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Red Butte Concert Lineup 2024

Red Butte Concert Lineup 2024: Unforgettable Music Experience Awaits

The Red Butte Concert Lineup for 2024 includes renowned artists such as Gary Clark Jr. And Jason Isbell. With a capacity for incredible performances and an exquisite outdoor atmosphere, Red Butte Garden promises an unforgettable concert experience.

Attracting music enthusiasts from all over, these concerts offer a unique blend of artistry and natural beauty. Embrace the harmony of stunning botanical gardens and soul-stirring melodies as you indulge in a night of entertainment under the stars. Get ready to be captivated by the talent and energy of these exceptional musicians in the enchanting setting of Red Butte Garden.

Plan your visit and secure your tickets to witness these remarkable performances firsthand.

1. Overview Of Red Butte Concert Lineup 2024

html Red Butte Concert Lineup 2024

Red Butte Garden’s outdoor concert series is a highly anticipated event in 2024, offering a unique and unforgettable concert experience. With a stunning natural backdrop and a lineup featuring top-tier artists, music lovers are in for a treat. The Red Butte Garden concert series showcases a diverse range of genres, catering to various musical preferences.

From renowned acts like Gary Clark Jr. to Jason Isbell, Red Butte Garden has something for everyone. The concerts are held in a beautiful outdoor amphitheater, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in nature while enjoying live music. The seating chart ensures a great view from every seat, while concert rules ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Tickets for Red Butte Garden concerts are available for purchase, and prices vary depending on the artist and seating section. In addition, the Garden has specific opening and closing hours, ensuring visitors have ample time to explore the beautiful grounds before and after the concerts.

Make sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming Red Butte Garden concert series in 2024. It promises to be an incredible musical journey in a picturesque setting.

Frequently Asked Questions
Question Answer
Are kids allowed at Red Butte concerts? Yes, children are welcome to attend the concerts at Red Butte Garden. However, please note that all attendees, regardless of age, require a ticket.
How much are Red Butte Garden tickets? Ticket prices for Red Butte Garden concerts vary depending on the artist and seating section. It is recommended to check the official website for the most up-to-date pricing information.
What time does Red Butte close? Red Butte Garden has yearly opening and closing hours. It is advisable to check the official website for the specific hours of operation during the concert series.

2. Exciting Performances To Look Forward To At Red Butte Garden

Exciting Performances to Look Forward to at Red Butte Garden
Gary Clark Jr: Bringing His Soulful and Energetic Performance

Red Butte Garden is thrilled to welcome Gary Clark Jr to the stage. Known for his soulful and energetic performances, Clark Jr has garnered critical acclaim for his blues-infused rock and captivating stage presence. Fans can expect to be mesmerized by his powerful vocals and electrifying guitar solos. With hits like “Bright Lights” and “This Land”, Clark Jr’s performance is set to be one of the highlights of the Red Butte Concert Lineup 2024.

Jason Isbell: A Night of Emotion and Musical Brilliance

Prepare to be moved by the emotional and musical brilliance of Jason Isbell at Red Butte Garden. Known for his deeply personal and introspective songwriting, Isbell has become one of the most respected voices in the Americana genre. His heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies have won over audiences worldwide. From his breakthrough album “Southeastern” to his latest release “Reunions,” Isbell’s performance is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Other Notable Artists and Bands Performing at Red Butte Garden

In addition to Gary Clark Jr and Jason Isbell, Red Butte Garden will be hosting a lineup of talented artists and bands. From indie favorites to legendary performers, there is something for everyone. The concert series promises a diverse range of genres and a spectacular atmosphere surrounded by the natural beauty of the garden. Stay tuned for updates on the full lineup and ticket information!

3. How To Secure Your Tickets For Red Butte Concert Lineup 2024

How to Secure Your Tickets for Red Butte Concert Lineup 2024
  • Plan Ahead: Mark your calendars and set reminders for ticket release dates.
  • Official Website: Visit the Red Butte Garden website to purchase tickets directly.
  • Online Ticket Retailers: Check trusted ticket retailers like Ticketmaster or StubHub for availability.
  • Presales: Take advantage of any presale opportunities available through fan clubs or credit card promotions.
  • Be Prompt: Act quickly when tickets go on sale, as high demand shows can sell out within minutes.
  • Consider Membership: Red Butte Garden offers special ticket benefits for members.
How and Where to Buy Tickets for Red Butte Garden Concerts
  • Official Website: Visit the Red Butte Garden website and navigate to the events section.
  • Box Office: Purchase tickets in person at the Red Butte Garden box office during operating hours.
  • Online Retailers: Check reputable online ticket retailers like Ticketmaster or StubHub for ticket availability.
  • Secondary Market: Consider purchasing tickets from trusted resellers if tickets are sold out or in high demand.
Pricing Details and Options for Red Butte Garden Tickets

Pricing for Red Butte Garden tickets varies depending on the artist, seating section, and ticket type. Generally, ticket prices range from $XX to $XX for general admission or reserved seating. Additional fees may apply for online purchases, services, and taxes.

