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Splore Music and Arts Festival

Every year amidst the greenery and blue water of Tapapakanga Regional Park, February marches with extreme expectations of creativity, music, boutique, and much more than you may imagine. Yes, we are talking about the Splore Festival. Those who love music, creativity, dreaming, and reaching beyond their imagination would definitely love the Splore Festival. After a tilting 2020, the show is all set for the 2021 event. So, music lovers and explorers would be interested to know how to watch the Splore Festival 2021 live stream online and from the venue too. Well, the good news is that we will discuss everything related to the celebration.
It includes online streaming platforms, ticketing information, and staying opportunities around the venue during the show.


Splore Festival

After a jittering 2020, we all are expecting a better 2021. And what better opportunity would you get to kick-off your 2021 with a bang other than the Splore Festival? The event for the next year is scheduled for February 26 to February 28.
You will experience a thrilling art and boutique music experience on the shore of Tapapakanga with the most fabulous entertainment extravaganza.

How to Watch the Splore Festival Live Stream

The Splore Festival is a summertime favorite of New Zealanders that is a three days musical journey towards limitless enthusiasm and love. So, it is no wonder, apart from the 8000-10000 lucky attendants in the venue, many people would want to watch the musical bonanza.
You can follow the official Splore Festival event page on Facebook to get information on live streaming services. Also, you will see the classical performances from your favorite star from the previous fest here.
Also, it is ardently expected that live streaming will be available on YouTube too. We will bring the festival updates ASAP they come to love. So, stay tuned.

How to Buy Splore Festival Tickets

iTicket sells the tickets for the Splore Festival. You can visit the iTickets portal to ensure entry for the musical party with blazing surprises, engaging performances, and colorful dresses.
When you but a Splore ticket, you get exclusive access to all workshops, stages, shows, and all possible interactive experiences. Plus, you can tent camping in a specific area throughout the event. The tickets for ‘Tier Five’ are sold at $420, and kids under 13 need to pay for $175.
The sad and horrific news is that the tickets for the 2021 show are already sold out. But there are opportunities for additional tickets, so don’t miss to visit the ticketing portal.

Things to Know About Splore Festival

Splore Festival is way bigger than you may imagine. So, before you head to the main event, there are some essential things about the musical bonanza that you must know. These include the following information:

Coming by Boat

If you love adventure and sea, there’s nothing more awesome than coming by ship to the venue. The sea sailing will be full of fantastic experiences with the stunning anchorage of the park and breathtaking views around the Splore.
All you have to do prominently is to ensure that everyone sailing with you have the Splore Festival tickets. Also, you should pre0register your yacht so the authority can supervise your water activities. It will be useful for your safety too.

Staying at Splore Festival

Are you anxious about your stay at the Splore festival? Well, you would be ardently ecstatic to know that every Splore ticket comes with free camping to stay. What’s more, you can choose from the family-friendly and general areas. Moreover, both locations for free camping stay are complimentary. The campsites are allotted with the first come and first serve motto. So, the authority requests you to come early to get your preferred campsite. Lastly, if you want an enhanced comfort, there’s the opportunity to get a suite too.
Furthermore, if you enjoy staying on a vehicle, there’s a chance for you to purchase a camper vehicle ticket.

Splore Festival Transportation System

You can get into the main festival location using multiple methods. Also, there are opportunities for car parking and carpooling. The detail information includes:

  • Driving: You can drive your vehicle to the spot. When your drive, we request you to be aware of the traffics and drive safely.
  • Car parking: When you would want to get an onsite parking spot, you will have to purchase the Parking Pass. You can buy them on the site or online. However, our suggestion is to get the pass online since it is cheaper than the onsite purchasing.
  • Carpooling: You may come as a group is the same vehicle. If your car carries three or more people, the authority provides a partial refund on the parking pass.
  • Splore Express Bus: You can also reach the Splore venue by an air-conditioned bus. The authority provides subsidies on the bus to promote the environment.

Splore Festival 2021 Lineup

The first lineup of the artists for the most fabulous dress up show of New Zealand has been announced. It includes the following artists:

  • Topp Twins: A duo of comedy-music genre
  • Maisey Rika: The famous Maori songwriter
  • Reb Fountain: This is a folklore artist with awards bagged several times.
  • Princess Chelsea: She is a famous indie pop song composer.
  • Shapeshifter: The favorite of all for drum and bass.

Also, the complete lineup will be announced later, but it could be an all-local one following the COVID-19 situation.


If you incredibly want to watch Splore Festival 2021 live stream online, you can follow their official page for updates. But to get the best Splore experience, it is recommended that you be there at the celebration venue.
The grassy view of the park, blue shore, and camping experience will fill up your heart with overwhelming goodies.

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