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The Cure Tour 2025 Song List

The Cure Tour 2025 Song List : Unveiling the Ultimate Setlist

The Cure’s 2025 tour song list includes hits like “Lovesong,” “Just Like Heaven,” and “Friday I’m In Love.” The band’s legendary discography will be brought to life on stage in an unforgettable experience for fans.

The Cure has been an influential force in the alternative rock music scene since the late 1970s. Known for their emotive lyrics, haunting melodies, and unique blend of post-punk and new wave, The Cure has amassed a dedicated global fan base.

The 2025 tour promises to delight audiences with a carefully curated selection of their most iconic songs, spanning their extensive career. From the introspective “Pictures of You” to the energetic “Close to Me,” each performance is sure to evoke nostalgia and excitement for both long-time aficionados and new listeners. The anticipation for this tour is palpable as fans eagerly await the opportunity to experience The Cure’s music in a live setting once again.

3. Nostalgic Throwbacks: The Must-have Classics

The Cure’s 2025 tour promises to be a journey down memory lane, with a setlist packed with nostalgic throwbacks that will transport fans back to the golden age of alternative rock. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at three must-have classics that are sure to make an appearance during the tour.

‘just Like Heaven’

‘Just Like Heaven’ is a timeless anthem that has captivated audiences for decades with its dreamy melodies and poignant lyrics. This beloved classic is a staple of The Cure’s live performances and never fails to evoke a sense of euphoria among fans.

‘friday I’m In Love’

‘Friday I’m in Love’ is an infectious pop gem that has stood the test of time, capturing the hearts of audiences with its catchy hooks and irresistible charm. As one of The Cure’s most iconic tracks, it is guaranteed to be a highlight of the tour, sparking singalongs and jubilant energy wherever it’s played.

‘boys Don’t Cry’

‘Boys Don’t Cry’ remains a quintessential representation of The Cure’s signature sound, blending melancholic lyrics with an irresistible pop sensibility. This enduring classic is a cherished favorite among fans and is certain to elicit an emotional response during the 2025 tour, serving as a poignant reminder of the band’s profound impact on the music landscape.

The Cure Tour 2025 Song List  : Unveiling the Ultimate Setlist


4. Deep Cuts And Fan Favorites

The Cure has always been known for their deep cuts and fan favorites, and the 2025 tour is no exception. Featuring a mix of classic hits and lesser-known gems, fans can expect an unforgettable musical journey through the band’s rich discography. Here’s a look at some of the deep cuts and fan favorites that are sure to delight die-hard enthusiasts.

‘a Forest’

One of The Cure’s most iconic tracks, ‘A Forest’ is a haunting and atmospheric masterpiece that has captivated fans for decades. With its mesmerizing guitar riffs and brooding lyrics, this song remains a timeless favorite, showcasing the band’s unparalleled ability to craft dark yet captivating soundscapes.

‘pictures Of You’

‘Pictures of You’ is a fan favorite that never fails to evoke powerful emotions. With its dreamy, ethereal melodies and poignant lyrics, this track has become an essential part of The Cure’s live performances. Its enduring popularity is a testament to the band’s timeless appeal and their ability to resonate with audiences on a profound level.

‘from The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea’

Delving into the depths of The Cure’s discography, ‘From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea’ is a hidden gem that holds a special place in the hearts of dedicated fans. Known for its introspective lyrics and sweeping instrumental arrangements, this track exemplifies the band’s artistic versatility and their ability to create musical landscapes that are both intricate and emotionally resonant.

5. Surprises And Special Guests

The Cure Tour 2025 Song List promises surprises and special guests to keep fans on the edge of their seats. Don’t miss out on the thrilling live performances and unexpected appearances that await you!

When attending a concert, it’s always a thrill to be surprised by unexpected moments and special guests. The Cure Tour 2025 is no exception! Robert Smith and the band have prepared a lineup filled with surprises that will leave fans in awe. Let’s uncover two unforgettable experiences that you won’t want to miss.

5.1. ‘lullaby’ With Robert Smith On Piano

One of the most enchanting surprises of The Cure Tour 2025 is Robert Smith’s mesmerizing performance of ‘Lullaby’ on the grand piano. This rendition allows fans to experience the song in a brand-new light, emphasizing the haunting melodies and poignant lyrics. As Robert’s fingers gracefully dance across the keys, the audience will be captivated by the raw emotion and intimacy of this unique arrangement. It’s a moment that will undoubtedly send shivers down your spine and create memories to last a lifetime.

5.2. Tribute To Joy Division: ‘love Will Tear Us Apart’

The Cure has always held a deep admiration for Joy Division and their impact on the world of music. In a special tribute during the tour, the band will perform a heartfelt rendition of ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart.’ With Robert Smith’s signature croon and the band’s expert musicianship, you’ll be transported back to the iconic era of post-punk. The atmosphere will be electric as the audience joins together in singing along to the unforgettable chorus. This tribute serves not only as a homage to Joy Division but also as a reminder of the everlasting influence they have had on The Cure’s sound and artistic journey.

The Cure Tour 2025 Song List  : Unveiling the Ultimate Setlist


The Cure Tour 2025 Song List  : Unveiling the Ultimate Setlist


Frequently Asked Questions On The Cure Tour 2025 Song List

What Are The Songs In The Cure Tour 2025?

The Cure Tour 2025 will feature an incredible lineup of their iconic songs like “Friday I’m in Love,” “Lovesong,” “Just Like Heaven,” and many more. Fans can expect a mix of beloved classics and exciting new tracks from their upcoming album.

Get ready to sing along and dance the night away!

Can I Expect Any Surprises At The Cure Tour 2025?

Absolutely! The Cure never fails to surprise their fans with unexpected collaborations, special guests, and unique renditions of their songs. You never know what they have in store for their 2025 tour, so be prepared for unforgettable moments and thrilling surprises!

When And Where Will The Cure Tour 2025 Take Place?

The details of The Cure Tour 2025 are still under wraps, but rest assured, they will be touring various cities around the world. Keep an eye on their official website and social media channels for announcements regarding tour dates and locations.

Stay tuned for an opportunity to catch them live in a city near you!

Are There Any Vip Packages Available For The Cure Tour 2025?

Yes, The Cure often offers VIP packages that offer fans an enhanced concert experience. These packages may include perks such as early entry to the venue, exclusive merchandise, meet and greet opportunities, and more. Keep an eye out for updates from The Cure’s official website for information on VIP packages for their 2025 tour.


To conclude, The Cure Tour 2025 boasts a diverse and electrifying song list that is sure to captivate fans of all generations. From iconic hits like “Friday I’m In Love” to lesser-known gems like “Lovesong,” this tour promises a musical journey through The Cure’s rich discography.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to their music, experiencing these songs live will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness The Cure’s timeless classics come to life on stage in 2025.

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