Red Butte Garden also offers membership options that provide access to discounted tickets, early access to ticket sales, and other exclusive benefits.

Tips and Tricks for Ensuring Your Ticket Purchase for High Demand Shows
  • Set Reminders: Mark your calendar and set reminders for ticket release dates and times.
  • Be Prepared: Create an account or log in to ticket retailers in advance to save valuable time during the purchasing process.
  • Multiple Devices: Use multiple devices and internet connections to increase your chances of securing tickets.
  • Presale Opportunities: Sign up for artist newsletters and fan clubs for potential presale opportunities.
  • Follow official social media accounts: Stay informed about ticket sale announcements and updates.
  • Act Quickly: When tickets go on sale, act promptly to secure your desired seats or tickets as they can sell out rapidly.
Red Butte Concert Lineup 2024: Unforgettable Music Experience Awaits


4. Red Butte Garden Concerts – Seating Chart And Rules

Red Butte Garden is known for its amazing outdoor concert series, featuring a diverse lineup of artists every summer. When it comes to the seating chart and rules at Red Butte Garden concerts, it’s important to understand the layout and options available. The seating at Red Butte Garden is general admission, with both lawn and reserved chair seating areas. The lawn seating provides a more casual and relaxed atmosphere, while the reserved chair seating offers a more comfortable experience. To ensure a pleasant concert experience for everyone, there are several important rules and regulations that attendees must follow. These include no outside food or beverages, no smoking, and no pets allowed. Additionally, attendees are encouraged to be considerate of others by refraining from talking or using cell phones during the concerts. Red Butte Garden concerts are family-friendly, and kids are allowed to attend. It’s a great opportunity for families to enjoy live music together in a beautiful outdoor setting. So, if you’re planning to attend a concert at Red Butte Garden, familiarize yourself with the seating options, follow the rules and regulations, and get ready for an unforgettable musical experience surrounded by nature.

5. Red Butte Garden’s Yearly Schedule And Operating Hours

What Time Does Red Butte Garden Close?

Red Butte Garden offers a fantastic lineup of concerts and events throughout the year. With its beautiful outdoor amphitheater surrounded by stunning botanical gardens, it’s the perfect place to enjoy live music in a picturesque setting. Red Butte Garden operates on a yearly schedule, and their operating hours vary depending on the time of year. During the concert season, which typically runs from May to September, the amphitheater opens to the public in the early evening, allowing attendees to enjoy the gardens before the show. As for what time Red Butte Garden closes, it varies based on the concert schedule. Typically, the concerts take place in the evenings, but specific showtimes can be found on their website or by checking the concert calendar. It’s always a good idea to arrive early to explore the gardens and secure your spot for the show. In addition to the concerts, Red Butte Garden offers a range of other activities and events. From educational programs to plant sales, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Make sure to check their yearly calendar of events to see what’s happening during your visit. When it comes to admission and membership options at Red Butte Garden, there are various choices available. They offer both individual and family memberships, providing unlimited access to the garden and discounts on concerts and events. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a memorable outdoor concert experience, Red Butte Garden is the place to be. With its stunning natural surroundings and diverse lineup of performers, you’re sure to have a fantastic time.

6. Capacity And Amenities At Red Butte Garden Concerts

The capacity of Red Butte Garden’s outdoor concert venue is around 3,000 people. This makes for an intimate and enjoyable concert experience, allowing you to connect with the artists on stage. Red Butte Garden also offers a range of amenities and facilities during concerts to enhance your experience.

During concerts, you can enjoy amenities such as food and beverage vendors, including local food trucks and a beer and wine garden. There are also picnic areas where you can relax and enjoy your own packed meal. Additionally, Red Butte Garden provides ample parking space for concertgoers.

To enhance your concert experience, it is recommended to arrive early and explore the beautiful garden grounds. You can take a walk through the scenic trails or visit the various themed gardens. The venue also provides seating options, including general admission lawn seating and reserved seating. Don’t forget to bring a blanket or lawn chair for lawn seating.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Red Butte Concert Lineup 2024

Are Kids Allowed At Red Butte Concerts?

Yes, kids are allowed at Red Butte concerts.

How Much Are Red Butte Garden Tickets?

The ticket price for Red Butte Garden varies depending on the event. It is best to check their website or contact their ticket office for current pricing information.

What Time Does Red Butte Close?

Red Butte closes at [insert closing time here]. Enjoy the outdoor concert series and events at Red Butte Garden!

Are Kids Allowed At Red Butte Concerts?

Yes, children of all ages are welcome to attend Red Butte concerts. However, please note that all attendees must have a ticket, regardless of age.


The Red Butte Concert Lineup for 2024 promises to be an exciting and diverse mix of musical performances. From renowned artists like Gary Clark Jr and Jason Isbell to up-and-coming talents, there’s something for everyone. With its stunning outdoor venue and beautiful surroundings, Red Butte Garden is the perfect place to enjoy live music under the open sky.

Whether you’re a fan of rock, pop, or indie, you won’t want to miss these unforgettable concerts. Grab your tickets and get ready for an amazing summer of music at Red Butte Garden.

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