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Esoteric Festival Phantasia

When autumn shows its aura with golden harvest everywhere in Australia, a little town, namely Donald in Victoria, will prepare for its largest festival. Yes, since the last year, Esoteric has been hosting its musical fest amidst Donald’s sublimity. Those who have special knowledge in psychedelic art and music and an affinity to satisfy their ears’ would love to watch Esoteric Festival Phantasia 2021 live stream online. It will help you enjoy the show without endangering yourself to break the social distance.

Nonetheless, with an extremely restricted entry into the show, ticketing isn’t easy either.  Hence, we will discuss ways to enjoy live streaming and get tickets in today’s write-up.

Esoteric Festival Phantasia Live Stream

How to Watch Esoteric Festival Phantasia

In 20219, Esoteric won the right to hose their musical fest in Donald for five consecutive years. They started with a bang, and soon the show become popular across Victoria and Melbourne. They expanded the lineups to entertain audiences more following the popularity. 

In 2021, the possible schedule is set for 05th March to 09th March. Since it is a Labor Day weekend, music lovers will swarm like bees in the venue. If you somehow miss the show, there’re multiple online platforms ready to bring it to your smartphone and TV. 

  • Watch the Esoteric Festival

The official broadcasting for the Esoteric Festival Phantasia 2021 is yet to be confirmed. However, we are pretty sure that a few renowned broadcasters will live telecast the show.  Also, you can watch your favorite musician performing on the stage through online streaming. Most likely, the official Triniq page launched specially for the musical event will go live when the show starts. Also, their Esoteric Festival on Instagram and YouTube will bring streaming services. The Facebook page continuously brings streaming services to celebrate all updates about the event. 

Hence, it is highly recommended that you follow all official Esoteric social media accounts to know when and how they live stream online will be available. And not to mention that we will, too, bring the live streaming updates for you.

How to buy Esoteric Festival tickets

Esoteric prominently and virtually believes that small is the strength and unity. They consider intimacy over stupendous crowd numbers and so keep the audience restricted. That’s why you must act hurriedly to grab the tickets. For the 2021 show, the tickets have already gone air on 14th October. This year, due to COVID-19 situations, the entry has been even more limited for the show. One person can buy only one ticket. 

Also, the mane of the ticket buyer will be embossed on the ticket. Except for the name bearer, none can pass the gate with that ticket. Also, if you purchased tickets for the previous 2017, 2018, and 2019 shows, you will receive an automated code for access. It will allow you to get2 tickets’ additionally. On 15th October, more ballots were generated to facilitate the early birds. So, act fast to confirm your entry in the breathtaking psychedelic show. To know more about the tickets, click here

Esoteric Festival 2021 Lineup

The theme of the 2021 Esoteric Festival is Phantasia, and it aims to take the audience into the world of imagination. However, the lineup for the event is yet to be published. The previous year included the legendary performances of Aura Vortex, Biorhythm, Doktor Froid, E-Mov, Mindbenderz, etc. 

Nonetheless, due to coronavirus spreading in Australia, the committee is unsure about the possible lineup. We hope it surpasses the aesthetics and excitement of the three previous shows. We will bring an updated write-up on the artists as soon as it comes in public. 

Till then, explore the imaginative world of Phantasia Esoteric. 

Information about Esoteric Festival

Esoteric means something only a handful of people will understand with exciting knowledge in it. The show truly justifies the naming and brings one a kind psychedelic musical experience for a limited audience. Every year the show is hosted during the Labor Day weekend in Australia. The most fantastic news came in 2019 when the state government allowed them to host the music fest in Donald, Victoria, for the next five years.

Esoteric has proliferated to go on becoming one of the biggest musical phenomena in entire Australia. Due to the corona condition, the committee was unsure about hosting the event in 2021. They are now preparing hard after a successful meeting with the Buloke Shire Council. 

Esoteric truly focuses on becoming an Aussie event and showcase the best of Australian music, arts, folklore, etc. on their platform. 


Due to COVID-19, initially, there was doubt about the event happening. However, the authority is prepared to host the event. As an audience, you would love to watch the Esoteric Festival Phantasia 2021 live stream online. Although the broadcasting partners and lineup of the 2021 show are still in darkness, we aspire high to witness a groundbreaking show in March after a rather forgettable year.

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