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Unveiling the Real Face of Clownvis Without Makeup

Clownvis without makeup is a comedian and musician known for his stage persona. He is actually a man named mike leahy.

Mike leahy, best known as clownvis without makeup, is a comedian and musician whose stage act involves a unique blend of comedy and music. His signature look is a combination of a clown costume and elvis presley-style hair and sunglasses.

However, underneath the makeup and costume, mike is a regular man who started his career as a radio dj before becoming a touring comic. Despite his unassuming appearance offstage, clownvis has gained a dedicated following of fans who appreciate his off-the-wall humor and musical talents. In this article, we’ll delve further into clownvis without makeup and explore his background, career, and notable accomplishments.

Unveiling the Real Face of Clownvis Without Makeup


Who Is Clownvis?

Clownvis is a persona created by american entertainer mike leahy. He dresses as a clown, complete with elvis-inspired hair and clothing, performing comedic musical acts. Since the early 2000s, clownvis has been entertaining audiences across the us with his unique blend of comedy and music.

Leahy has stated that the character is not meant to be an imitation of elvis, but rather a parody. Despite this, clownvis has gained a following, and his popularity has grown over the years. In addition to his live performances, he has also appeared on television shows and radio programs.

Whether you love or hate clowns, there’s no denying that clownvis has made a name for himself in the world of entertainment.

Behind The Paint

Have you ever wondered what clownvis looks like without his famous makeup? His journey of removing the paint is an interesting one. The reason behind removing his makeup was not just for a change of appearance or aesthetics. It was a personal decision that has unmasked the true identity of clownvis.

With the removal of the makeup, we are able to see the person behind the character. Clownvis without his makeup is just as unique as the character himself. It is a reminder that everyone has a personal journey and story to tell, with or without makeup.

It’s time to get to know the real clownvis beyond the makeup that he wears on stage.

The Real Face Of Clownvis Without Makeup

Clownvis without makeup shows a completely different side of the persona we all know. The physical appearance without makeup is quite different, featuring extensive tattoos that hold deep meanings. Each one is a story itself. Moreover, a comparison with the clownvis persona shows how makeup and dress-up can completely alter a person’s image.

Despite the differences without makeup, we can still see the same unique personality and captivating spirit. Clownvis is more than just physical appearance; it’s about the energy and enthusiasm that he radiates, bringing joy to everyone around him. The real face of clownvis without makeup simply shows a more human and vulnerable side, reminding us that behind every vibrant personality, there’s an authentic individual.

The Person Behind The Paint

Clownvis, the famous entertainer with a painted face, harbors a personal life few know about. His childhood in arkansas wasn’t devoid of challenges, with an alcoholic father and a broken family. After years of struggling, he made a move to la, determined to make something of himself.

His life outside clownvis is equally intriguing, as he is happily married with three kids. He describes himself as a hands-on father and enjoys playing sports and music in his free time. As a musician, he has released several albums and is known for his punk rock and country style.

Beyond the painted face, clownvis is just a man with a past, a family, and a passion for entertaining.

The Impact Of Unveiling The Real Face Of Clownvis Without Makeup

Clownvis without makeup has made waves in the entertainment industry. The revelation of his true identity has had a significant impact on his career. Fans were inundated with mixed reactions, from disappointment to disbelief. It’s interesting to compare the before and after effects of the reveal.

Despite the initial shock, it’s important to remember that clownvis remains a talented performer, with or without his makeup. The show must go on, and while some may not like what they see, his loyal fan base is still behind him.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Clownvis Without Makeup

Who Is Clownvis Without Makeup?

Clownvis is the stage name of mike leahy, an american entertainer who is known to perform as a clown and an elvis presley tribute artist.

What Does Clownvis Look Like Without Makeup?

Clownvis has never revealed his true appearance without makeup or his signature pompadour hairstyle. He prefers to maintain anonymity and mystery.

What Kind Of Performances Does Clownvis Do?

Clownvis incorporates comedy, music, and audience participation into his shows. He performs at various events like rock concerts, comedy clubs, and festivals.

Is Clownvis Suitable For All Audiences?

Clownvis’s performances may contain mature language and adult themes. He primarily caters to adult audiences and is not recommended for children.

How Can I Book Clownvis For An Event?

You can contact clownvis’s booking agency or visit his official website to submit a booking request. Fees and availability may vary based on location and event type.

Where Can I Watch Videos Of Clownvis’S Performances?

You can find videos of clownvis’s performances on his official website and youtube channel. He also has a presence on social media platforms like instagram and facebook.


Clownvis without makeup showcased an innovative blend of comedy, music, and showmanship delivered by a performer who knows how to keep the audience engaged from start to finish. Clownvis must be commended for highlighting the importance of abandoning stereotypes and embracing authenticity.

His willingness to reveal his true self, without the thick layer of makeup that audiences have become accustomed to, was a bold move that paid off, as it allowed fans to connect with the real person behind the character. In essence, clownvis proved that there is more to him than just bright makeup and outlandish costumes.

By encouraging people to embrace the diversity that exists in the world, clownvis without makeup is not only an entertaining show, but also a positive reminder that it’s okay to be who you are and that authenticity is a valuable trait in the world we live in.

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