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70000 Tons of Metal Music Festival

Life and sea sailing both are unpredictable, but we have to live it with excitement, fun, and entertainment. The heavy metal show on a cruise ship can exactly provide you with this with a stop at the Caribbean destination. Those who love heavy metal and some steamy fun, they would want to know how to watch 70000 Tons of Metal 2021 live stream online. We will reveal information on it here along with tickets and the possible lineup of the heart beating show. Each year almost 60+ bands perform twice to fill your heart with thrills and fun. However, the seats are limited to 3500-4000. So, you might need to watch the show online. The 2021 event is scheduled for January 07 to 11, starting from Miami.

70000 Tons of Metal Music Festival Live Stream

How to Watch 70000 Tons of Metal

Sadly, up until now, there’re no official broadcasters to live stream the 70000 Tons of Metal 2021. However, they might go live from their official Facebook page during the event. So, it is effectively suggested that you follow the 70000 tons page and get the updates on it. Also, people may bring live streaming from YouTube. Finally, the 7000 tons YouTube channel will broadcast the show. It will also get the recaps of the previous shows.

Furthermore, you can watch the pre-parties too.

How to Buy 70000 Tons of Metal Tickets

In the bay of Florida, people from 73 countries join in celebrating the largest and most fantabulous heavy metal show of the world. More than 3000 lucky metal fanatic and freaks will attend the show live from the cruiser ship. So, you need to act fast and quick to get your tickets for the show. The tickets are for each person inclusive of all amenities and accommodations for the four days stay. Besides the ticket price, you will have to pay an additional $448.00 as US taxes and fees.

The tickets price includes the following facilities per person:

  • Shipboard accommodations
  • Ocean transportation
  • Port charges
  • Service charges
  • Government taxes
  • Meals
  • Un-bottled non-carbonated and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Onboard entertainment

Also, the continental breakfast frequently comes as a complimentary serving.

70000 Tons of Metal Lineup

The massive metal show comprises of 60+ bands each year to take you on an enthralling ride over the Caribbean Sea and steamy entertainment. During the 2020 show, ‘Chair of the Golden Horn’ topped the list. The highlighted artists were Atrocity, Paradise Lost, In Vain, Night Demon, Temperance, Wintersun, Moonsorrow, and many more. The lineup for the 2021 show hasn’t been declared yet. We will bring the artists’ ad bands lineup ASAP it is published.


You may easily follow the official Facebook 70000 tons page and YouTube channel to watch 70000 tons of metal 2021 live stream. The onboard cruise experience, along with your favorite heavy metal beats, pools girls and boys, and over 3000 screaming voices, would give you a lifetime moment.

So, stay ardently tuned with us and get the latest news on tickets, lineups, and other pieces of stuff on the 70000 tons show from us.

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