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Coco Loco Festival

Once again, the magical and Halloween festival Coco Loco is right at the corner. It is time to put on your best Halloween costumes and enjoy the most memorable show in the world. Ride the broomstick, get witchy, and just have fun. Nothing beats the coco loco festival! Before I get down to telling you how to watch coco loco festival live streaming online, here is what you must know about the event.

Watch Coco Loco Festival Live Streaming Online

What’s the Coco Loco festival?

This is the largest magical and Halloween festival. It is an extraordinary event that combines both Halloween, vintage circus, and colorful carnival. The event is held at night and is often one of the most celebrated events today. Filled with sensational acrobats and the best circus artist, this event is like no other.

The fun never ends there as there are headlining DJ’s and memorable acts that complement this spectacular show. Simply put, let magic meet the night when the sun goes down.

Where is Coco Loco Event Held?

The 2021 Coco Loco festival is bound to be held in Waagnatie Antwerp Rijnkaai 150 – 2000 Antwerp. The event is a bomber and will draw crowds from all over the world. It is an event for Halloween fans.

When is the Coco Loco Festival?

The next Coco Loco event will be held on a Saturday of 30. 10. 2021 in Antwerp. The minimum age is 18, and everybody who will turn 18 this year will be allowed into the Coco Loco festival.

How to Watch the Event

You can watch the Coco Loco event physically by buying the ticket and attending the event in Antwerp. This is, however, not possible for everyone, more so with the Covid-19 pandemic that’s hit us hard. As such, online watching will be the best thing to do. For those who want to watch the festival online, there are several ways that you can watch the Coco Loco festival.

Watch Coco Loco Festival Live Streaming Online

If you want to Watch Coco Loco Festival Live Streaming Online, there are several ways that you can watch the festival. I will list some of the most reliable options and those that have been used before.

  • Nimo TV

The major way that you can watch the Coco Loco festival is through Coco Loco Free Fire Live on Nimo TV. This online TV channel will bring you all the events from this festival in real-time.

It is one of the most reliable channels that you can use to catch every highlight from the event and real-time events as they go down. However, you must ensure that you’ve got a strong network connection.

  • Social Media

Apart from catching Coco Loco Free Fire Live on Nimo TV, you can opt for social media platforms. The festival’s main platforms on social media will broadcast the live event as they get down on stage.

Facebook, for instance, will give you a live stream the same as the YouTube channel. Twitter, on the other hand, will provide you with highlights of the events major turning points. Here are some of the best social media platforms to go with.

    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter 
    3. YouTube

Watching Coco Loco from Anywhere

What happens if you are outside the viewership area? If you are overseas or if you reside in an area with restricted viewership, you can use the best Virtual Private Network (VPN). These are safe models for you.

How Do VPNs Work?

Virtual Private Networks cushion your exact location and make it appear as if you are watching the event within Belgium. The VPN technology employs an encryption code that hides your exact IP address and reroutes your IP to live stream sessions via their spoofed servers. The new IP address will match the one on a licensed location for hassle-free live streaming online.

How to Get the Best out of a VPN Service

To get the best out of the VPN service, make sure that you have the following things in place too:

  • A working VPN network
  • Strong network provider
  • Signed up a VPN account
  • Use VPNs premium tools
  • Use personal accounts that you can control

Additional Tips on Coco Loco Festival

Now that you have seen the best tips on the Coco Loco festival, here is what you must know again. The event is scheduled to go down on Saturday, 30/10/2021. It starts at 2100Hrs and Closes at 0500Hrs. The opening show starts off at 2359Hrs while the entrance remains open until 0200Hrs.


Watch Coco Loco Festival Live Streaming Online. It is simple and easy once you have the right tips. Luckily for you, I have given you the right tips. It is often a spectacle and a breathtaking festival for those who love great music, the fan acts, and, more importantly, the sexiest costumes of the day.

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