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Eagles Tour Dates 2025

Eagles Tour Dates 2025: Get Ready to Say Goodbye

The Eagles’ tour dates for 2025 have not been announced yet. However, the band has been actively touring under their “Long Goodbye” tour, with additional shows added to the roster.

The Eagles are a legendary American rock band that have been active since 1971. The band has produced multiple hit singles, and their music has been widely popular around the world. The band’s “Long Goodbye” tour has been ongoing, and the band has added multiple shows to their schedule.

The Eagles have become one of the most influential rock bands of all time, and their music continues to make a profound impact on people’s lives. Although there is no specific information regarding their tour dates for 2025, fans can keep a lookout for any updates on the band’s website and social media channels.

Eagles Tour Dates 2025: Get Ready to Say Goodbye


The Eagles’ Long Goodbye Tour

The Eagles are adding more shows to their ‘Long Goodbye Tour,’ and fans are eagerly waiting for tour dates in 2025. The legendary rock band has been entertaining audiences for decades and is still going strong.

Eagles Tour Dates 2025
The Eagles’ Long Goodbye Tour
Additional tour dates added in 2025
The iconic American rock band, The Eagles, are back with their Long Goodbye Tour in 2025. Fans can catch the band in various popular locations including Austin, Orlando, and the Acrisure Arena in Grand Rapids. With the recent addition of seven more shows in their tour, there have been speculations about whether this could be the band’s last tour. However, nothing has been confirmed yet. The band promises to entertain their fans with a repertoire of old and new hits, complete with their classic rock sound that has garnered them a massive following. For those looking to attend their concerts, tickets are available online on websites such as and Bandsintown. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to see the live Eagles experience in 2025.

New Tour Dates In 2025

The Eagles have added 13 new tour dates to their ‘Long Goodbye’ tour in 2025. Fans can catch the iconic band at venues across the US, including Acrisure Arena and Amalie Arena.

New Tour Dates in 2025
The Eagles have recently added seven new shows to their ‘Long Goodbye’ tour, with six more dates announced for 2025. Fans in Orlando can catch them performing live, while those in Austin, Texas and Acrisure Arena can also enjoy the band’s live concerts.
American Songwriter confirmed the new tour dates for 2025, and there are rumors this could be their farewell tour. However, there is no official statement from the band yet. If you’re looking for Eagles tickets for their 2025 tour, check out Songkick or for more information. Don’t miss the band’s final performances, as their new tour dates promise to be nothing short of spectacular!

Is This Really It?

The Eagles have announced additional tour dates for their ‘Long Goodbye’ tour set to continue in 2025. Fans can catch the band in locations across America, including Chicago, Austin, and Florida.

Eagles Tour Dates 2025
Is This Really It?
Why fans are skeptical about it being their final tour
The Eagles have announced their tour dates for 2025 and fans are excited yet skeptical. Despite announcing this tour as their “Long Goodbye” tour, the band has been known to come back after announcing their final shows in the past. Since their “Hell Freezes Over” tour in 1994, this will be the 4th time they have announced a final tour. Many fans are wondering if this will truly be their last tour or if they will add more dates later. Adding to the skepticism, the band added several more shows to the tour after initially announcing its final dates.
Regardless of the uncertainty, fans are still eager to see the Eagles live in concert. With several new dates added to their tour, it is clear that their music continues to attract new and old fans alike. Fans in different parts of the United States can now catch the legendary band on tour including Texas, Florida, and California.
So, is this really it for the Eagles? Only time will tell. Until then, fans can look forward to their 2025 tour dates and enjoy the music of one of the most iconic bands in history.
Eagles Tour Dates 2025: Get Ready to Say Goodbye


The End Of An Era

The Eagles’ highly anticipated tour dates for 2025 have been announced, marking the end of an era for the iconic rock band. With new shows added to their ‘Long Goodbye’ tour, fans will have the chance to see the Eagles live one last time before they bid farewell to touring.

Blog post title: Eagles Tour Dates 2025
Heading: The End of an Era
Subheading under heading: History of the Eagles’ music career and the impact of the band on music industry
The Eagles have been a staple in the music industry for decades, leaving an indelible mark on fans and fellow musicians alike. With their timeless hits such as “Hotel California,” “Take it Easy,” and “Desperado,” the Eagles became one of the best-selling bands of all time. Their music has influenced countless artists and shaped the sound of rock and country music. After a career spanning more than four decades, the Eagles have announced their farewell tour, “The Long Goodbye,” which will feature hits from throughout their career. The band has added several new tour dates, giving fans more opportunities to see them perform live before they officially retire from touring. While the end of an era, the Eagles’ music will continue to be celebrated for generations to come, and their impact on music history will remain a testament to their legacy.

