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Brooklyn Comes Alive

After a break in this year for unavoidable reasons and audiences’ safety, Brooklyn Comes Alive is all set to make a grand and enthralling comeback in 2021. The marathon musical concert is committed to pushing its barriers further, so music lovers don’t feel the absence of them in this year.
So, it is high time you know how to watch Brooklyn Comes Alive 2021 live stream online if you feel like you don’t want to go outside. However, if you are brave enough to join the party, we will bring the ticket information for you. Plus, line up for the event for all.

Brooklyn Comes Alive Live Stream Online

Brooklyn Comes Alive 2021

The 2021 Brooklyn Comes Alive is scheduled for March 13th and 14th at 4.00 PM EST. The concert will take place in Avant Gardener, the original venue for the canceled show. It will be their grand 5th-anniversary celebration with the show, so expect some special appearances this time.

How to Watch Brooklyn Comes Alive

Brooklyn Comes Alive has been achieving immense popularity among audiences with the sophisticated choice of artists and intent performance. Hence, many people are eager to watch the event both from the ground or live streaming.

Well, up until now, the committee hasn’t announced anything yet about the live streaming service. That is sad news for music lovers. However, we would suggest you follow Brooklyn Comes Alive 2021 Facebook page for future updates.

How to Buy Brooklyn Comes Alive Tickets

The tickets for Brooklyn Comes Alive are available in the Eventbrite portal. The ticket price of the musical show will be anywhere from $50 to $15, depending on the on-site facility and add-ons.
You will find four types of tickets for the musical concert. These are:

  • Blind faith: The ticket price starts at $45 plus $11.57 as fees and taxes.
  • GA 1: This is the second tier of tickets and is available from $55 with a generous fee of $12.90. You get access to the King’s Hall and Great Hall during the event.
  • GA2: This is also another general access ticket for a full day of fun in Brooklyn Comes Alive in. At $65 and $13.71 fees, you get full access to all stages of the musical marathon show.
  • VIP: The VIP tickets are priced at $150 with preferred access to the venue through the VIP entrance point. Plus, you get admission to VIP bars, bathrooms, and risers for an elevated experience.

Brooklyn Comes Alive lineup

The 2021 lineup for the Brooklyn Comes Alive promises versatile and dynamic performance to satisfy every music lover to its hearts’ content. The highlighter of the lineup includes NYC, Heroes, Allman Brothers Band, Oteil & Friends, Robert Randolph & Friends, etc.
Later in the night at Grand Hall, the most exciting performance will come from Jade Cicada and beats Antique. So, you will enjoy each moment there with full-on excitement.


The Brooklyn Comes Alive 2021 will undoubtedly bring life to your otherwise dull life. Also, its promising lineup assures that your time won’t get wasted. So, tuck your shirts, arrange the shoelaces and get ready to shake your booty with the favorite artists’ song. For more updates, you can follow our Eventsliker.

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