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Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Ask about the most popular and profitable music festival in the USA and worldwide, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will, undoubtedly, come top of the list. It is California’s largest musical event and combines a variety of genres. You can watch pop, jazz, rock, hip hop, and electronic dance music (EDM) too.
With the event closing in, you may be interested to know the ways to watch Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival live stream. Today we will ardently discuss the same along with passes for the event and rules you need to follow in the venue.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival Live Stream

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

In the timid and arid land of the Californian desert, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is bringing life with enticing music. The festival first ardently took place in 1999, and since then, it has never looked back. The popularity has grown so big that almost all audiophiles across the US now look forward to the event. It is the same for the upcoming show.
The event is all set for April 09- April 11 and will continue in the next weekend until its end on April 16- April 18, 2021. However, the latest news alerts us that the event is most likely to get delayed until October. You can watch fest online and on TV channels too.

How to Watch Coachella Festival

Do you love pop? Or are you a fan of electronic dance music? Whatever may be the cause, you simply can’t miss the chance of watching the fest. It brings thrill, excitement, and enjoyment for every music lover. The show is broadcast live on the TV channel and YouTube too. We will discuss your opportunities to watch the live stream on both platforms.

  • Watch from YouTube

Coachella has its own YouTube channel, which will bring the event to live exclusively for you. The official YouTube broadcaster channel is Coachella. Once the show starts, you can watch it easily from the channel. Also, you can enjoy the previous events and your favorite bands and musicians performing on prior occasions.
The channel brings the latest updates throughout the year. So, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel ardently.

  • Watch from TV Channel

When the scorching heat will exhaust you, get ready for the most prominent and coolest musical festival on the US circuit. Its overwhelming lineup of pop, rock, indie, electronic music, dance, and hip hop is widely acclaimed among fans.

Aren’t you partaking live on the Californian desert for the event? Well, you are sure and ardently not alone. Many people may not join the event live from the venue. Coachella brings the live telecasting facility for them.
However, the possible TV channels to broadcast the event are yet to be confirmed for the next year due to the current pandemic situations. We will bring the latest updates on it ASAP; we get some news.

About Festival Passes

Do you want to enjoy the Coachella Valley Music Fest direct from the venue? Well, if so, you can avail of multiple passes to get an entry directly in the forum. The lowest ticket comes as General Admission, and the most expensive access for the event will be the Lake Eldorado Tent camping with a facility for four people at a staggering $5622 excluding TOT and regular fees.

Passes for events are available in a variety of facilities and amenities. The following list will provide you with an idea of the tickets and entry fees in brief.

  • General Admission: You get four tickets for the two weekends and car parking lots facility. It costs $429 and other fees.
  • General Admission + Shuttle: You get the entry for all three days and a shuttle service from the nearby location. The pass costs $504, excluding the fees.
  • VIP pass: At $999, you get the VIP access to the venue, VIP location, and car parking lot. Also, you may visit the camping area too. However, the preferred spot for your car parking needs to be bought separately.
  • Car camping: You can park your car and enjoy the show throughout the weekend with a camping experience at $102. It excludes the fees and TOT.
  • Tent Camping: If you are an international traveler and don’t like the hustles and bustles of cars, there’s an opportunity to stay in a tent and enjoy the music. It will cost you $102, excluding TOT and other fees.

You can visit the Coachella Passes page to know more about the passes and facilities.

How to Buy Coachella Festival Pass

You can buy the festival passes from Coachella’s official website. They will announce a presale date and allow you to prepare for the annual event. You can get four passes for each weekend, and the authority advises you to check the facilities and rules attached to the tickets.
You can use Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Paypal to purchase the tickets. You will get full information on the Coachella pass purchasing dates, regulations, and promos (if available) on the official pass buying guide.

About Coachella Festival Rules

Coachella event management authority strictly follows the safety and protection guidance for their guests. Also, they ensure the utmost comfort for all. So, when you plan to visit the musical show, you need to abide by their festival rules.
It includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Public safety guidance and ticket checking
  • Things that are allowed and aren’t allowed in the venue
  • Rules for purchasing, ordering and shipping entry passes
  • Code of conduct while staying in the venue
  • General rules and guideline on overall camping

You can go through the full rules for the festival on the Coachella Rules page.

Watch Coachella: 20 Years in The Desert Documentary

Coachella made an engaging documentary to mark and celebrate their 20 years of successful stay in the music festival industry. The documentary shows how the event developed rapidly to become the most profitable musical event in California.
Also, it showcases behind the scenes of the 20 years, interviews, colorful stories of the event, venue, and legendary performances of this seminal music fest. You can watch the documentary here.


Whenever we talk about the coolest musical performances of legendary artists, Coachella Valley Music Fest will surely pop0up in our mind. You can watch Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival live stream from their official YouTube channel.
Also, if you have the ardent opportunity, get the entry passes and watch the show live from the ground. It won’t disappoint you for the least.

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