Memorable Performances

Get ready for a memorable and exciting concert experience with the Eagles in 2025! The band has announced new tour dates for their “Long Goodbye” tour, adding seven more shows to the lineup. Don’t miss the chance to see them perform live.

Memorable Performances
Let’s revisit some of the standout moments from the Eagles’ shows in the past. One performance that truly shone was their rendering of “Hotel California”. The band appeared like a well-oiled machine as they played the iconic solo. Another breathtaking moment was when they performed “Take it to the Limit”. The audience was left mesmerized as Glenn Frey hit his high note with perfection. Joe Walsh’s guitar solo during “Life’s Been Good” was another moment to remember.

Locations To Catch Their Last Tour

The Eagles Long Goodbye Tour is making stops around the United States. Catch their last tour at various locations, including Austin, Orlando, and Acrisure Arena, among others. Find the full schedule on their official website.

Popular locations where they will perform Details on purchasing tickets Tips for attending their concerts
– Austin, Texas
– Orlando, Florida
– Acrisure Arena
– Other locations in the USA
– Dates are still being announced
– Check Eagles’ official website for ticket sales
– Join official fan clubs and mailing lists for pre-sale ticket opportunities
– Monitor ticket selling websites frequently
– Be prepared to purchase tickets as soon as they go on sale
– Arrive early to get the best seats
– Wear comfortable shoes and clothing
– Know the setlist and get familiar with the songs
– Bring earplugs to protect your hearing
Note: The Eagles Tour Dates 2025 has been one of the most anticipated concerts of the year. The popular band has a few locations scheduled for their ‘Long Goodbye’ tour, and more dates are being announced. Fans can purchase tickets from Eagles’ official website, or one of the many ticket selling websites available. To get the best seats, arrive early, and wear comfortable clothing. Earplugs are also recommended for a more comfortable listening experience.

Legacy Of The Eagles

The Eagles have been a major influence on the music industry since their debut in the 1970s. Looking back on their contributions, it’s clear to see how they’ve shaped the industry and influenced newer generations of musicians. With their iconic harmonies and classic rock sound, The Eagles have cemented their place in music history. The band’s legacy continues to live on as they continue to tour and attract new fans. The Eagles are known for their impressive live performances and their upcoming tour dates in 2025 are highly anticipated by fans across the world. With additional shows being added, audiences will have the opportunity to experience the band’s music and legacy once again.

What’s Next?

The Eagles have added more shows to their ‘Long Goodbye’ tour, with speculations about future music collaborations and plans post-tour. The band members have not disclosed their plans for the future, but fans are anticipating new music collaborations. Concert-goers eagerly await the Eagles’ tour dates for 2025, hoping to catch a glimpse of the band’s next performance. The band is slated to perform in various cities across the United States, including Orlando and Austin. Fans can keep an eye on websites such as Stereoboard and Bandsintown for updates on tour dates and ticket sales. The Eagles’ farewell tour will surely be one to remember.

Website Tour Information Will the Eagles be adding more tour dates? Eagles Add Seven More Shows to ‘Long Goodbye’ Tour Is this actually the Eagles last tour? The Eagles announce farewell tour New “Long Goodbye” Tour Dates Added – Eagles tour dates 2025 Eagles Tickets Tour Dates 2025 Eagles tour dates for live touring in 2025 Eagles Add Six New Dates to ‘The Long Goodbye Tour’
Eagles Tour Dates 2025: Get Ready to Say Goodbye


Frequently Asked Questions On Eagles Tour Dates 2025

Are Eagles Touring 2024?

There is no information available regarding whether the Eagles will be touring in 2024. However, they have added more shows to their ‘Long Goodbye’ tour. You can check their official website or ticket-selling platforms for updates on future tour dates.

Will The Eagles Be Adding More Tour Dates?

Yes, the Eagles have added more shows to their ‘Long Goodbye’ tour. They have added seven new shows to their tour lineup. Check their official website for the latest updates on their tour dates.

Is This Actually The Eagles Last Tour?

The Eagles have been on their “Long Goodbye” tour and added more shows. They have announced it as their farewell tour, but it’s uncertain whether this is their last tour or not.

Is The Eagles Tour Coming To Florida?

Yes, the Eagles tour is coming to Florida as part of their Long Goodbye Tour. They will be making a stop in Orlando.


The Eagles have announced their Long Goodbye Tour dates for 2025, with more shows added to the already extensive list. For fans of the band, it’s exciting news to see that the legendary group is still going strong and providing live shows after all these years.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or just discovering their music, be sure to catch one of their performances on this upcoming tour for a truly unforgettable experience. Get your tickets now and get ready to rock with the Eagles!

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