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what kind of sunglasses does rickie fowler wear

what kind of sunglasses does rickie fowler wear

Rickie Fowler, a renowned figure in the golfing world, isn’t just known for his exceptional game; he’s also a trendsetter in the realm of golf fashion. Among his signature style choices are his iconic sunglasses, which have become a focal point of interest for fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

what kind of sunglasses does rickie fowler wear

Importance of Sunglasses in Golf

Sunglasses aren’t just a fashion statement in golf; they play a crucial role in performance. Beyond being a stylish accessory, they offer vital protection against harmful UV rays, reduce glare, and enhance visual clarity on the course. The right pair of sunglasses can significantly impact a golfer’s game by improving focus and comfort under varying light conditions.

Rickie Fowler: A Style Icon

Fowler’s fashion sense transcends the fairways. His bold and vibrant clothing choices extend to his eyewear, making his sunglasses an integral part of his overall image. Fowler’s ability to merge performance with style has made his eyewear selections a point of curiosity and admiration.

Brand Preference

Among the array of sunglasses available, Rickie Fowler has been notably associated with Oakley eyewear. The precision, technology, and style offered by Oakley align seamlessly with Fowler’s dynamic persona, making it a favored choice for the golfer.

Oakley and Rickie Fowler

Fowler’s collaboration with Oakley has resulted in the creation of signature sunglasses that marry fashion and function. These sunglasses often boast features specifically tailored for the golf course, catering to Fowler’s needs as a professional golfer.

Sunglasses Features

The sunglasses preferred by Rickie Fowler often incorporate cutting-edge technology, including polarized lenses for glare reduction, lightweight and durable frames, and specialized coatings for enhanced vision. These features not only serve fashion but also directly contribute to Fowler’s performance on the golf course.

Style and Functionality

What sets Fowler’s sunglasses apart is their ability to strike a balance between functionality and style. While designed to excel in a golfing environment, they seamlessly transition into fashionable everyday eyewear, reflecting Fowler’s penchant for blending performance with personal style.

Other Influential Golfers and Their Eyewear

While Fowler’s choice in eyewear stands out, other professional golfers also showcase their preferences. Some opt for different brands and styles, showcasing the diversity in eyewear choices across the golfing elite.


Rickie Fowler’s influence on the golfing world extends beyond his swing; it encompasses his distinctive fashion choices, including his iconic sunglasses. His collaboration with Oakley and his deliberate choice of sunglasses that blend style and functionality have set a trend in the golf fashion landscape. As golfers continue to seek performance-enhancing accessories, Fowler’s sunglasses remain a testament to the fusion of sport, style, and innovation.

This article encapsulates Rickie Fowler’s impact on the world of golf fashion through his choice of sunglasses, focusing on their functionality, style, and brand preference, showcasing how they’ve become a defining part of his overall image on and off the golf course.

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