludes serve as a reminder of her versatility and artistry, elevating the overall concert experience.

The Ultimate Set List


In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the highly anticipated Amanda Marshall Tour Set List for the year 2025. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of this iconic artist and can’t wait to experience her live performances once again. The set list is carefully curated to provide a perfect blend of her greatest hits, fan favorites, and a few surprises along the way. Let’s take a closer look at the set list, starting with the opening act.

Opening Act

Opening Act

The opening act sets the tone for the entire concert, creating an electric atmosphere and building anticipation for Amanda Marshall’s entrance. This year, talented singer-songwriter Emma Jameson will be taking the stage to kick off the show. With her soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics, Emma Jameson will captivate the audience from the first note, leaving them hungry for more.

Main Set

Main Set

The main set is where Amanda Marshall truly shines, showcasing her powerful vocals, mesmerizing stage presence, and undeniable talent. This carefully crafted selection of songs encompasses both her classic hits and tracks from her latest album, ensuring both long-time fans and newcomers will be thoroughly entertained.

Table – Main Set
Song Title Year Released
Beautiful Goodbye 1995
Let It Rain 1996
Love Lift Me 2001
Believe in You 1995
Dark Horse 2001


After an electrifying main set, Amanda Marshall will graciously return to the stage for an unforgettable encore performance. This is the moment where fans can expect surprises, special guest appearances, and perhaps even exclusive performances of unreleased songs.

Unordered List – Encore
  • Celestial Melodies
  • Brand New Day
  • Forever Young

Make sure to mark your calendars and secure your tickets for the Amanda Marshall Tour 2025. This is a concert experience you won’t want to miss!

Amanda Marshall Tour Set List 2025  : Unforgettable Jams


Frequently Asked Questions Of Amanda Marshall Tour Set List 2025

What Songs Are On Amanda Marshall’s 2025 Tour Set List?

The 2025 Amanda Marshall tour set list features her greatest hits along with tracks from her latest album. Fans can expect to hear crowd favorites like “Birmingham,” “Dark Horse,” and “Fall from Grace,” as well as new songs such as “Renegade Love” and “Hold On.

Will Amanda Marshall Perform Any Acoustic Sets On Her 2025 Tour?

Yes, Amanda Marshall will showcase her raw talent with intimate acoustic sets at select shows during her 2025 tour. These stripped-down performances will give fans a chance to experience her powerful vocals and emotional storytelling in a more intimate setting.

Can I Expect Any Surprises Or Guest Appearances During Amanda Marshall’s 2025 Tour?

While no official announcements have been made, Amanda Marshall has been known to surprise fans with special guests and collaborations during her live shows. So keep an eye out for exciting surprises and unexpected moments during her 2025 tour!


As Amanda Marshall fans anxiously await her upcoming tour in 2025, they can anticipate an electrifying set list that promises to captivate audiences. From her timeless classics to her latest chart-topping hits, Marshall’s powerful vocals and emotive performances are sure to leave concert-goers in awe.

Get ready to experience the magic of Amanda Marshall live and witness a night of unforgettable music and memories.

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