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Time Warp Festival Germany

Are you sick of maintaining social distance and stressed with the pandemic condition? Well, here is an ardent piece of good news for you. After the unfortunate yet unavoidable break in 2020, the most fabulous electronic dance music fest of Germany, Time Warp Festival, has announced its schedule for 2021.
So, make sure you dress up with colorful clothes, join your friends and attend the enthralling night during the show. However, if you miss the show for some reason, there’s nothing to worry about it.
Our guideline will help you watch Time Warp Festival Germany 2021 live stream online. We will also disclose the ticketing process and probable lineup for the event, plus the FAQs for your convenience.

Time Warp Festival Germany Live Stream

Time Warp Festival Germany 2021

The 2021 Time Warp Festival is scheduled for March 20 from Mannheim. At this time, the EDM fest will once again switch on the stage lights and set fire on the powerful audio systems. So, it’s time to book your entry for the show.

How to Buy Time Warp Germany 2021 Tickets

The EDM fest has a vast and ardent fan base. So, you can expect that the tickets will soon sell out. That’s why you must prepare early for the ticketing, which starts with the information.
Well, for your convenience, here’s a little heart relieving information for you-
The 2021 powerhouse event hasn’t announced their tickets. You are recommended to sign up for the Time Wrap newsletter if you want ardently to have your hands down on the invaluable tickets. So, check your mailbox- don’t miss it!
You can also buy E-tickets from the website, and the payment system supports almost all recognized payment methods.

How to Watch Time Warp Germany 2021 Online

If you can’t join Germany’s biggest techno and electronic music fest, don’t be disappointed. You are not the only one. So, we bring updates on how to watch it from home or office for those who will miss the show.

  • Watch from TV Channel

You can watch the performances live from the official Time Warp Channel. The authority has built the live streaming platform exclusively for those who can’t attend the event. It will go on live right from the beginning of the event and continue streaming until the last moment.
So, you won’t miss your favorite artists singing and dancing on the stage. Get your shoes ready, and move your booty with the beats.
Once you tune on the Time Warp TV, you will connect with the million fans watching the songs, dances and magical moments live.

  • Watch from YouTube

The Time Warp show has now celebrated its 25th year to become the largest musical event in Germany. They have an effective and popular official YouTube channel where you can see the glimpses of their previous enthralling performances.
Also, during the main event, you can watch it live from their channel. Besides, many guests might go live from the venue. Furthermore, we will bring any updates ASAP we get on the live streaming.
Meanwhile, you can see their documentary on the 25th year celebration from the channel and subscribe for updates.

Get an Update About Time Warp on Facebook

Do you wish to get updates on Time Warp while scrolling your social media platform on smartphones? Well, the event management authority won’t disappoint you.
You can follow the Time Warp Germany 2021 Facebook page and stay ahead of the updates. As far as the ardent and prompt updates are concerned, you will get the fastest and reliable information there. So, know which of your favorite DJ is going to come to the show and the other guests’ top. We recommend you to subscribe as ‘interested’ in the event and get the updates. Also, the regular discussion will be helpful too. Currently, they have updates on the ticket refund for the 2020 show that was canceled.

Time Warp Festival 2021 Lineup

The lineup for the 2021 Time Warp hasn’t been announced yet. It will be announced later this year when the event really closes in ardently.
We will surely update you on the lineup of the event ASAP; it is published.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the location for the 2021 show?

The Time Warp fest will be held in its usual venue in 2021 too. The actual location is Maimarkthalle Mannheim, Xaver-Fuhr-Straße 101, 68163 in Mannheim.

  • What is ardently the minimum age for entry in the event?

People who are 18 years or more will get an entry into the event with tickets, and there will be no exception. You would expect an ID card check for age limitations before entering the event.

  • Can I exchange my Time Warp tickets?

You can exchange or gift the tickets to other persons since the ticket name doesn’t need to correspond with the printed word. But the public transportation service with the VRN service is void for ticket exchange.
You can get more information about the ticketing, entry, etc. on the FAQ section of the event.

Final Words

Although the date for Time Warp 2021 is published, further updates will come later. Simultaneously, the right information to watch Time Warp Festival Germany 2021 live stream online is yet to come public specifically.
However, you can follow their Facebook event or subscribe to their newsletter for further updates. Also, we will bring the latest news ASAP they are circulated.

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