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Decadence Arizona Music Festival

Decadence Arizona is one of the biggest electronic dance festivals that celebrate New Year’s Eve with a huge fan following. It comes up with an incredible lineup of producers, DJ’s and EDM superstars who, for two nights, take the fans to a new level of music insanity. Here, today we will talk about ways to watch Decadence Arizona Music Festival live stream online along with its ticketing and probable lineup for.

Decadence Arizona Music Festival Live Stream Online

Decadence Arizona Music Festival

Decadence Arizona festival actually takes place on December 30 and December 31 each year at Rawhide Event Center in the famous Chandler. Last year over 60 musicians, EDM superstars, and DJs rocked the stage. Although the possibility of the festival in is bleak due to the COVID-19 situation, fans are getting ready for Arizona’s biggest music eve. You can ardently watch the event live online if you live far away from Arizona. Multiple online channels bring the event to live for you.

How to Watch the Decadence Arizona Music Festival

Decadence Arizona is the biggest music festival in Arizona and is undoubtedly one of the most enthusiastic events taking place to celebrate New Year’s Eve across the USA. Its growing popularity has taunted many online TV’s go live from the event venue.

However, the most reliable and also the official online live streaming channel to watch the show is Relentless Beats TV on YouTube. You can subscribe to the channel and get your booty ready for the dance with the country’s biggest and most popular electronics music stars. The TV also brings live of Phoenix Lights and is accessible from all corners of the world. So, whether you are on an airplane or in another country, just go to the Relentless Beats TV’s official YouTube page and enjoy the show.

How to Buy Decadence Arizona Tickets

Since Decadence Arizona is growing with popularity, the demand for its tickets is sky-rocketing fast and quick. Initially, the tickets for the event were available in the market during early August. But, this year, the tickets are yet to come on sale due to the worsening pandemic condition in the USA.
The event has three different stages. These are:

  • Grand Pavilion
  • Royal Circus
  • The Playhouse

You get a ticket for each stage for two days entrance. There are also variations in ticket selling as well. Usually, you will see their availability in Platinum passes with the most staggering bonanza offered to the guests.

Next comes the VIP admission with some privileges in the venue. Lastly, there’s the General Admission, which is the cheapest tickets available for the musical event. The General Admission Ticket last year was available at $129 for the 1st day and $139 for the 2nd day. However, it was at $190 if bought together for two days. We will inform you as soon as the tickets are available online.

Decadence Arizona Music Festival Lineup

The lineup for Decadence Arizona is yet to be confirmed. Hence, the fans are already talking about the possible lineup for the event, and rumors are high that some superstars from the last year’s event will set the stage on fire too. Last year’s most famous line-up included AC Slater, Blossom, Dillon Francis, Jamie Jones, Nore En Pure, Skrillex, Tchami x Malaa, Adam Beyer, Dab the Sky, Illenium: Ascend Live, Space Jesus. We will look forward to when the lineup is announced and let you know about it.


Want to know more exclusive news on Arizona? We will bring all updates, including the artist’s lineup and ticket sales, when these come online. So, stay tuned for the updates.


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