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SoundSplash Festival

If you want to experience the summer vibe in New Zealand in a family-friendly environment, there’s nothing that can beat the SoundSplash Festival. It is a multi-genre music fest that promises liberty, music, and expression at its best. When you watch SoundSplash Festival 2021 live stream online, you can join the crowd buzz even from miles away. Also, joining the party with a ticket isn’t a bad idea either.

SoundSplash Festival 2021 Live Stream

SoundSplash Festival 2021

In 2021, SoundSplash will commemorate its 20th anniversary. That’s why they are leaving no stone unturned to make the show a memorable one. Their possible headliner includes Ladi6, Macky Gee Fat, Freddy’s Drop, etc.

How to watch SoundSplash Festival

SoundSplash Festival 2021 will be held at Raglan from January 21 to January 24, promoting eco-friendliness and diversification of New Zealand’s culture. Whether you want relaxation or full-on thrill, the iconic festival has everything to offer you. Naturally, people would look forward to watching the show, even if they can’t attend it. The sad news is that until now, there has been no official declaration from the festival committee to live broadcast the 2021 show.

However, the chances are high that their official SoundSplash Festival Facebook page will bring the show live from the venue. Also, you may opt for YouTube to find clips of the concert tour from the venue. Three months away from the main concert, we will bring updates on the live streaming facilities ASAP it is available.

How to buy SoundSplash Festival tickets

Initially, the tickets for the musical concert were set to be sold from July 29, 2020. Amidst the pandemic condition, people were a little confused about joining the boutique music show, but eventually, they showed trust in the show management.
Hence, within a few days, all the SoundSplash tickets were sold out. However, once the ticket delay is lifted, you may find some reselling tickets at Tickets Space from December 2020.
You can either get a ticket for watching the concert only or get access to an on-site camping facility. Also, there’re add-ons such as pick and drop, accommodation, etc.

SoundSplash Festival Vibes

SoundSplash is passionate about promoting local talents and support underground artists. Also, the multi-genre musical show combines regional and international artworks to offer you a full-on and chilling entertainment experience.

They have four stages of pumping a variety of fun, entertainment, and relaxation session with heart-melting performances. These are:

  • Summer haze
  • Roots
  • Outsides

The fourth stage is Freedom. It is an opportunity to inspire yourself with creativity and provoking speeches from various people, including musicians and artists. There is another stage called the Blue Zone. Leaders of a different community, those who have positive impacts with their provocative thought, will talk about their visionary plans and innovative ideas in this stage.

There are also markets within the venue that lets you buy a souvenir or anything necessary for your on-site camping experience. It is all good for you.


The best, easiest, and most exciting way to watch SoundSplash Festival 2021 live stream online is yet to be published. However, we recommend you to watch the eco-friendly yet exciting multi-genre show live directly at Wainui Reserve.

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